How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites

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The post How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s Talk About How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites! Google Sites is the perfect tools for you and your students to create ePortfolios.

Back to School with ThingLink ePortfolios

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

As a longtime educator and instructional tech coach, I have embraced ePortfolios as a valuable tool for documenting learning over time, self-reflection, goal-setting and growth. ePortfolios are powerful tools for authentic assessment.

Open School ePortfolio for Authentic Assessment

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

An ePortfolio is a collection of student work that is used to document effort, progress, and achievement over time. Students become actively involved in their own learning as they engage in goal setting, decision making and self-reflection. Try Open School ePortfolio.

Creating My Personal ePortfolio of Learning

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I've started a ThingLink ePortfolio to document my own learning throughout the conference. I plan to capture the learning through images, photos and tags to prepare to use and share it.

How we built an ePortfolio platform for our district

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partnered with CourseNetworking to develop a virtual platform that will eliminate that divide and merge academy learning with social networking. 21st Century Skills Creating a Digital Learning Environment Featured on eSchool News ePortfolio platform

11 Essentials for Excellent ePortfolios


Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher Classroom Technology An electronic portfolio can helping students reflect on their learning, organize and share their products, and maintain a record of their accomplishments for the future

Join me at #ISTE2016 to Power Up the ePortfolio Process

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Power Up the ePortfolio Process with Multimedia Rich Apps Tues: 4:00-6:00 | Poster Session | Building/Room: CCC Lobby D, Table 40 Learn to embrace e-portfolios to empower students as stakeholders in their own learning.

The ePortfolio - iterations of reflection

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30 Day Blogging Challenge - September 19- Name 3 powerful ways that students can reflect on their learning. The value you placed on a learning tasks say a lot about you as a learner. Each iteration of the reflective process in creating an eportfolio leads to that type of confidence.

How One High School is Helping Students Craft Eportfolios People Will Actually Read


A significant number of K-12 teachers looking to move away from student success measures that focus on standardized testing and grades are turning towards eportfolios, online websites showcasing projects tied to learning objectives. Our school’s original eportfolio program became these brochure websites that no one went to,” says Lisa Gottfried, New Technology High School’s digital and interactive media teacher, in an interview with EdSurge. “I

Document Student Growth with Portfolios

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Digital portfolios are one of the most powerful ways my students take ownership of their learning and reflect on their learning journeys. Digital portfolios help students set, track, and achieve their academic learning goals. Students attach screenshots and links to their work along with a personal reflection of how they will apply the learning. Get your copy of The 30 Goals Challenge , Learning to Go , or Hacking Digital Learning.

Authentic Assessment, Deeper Learning: ePortolios in Higher Education


Getting Know the ePortfolio – Resources That Explore Their Value, a Brief Look at Some Solutions Imagine a higher education environment in which the vast majority of courses require students to.

Canvas - learning management system - great for e-portfolios

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Canvas is a learning management system that is also a great way to have students create e-portfolios. Here a link to the Canvas Guides of a video (less than five minutes) walking students through setting up an ePortfolio. here''s a CanvasLive training on ePortfolios (52 minutes).

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A Great Google Apps Tool for Creating ePortfolios

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June 10, 2016 Digication is a very good web tool that allows students to create beautiful portfolios to showcase and share their learning. Digication is very simple and easy to use. It provides more. google apps Portfolio tools

AP Jeopardy Review – Let’s #ePortfolio That: Using @PearDeck, @Wacom Tablets, and @msOneNote #edchat


We have just finished learning “new material” and are ready to hit review mode. I think this activity is a perfect addition to my student’s ePortfolio, as the reflection piece was built right into the assignment. Have you ever been super excited about “gamifying” a review session (ie: Jeopardy review) only to realize that the competitive feel in the room becomes overwhelming? Each year, around this time, I play a game of AP Calculus Jeopardy with my class.

SeeSaw – Easily Capture K-12 Student Learning in any Form


Collaboration & Brainstorming Electronic Portfolios Free Tools & Resources Future of Education Technology iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Making the case for Education Technologies Project Based Learning best digital portfolio app tool software school eportfolio electronic portfolio for ipad eportfolio for k-12 high school free k-12 electronic portfolio seesaw ipad workshop

Encourage Students to Reflect on Their Growth with This Free Slides Portfolio Template

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“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” One of the most important ways to end the year is by getting students to reflect on the learning journey in your class. ” Paraphrase of John Dewey’s work .

Student Reflection with Digital Portfolios

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The teachers are very new to web tools, developing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and are currently teaching full time. The course will soon be over so I am grading their reflective eportfolio final projects. I look forward to grading their reflective eportfolios, because this is when my students begin to look back at their learning journey and see how much they’ve grown. Reflective Learning with Student Digital Portfolios from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

Sharing Genius Hour Learning with the World


The power of Genius Hour comes from sparking wonder, encouraging deep learning, and facilitating sharing so students can make public their new knowledge, creation, or innovation, locally and world wide.

PDF FlipBook on a Chromebook.

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If you are interested in learning more about this please read my previous post. This app could be used to view student-created ePortfolios during student-led conferences. BYOD Capstone Chrome Can Creativity ePortfolios Friday Tech Tip Innovation Visible Thinking

Student Reflection with Digital Portfolios

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The teachers are very new to web tools, developing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and are currently teaching full time. The course will soon be over so I am grading their reflective eportfolio final projects. I look forward to grading their reflective eportfolios, because this is when my students begin to look back at their learning journey and see how much they’ve grown. Reflective Learning with Student Digital Portfolios from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

Making Thinking Visible Using Technology

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According to the folks at Project Zero (PZ), “Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based conceptual framework, which aims to integrate the development of students’ thinking with content learning across subject matters.”

Meaningful Learning with Digital Portfolios: Tools & Examples

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Getting students to create digital portfolios of their work in our classes will give them experience in figuring out how to present themselves online and also gives learners a reflection of their abilities and talents they’ve acquired throughout the learning journey. Many free curation and aggregation tools and apps, like Educlipper , Pinterest , and Livebinders , help students to quickly and easily create their portfolios and keep them throughout their learning journey.

Chrome Can: Podcasting in the Classroom

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This is a fantastic way to learn and is one way for teachers to use podcasts in the classroom. However, just giving students content to consume is not the most optimal learning environment. It helps students take the learning more seriously. What is a podcast?

Chrome Can: QR Codes

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The students had a blast in this experiential learning activity that taught them the capabilities of two different application that interact with our real world. Chromebooks Creation ePortfolios Innovation InTECHgration Idea My Thoughts Uncategorized

Using Technology to Extend Speaking Practice in a Language Classroom.

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Learning a foreign language is not an easy task. There are multiple components to learning a language which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. platform has been used to create an authentic method for practicing listening and speaking, while also creating an online learning community where the participants can support each other’s efforts. Please read my previous post to learn more about Synth.

Chrome Can: Meme Creation and Educational Use

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I know some of you might be wondering but what does a meme have to do with school and what do these ridiculous images with a message on them have to do with learning in a classroom? Using technology in creative ways enables a more authentic learning experience for our students.

Technology and Capstone Courses

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Keep in mind, even if your school has a different type of capstone course, my thoughts below could be applicable in the capstone process, learning environment, or product creation. In “How Does Technology Facilitate Learning? Overall, a better learning environment and culture is formed.

Chrome Can: PDFs

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Portable Document Format (PDF), is a widely used file type and, therefore, learning how to work with PDFs on a Chromebook is something every student should learn. ” To learn more visit their website! BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation ePortfolios Innovation Organization

eBook 59

Chrome Can: Creating eBooks with Chromebooks!

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Creating eBooks is a fantastic way for students to share their learning with others. eBooks could also be used as an ePortfolio format. Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation

eBook 70

Collaborative & Creative Online Learning

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It lets people be creative … productive … learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.” Our students’ digital behavior influences our learning, language, rituals, values, routines, customs, and communication. It is important we help our students create meaningful messages and learn to effectively collaborate and respect their peers. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go.

Student Blogging: Importance of Authentic Audience and Student Ownership and Connecting Home with School

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It means that they will take the learning more seriously. It means they will learn more because they are being mindful about the process and the quality of the end result. How does this help parents in supporting their child’s learning process?

Authentic Assessments to Support Teaching and Learning

We, as edtech leaders and classroom teachers, must explore pathways where assessments support teaching and learning in the 21st century. Only 47% of secondary students surveyed reported being engaged, enthusiastic and committed to their learning. Framework for Self-Directed Learning.

Chrome Can: Screencasting!

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To learn more about how screencasting can be used in the classroom please visit this great blog post. If you want to learn more about how to use Screencastify please visit their fantastic tutorial video website. . Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation

20+ Ideas and Resources for Learning with Poetry

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Below, are resources and ideas for helping your students learn with poetry and write poetry. See the slide presentation, Learning with Poetry , and the bookmarks below for more ideas and resources. Get your copy of Learning to Go and The 30 Goals for Teachers. Learning with Poetry: Activities and Resources from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. For more ideas check out my other poetry posts , including 11 Apps for Learning with Poetry and Science and Poetry Writing Prompts.

5 Ways Office 365 Can Benefit Student Learning

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Office 365 broadens the capacity for learning, offering on-demand access to documents and projects, and provides students new and creative outlets to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. The perfect ePortfolio. Well, why not have learning function in a similar way?