4 Ways To Grow Your Personal Learning Network This Week

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Social media allows us to connect, to learn, to grow and to reflect not only within ourselves but with each other. She has them write 3 things they need to improve their learning and 3 things they can give to improve the learning of others.

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


I would like to reinforce the positive influence of social networking. Because of social networking and the opportunities to connect at conferences and workshops, I''ve made some incredible friends. Thank you to each of my dear friends below that donated one of your personal products!

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Learning Never Stops

A Principal's Reflections

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams How do you make, not find, the time to learn and get better? One-and-done events might get everyone pumped up and excited, but what comes next?

Sponsor Showcase: ISTE 2019


Education Technology Teaching & Learning Professional Development Community Events Personal Learning NetworksWe're very excited to showcase six innovative companies who will be creating a buzz at ISTE 2019. Be sure to pay them a visit at the conference!

Highlighted Sessions: ISTE 2019


Read our Conference Spotlight: ISTE Happenings to learn how educators around the country are using innovative digital tools in their classrooms. Education Technology Personal Learning Networks Events Community Professional Development Teaching & LearningOur curated list of sessions, presentations, panels and workshops at ISTE 2019 features EdSurge staff picks, ISTE award winners and the sponsors of our article collection.

Making Time vs Finding Time

A Principal's Reflections

Whether it be in the form of endless piles of paperwork, never ending observations, meetings with parents, attending events, developing a master schedule, or constructing a school budget – there never seemed like enough time in my day to even get those responsibilities done.

Gamify Your Professional Learning at the CUE 2016 Fall Conference!


Covina-Valley Unified School District teachers having way too much fun learning about Quizizz at a CUE Launch event. Professional learning can and should be fun! CUE also proudly partners with @ChromeWarriorPD for our district-focused, hands-on and gamified CUE Launch events.)

Supplement Your Professional Learning with edWeb

A Principal's Reflections

Since 2009 I have been a huge believer and advocate for connected learning and the formation of Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s). The discussions, interpersonal connections, and relationships that result from these events are priceless.

Taking your Professional Learning from 2D to 3D


Speaking on panel at the PBS Digital Innovators event, Brown talked up the rise of the online spaces for collaboration, also known as personal learning networks (PLN) as enabling anyone, even those who in remote areas or who feel more introverted, to come together to collaborate and share ideas. These networks, often found on Facebook or Twitter, are spaces where educators around the world can meet each other to share ideas and best practices.

A PLN Quick Start Guide

A Principal's Reflections

Image Credit [link] Most educators I talk to have no idea where to begin when attempting to create a PLN that meets their teaching and learning needs. tools and how they can be utilized for teaching and learning. Wikis encourage information sharing and collaborative learning.

Zen and the Art of Meaningful Meetings


But only focusing on these outcomes can take away from the benefits of deep discussion, person to person interaction, and time out of the office to think hard about difficult problems—not necessarily to come up with answers, but just to think. Furthermore, the bonds I build in purposeful conversation help me create a network that can provide input and answers to solve problems, as well as understanding support for times of frustration and failure.

CUE’s Golden Rule


” As you prepare for our CUE event, please assume goodwill and value in […]. Inspire connected educator CUE Conference CUE Rock Star emotional intelligence Personal Learning Network (PLN) Professional Development soft skillsCUE is a community of people. Humans. Mothers and fathers. Sons and daughters. Husbands, wives, and dear friends. Diverse backgrounds come together under shared passions and the result is pure EDUmagic.

Why Every Leader Needs a PLN

A Principal's Reflections

The concept of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) has been around for a couple of years now. Carve out a little time each day (15 – 30 minutes) and use one of many available free tools to learn. Learning has been, and always will be, a pivotal component of this process.

#DLNchat: Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Ed


Our special guest, Lisa Petrides, creator of OER Commons, kicked things off by defining the topic at hand: “OER are teaching & learning materials freely available for anyone to use. And the ecosystem of open knowledge sharing is fundamental to teaching, to learning, and to equity." Nori Barajas-Murphy shared examples from OLC Digital Learning Innovation Award Winners who described these powerful relationships as instrumental to their success in OER initiatives.

OER 109

More Cool Events coming up from EdChat Interactive

Educational Technology Guy

EdChat Interactive is a new type of free, online PD brought to you by some of the same folks who created #echat twitter discussions, including Tom Whitby and Steven Anderson , who are both friends of mine and in my Personal Learning Network and great educators.

#DLNchat: What is Blockchain and How Can it Support Student Success?


Answers may vary, but the technology’s potential to verify student learning was the focus of Tuesday’s conversation. There was agreement that student learning credentials could be issued via “blocks,” which could be added to the immutable blockchain. Not only that but, as Ed Garay tweeted, blockchain credentialing could lead to “empowering students to have both higher ed and informal entities tag onto their learning transcripts.” hopefully resulting in a more learned society.”

#DLNchat: The Skills Gap-Fact or Fantasy?


Institutions need to focus on this and not just on measuring” student learning outcomes. We decided to come back to the topic in a future #DLNchat ,but not before discussing some of the nuances surrounding salary gains based on higher ed degrees as well as the need for more learning options. Join the Digital Learning Network to stay up to date on all events and the latest news for higher ed digital learning leaders!

OER 84

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


Technology has been a key component in the planting, fertilization, growth and eventually, the blossoming of new statewide initiatives including distance education and new professional learning opportunities for educators that have benefitted students in a variety of ways. It dates back to 2008, when an educational journey began in Wyoming that revealed the important role technology plays in enhancing teaching and learning—especially in a rural state.

Being a connected educator has helped me grow my BaMMily tree

The Innovative Educator

After watching the video I''d love to hear in the comments who has become members of the network that you have grown. BammyAwards Connected Educator Personal Learning Network

Video 77

Twitter for Teachers

The Playground Advocate

Twitter is my ultimate learning playground and I hope this post helps some find their way into this form of learning. For example having the student body tweet pictures of school events to the journalism department Twitter account. Learning the art of brevity.

May the 4th Be With You! 20+ Ideas for Teaching and Learning with the Force

Teacher Reboot Camp

May 4th is Star Wars day and what better time to teach and learn with the Force as you end the school year! You will also find Star Wars themed professional development tips for integrating technology, building a Personal Learning Network , and classroom management.

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. Offering highly relevant online training that they can do at their own pace is better than offline learning that’s crammed into a few days.

How To 254

It’s Time Edtech Conferences Stopped Ignoring Equity and Race


At conferences, I’m always learning, and I try to engage as many attendees as possible in meaningful conversation. As my experiences grew, my personal learning network broadened and my perspectives became less myopic. I realized that talking pedagogy means very little if you don’t have a number of critical things in place before you get to the learning. Culture is the foundation for two critical parts of the learning environment.

How to build your global classroom in 4 steps


Most importantly, true growth is about learning from people that don’t belong to the same culture as us — a truly eye-opening experience for students and teachers alike. Social media: platforms like Twitter help teachers build their personal learning network and share teaching tips and tricks.

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The DLP Strategy Menu

Digital Promise

When we launched the Dynamic Learning Project (DLP), a program from EdTechTeam, Google, and Digital Promise that empowers school leaders to transform instruction across every classroom for every student, we wanted to put teachers in control of their professional development.

A Model to Solve a Few Professional Learning Challenges | #digilead

A Principal's Reflections

It was an incredible opportunity to get back to Hawaii for a professional event as opposed to a vacation. This was the fourteenth time the school had put on the event and it was awesome to see and meet so many passionate educators on a Saturday.

Better Decisions, Better Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

As change is a process, not an event, discussions, feedback, and reflection can and should take time in order to make the best decision possible. The only thing that might be harder than embracing change is making tough decisions.

What My Parents Taught Me About Leadership

A Principal's Reflections

During my early years of blogging I always posted each post to my personal Facebook page and emailed my parents a live link. Here is some context before I detail what I learned about leadership from my parents.

Digital Leadership is Not Optional

A Principal's Reflections

Personalized and blended learning pathways were proclaimed to be the future of education. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, open education resources (OER), coding, and adaptive learning tools are moving more into the mainstream in some schools.

OER 305

Creative Strategies for Redesigning Today's Classrooms via @All4Ed & @edwebnet!


Project 24 is a systemic planning framework around the effective use of technology and digital learning to achieve the goal of “career and college readiness” for all students.

Giveaway: New Teacher Chat 5th Year Birthday! #ntchat

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To help celebrate this event, I’m sharing with my followers a great Giveaway valued at $115 ! This week, New Teacher Chat celebrates a 5th Birthday! I want to say Thank You to all our supporters by sharing a fun Giveaway!

The Important Morning Meeting

Ask a Tech Teacher

They learn faster when you’re listening to them and come to believe they are worthy. Students will learn to participate quickly. In that way, they learn to be tolerant and patient. Do set the tone for respectful learning.

Course Round-Up: Summer Learning for Educators

MIND Research Institute

Looking to learn something new this summer? Maybe you want to develop your personal learning network on social media, read a few new books , or take a course alongside other educators. Plus, we can do many of these events or tasks in our pajamas, or even by the pool!

3 ISTE Points Worth Mentioning.


I am even more excited to connect with so many friends that I collaborate with through personal learning networks, like Twitter.

Help Support The ISTE12 Newbie!

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For three years in a row she tapped into her personal learning network to raise money to send three different Newbies to ISTE. The Newbie for ISTE12 is one of those rare people who has found a way to give more than he/she takes from his/her personal learning network.