How to Amplify Kindergarten and Elementary Voices

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter First-grade teacher Danielle Moore has worked with early elementary and kindergarten students as she helps them amplify their voice. Flipgrid: Adding Voice and Video to Online Discussions.

How To Share Elementary Videos?

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The post How To Share Elementary Videos?

Open Badges in Elementary School

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Some elementary classrooms are using self-directed badges for competency acquisition by students. Open Badges in Elementary School. Vicki: Today we’re talking with Amy Cooper, who’s at an elementary school in Minnesota.

Video Game Design with Elementary Learners

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Create a Video. The following video and articles were reviewed with the learners: How To Write A Good Game Story – [link]. Learners used Storyboard That to create the storyboards for their video games. Create a Video Game.

Meet The Inspiring Elementary Spanish Teacher #GiveGreatness

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Evelyn Hamlin is a teacher who teaches her whole elementary curriculum in Spanish. This video inspired me and reminded me how many teachers I know who have not been thanked as they deserve. Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Foreign or Second Language Teachers Teachers

Elementary Social Entrepreneurship: A Perfect STEAM Lesson

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But elementary school-age kids do have the natural curiosity, imagination, drive, and ability to come up with innovative ways to change the world for the better. Video. Video. Learners were introduced to entrepreneurship with the following video: Kidpreneur Readings and Workbook.

Introducing Design Thinking to Elementary Learners

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I use the following activities to introduce elementary students to the design thinking process. Introducing the general design process to elementary student occurs through showing the following video about the engineering process: The Task: Build the Highest Tower.

Creating iChampions in Texas Elementary Schools

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Unlike traditional elementary schools where students have one teacher that teaches them all five topics, students at Hook Elementary belong to pods where they rotate between three teachers who teach Reading and Social Studies, Writing, and Math and Science.

Teaching Elementary-Level Learners About the Brain

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Here is a run down of the learning activities I did with my gifted elementary students to teach them about their brains: Introduction to the Brain. The learners watched the following video: Learners played a concentration brain game I created.

K-6 Educational Music Videos: Selecting the Right Videos for Learning

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Joanna and Matt Pace write videos on a popular YouTube channel, Hopscotch. Joanna is an elementary teacher and Matt is a songwriter from Las Vegas. Today they talk about what makes a great learning video and how to select good videos on YouTube for K-6 students.

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Making Better Videos and Movies with Students

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Making Better Videos and Movies with Students. Vicki: Let’s talk about making videos with kids! Joe, where do we start, making videos with kids? What would be an example of a video you’ve seen in math or in history? Give us an example of a video in an unlikely subject.

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#01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom

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Karen Lirenman ( @ KLirenman ) and Kristen Wideen ( @ mrswideen ) have written the definitive book on using iPads in the elementary classroom, Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom. TRANSCRIPT #01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom.

Notes from Code Studio elementary coding training

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My notes from yesterday’s elementary coding workshop… Ben Schafer , University of Northern Iowa, Facilitator.’s elementary school courses overview [VIDEO]. elementary curriculum was created in conjunction with Cal-Berkeley.

Robotics and Computer Science for Elementary Level Learners

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I absolutely love all of the new robotics toys that have been coming out for elementary age learners. The Task: For this advanced option, watch the getting started video at

Some of The Best Music Apps for Elementary Students

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Below is a collection of some very good iPad music apps to use with elementary students and young learners. Through a variety of educational content that includes lessons, videos, and more

Generation Genius, NSTA Launch Streaming Video Service for Elementary Science


Generation Genius ( ) announced that it has launched a new streaming video series that supports the Next Generation Science Standards for elementary schools. Visit to receive three free videos.

Differentiate and Personalize Literacy Instruction for Your Elementary Classroom!


You can click here to see a variety of sample videos from phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Adaptive, Personalized Learning for Literacy Instruction in Blended Learning Environments What Is Lexia Core5 ?

Leading With Video

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There is no denying the power of video in society. In a 2014 Forbes article , Richard Tiland makes some significant points when it comes to video and leadership. For example: The use of video is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives; it has become part of our subconscious.

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Will new standards improve elementary science education?

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Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. That’s not what was on the video.”. The video the class had watched before they built their pinball machines “was just the beginning,” she told Reese.

Technology, Learning, & Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom – from Avra Robinson


They will utilize word processors to write essays; they will construct videos to demonstrate knowledge; they will work within a spreadsheet to collect and analyze data. Implementing them at the early elementary grade levels creates a strong foundation for continued success!

Elementary Adventures in 3D Printing

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This year, we are embarking on an exciting adventure in our elementary Makerspace – 3D printing ! While 3D printing may not be new to some, it is new to us and our elementary students. Makerspaces are taking shape around the country in many schools.

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 135 Teaching With Apps In Elementary

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135 Teaching With Apps In Elementary Drew Perkins talks with Angela French about her work and experience in helping to develop learning apps geared towards elementary learners. 135 Teaching With Apps In Elementary appeared first on TeachThought. ? The TeachThought Podcast Ep.

Draw and Tell: Create Animated Screencasts with Elementary Students – From Tom


Once complete, students can save their screencast as a video file to the iPad’s Camera Roll. From here, the video can now be “app smashed” (inserted into another app) into Book Creator, iMovie, or any number of apps. This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers.

Free Classroom Brain Break Videos!


All I have to do is select the brain break we need and then the brief video begins to play. The video is a guide that demonstrates exactly what the kids are expected to do. Both videos only took about 3 - 6 minutes (depending on which ones we selected).

Video 261

BYOD in Elementary Schools


Image Used With Permission Have you implemented BYOD in an elementary school setting? We''re about to launch a pilot at one of the K-5 elementary schools in my school district, and I''d like to collect stories of elementary BYOD implementation, links to videos and anecdotes, training materials and ideas - essentially, anything that has to do with BYOD in the elementary classroom. But elementary school is a different animal!


12 Good Music Apps for Elementary Students

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June 6, 2017 Below is a collection of some very good iPad music apps to use with elementary students and young learners. Through a variety of educational content that includes lessons, videos, more. iPad elementary apps iPad music apps

My List of Top Ten Videos of 2018

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I think we are living in amazing times whereby we can access and view high quality videos for free! Wadler led a walkout at her elementary school to bring attention to the gun violence in schools across the country.

Video 206

Teaching Strategies Buys ReadyRosie to Reach Parents and Children With Video Lessons


In one of the 1,000-plus videos that ReadyRosie can text or email parents, a preschool-aged boy describes an item on a kitchen counter while a mother figure stands next to him, eyes closed, guesses the item. “It’s An example of a ReadyRosie video lesson for parents.

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App Smashing on the iPad: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom


Are you an elementary teacher looking for creative ways to integrate iPads into student learning? For example, a student might be writing or drawing a story with an app that can insert videos, but the app itself cannot make a video. YES – saves as a video. .

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Elementary Classroom


Moreover, it is an ultimate necessity for my elementary classes. It allows not only writing but also playing videos, displaying presentations and restoring erased data. With multimedia lessons and video/audio presentations, you can bring more hands-on activities into the classroom.

Year Two - Elementary Tech Team Plan

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Our elementary school creates an opportunity for our fourth and fifth-grade students to take part in Friday afternoon electives where they choose from about 7- 8 choices that teachers lead from their passions.

Elementary Technology Favorites by Grade Level

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One of the things shared was the list of "tried and true" technology usage by grade level at our elementary school. It helps with accountability, cutting down paper used in the classroom, and allows students to explain their thinking in multiple ways (video, audio, photo, drawings, blog, etc).

5 Ways To Avoid Summer Slide For Elementary Students


With vacations around the corner, I strongly recommend thinking ahead to minimize the effect of the summer slide on your elementary students. It is much better than spending hours in front of video games.

Will New Standards Improve Elementary Science Education?


Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. That’s not what was on the video.”. The video the class had watched before they built their pinball machines “was just the beginning,” she told Reese.

Check123: Video Encyclopedia

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What it is: Check 123 is a new video encyclopedia site for kids. All videos are validated and ranked by Check123 professionals, are 1-3 minutes in length, and a curated on just about any subject you can think of. Check123 videos are also wonderful as provocations for further inquiry.

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