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The pandemic’s remote learning legacy: A lot worth keeping

The Hechinger Report

As districts across the United States consider how to get student learning back on track and fortify parent interest in public schools, they’re asking the same question as Steve Joel: What should we keep after the pandemic? Hints of a remote learning legacy are emerging.

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


It’s called personalized learning: What if each student had something like a private tutor, and more power over what and how they learned? Pane is the lead author of one of the few empirical studies to date of this idea, published late last year. It found that schools using some form of personalized learning were, on average, performing better ( there were some wrinkles we’ll talk about later on). Personalized learning is the No.


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In the marketplace: Measuring student progress, new digital solutions, personalized learning, and more

eSchool News

Tech-savvy educators know they must stay on top of the myriad changes and trends in education to learn how teaching and learning can best benefit from technology’s near-constant change. Check below for the latest marketplace news to keep you up-to-date on product developments, teaching and learning initiatives, and new trends in education.

This Toolkit Helps Take the Stress Out of State Testing


Assessment For Learning. Edmentum was honored to have Marzano Research peer review a research project we conducted for our classroom practice and assessment program, Study Island; Marzano confirmed the effectiveness of using Study Island for online practice. Read our blog to learn about our research, as well as approaches that help students get the most out of their online practice. Ace the Test with Study Island. Study Island New Game-Based Group Sessions.

OPINION: Neither heroes nor villains, teachers must be recast as vital partners

The Hechinger Report

There is no policy area in our governance “more complex than elementary and secondary education,” education professors and researchers Paul Manna and Patrick McGuinn wrote in their in their 2013 book. Because it wasn’t just teachers who wanted to delay in-person learning.

Fighting Teacher Stress

The Hechinger Report

A growing recognition of high teacher-stress levels and the toll they can take on learning has made trainings like this one increasingly sought after nationwide. A few years ago, Amy Lopes, a veteran fifth-grade teacher in Providence, Rhode Island, learned that teachers at her school could try a mindfulness and yoga training along with their students. I said, ‘OK, I’ll try it, but it’s not going to work,’ ” recalled Lopes, who teaches at the William D’Abate Elementary School.

Why haven’t new federal rules unleashed more innovation in schools?

The Hechinger Report

His school and his state are trailblazers in personalized learning, a method that tailors instruction to students’ individual interests and learning speeds. Personalized learning advocates had big hopes for ESSA, enacted in 2015. In a personalized classroom, students are taught how to take control of their own learning, so that they can take different pathways to gain understanding of concepts. Sign up for the Future of Learning newsletter.

Fitbit for education: Turning school into a data-tracking game

The Hechinger Report

Sign up for the Future of Learning newsletter. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning. Gold stars that seem exciting for elementary schoolers can fall flat with high schoolers. He explains it using an analogy: if someone comes across a dark hole, curiosity will likely prompt the person to engage in slow and steady exploration. For all that person knows, the hole could go on for miles and be full of treasure.

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Access to equity in education is more critical than ever for the next administration

The Hechinger Report

We still have not realized the guarantee to an equal education promised more than 50 years ago by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. We still have not realized the guarantee to an equal education promised more than 50 years ago by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Anyone who studied the electoral maps on election night might think this is out of reach. The focus should be on what they are learning and how well they learn it.

Pandemic May (Finally) Push Online Education Into Teacher Prep Programs


It’s an opportunity for the future teachers who are enrolled at the college to apply what they learn in class in a practical setting, testing out lesson plans with real elementary students. McGhee, assistant clinical professor of elementary education at Auburn University.

Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID Slide

Lexia Learning’s Chief Learning Officer Dr. Liz Brooke’s steadfast determination to ensure students of all abilities can become successful readers and confident learners continues to be the driving force behind all of her work. Learning Gaps. By Eileen Belastock.

John King: ‘The Failure of National Leadership Is Being Visited Upon School Leaders’


Earlier this week, LEAP Innovations, a Chicago-based nonprofit that promotes personalized learning, culturally relevant teaching and innovation, convened hundreds of Chicago teachers for its sixth annual summit.

Lessons Learned While Creating Long Lasting Change in Providence Public Schools


This case study was originally published on Getting Smart. As the largest school district in Rhode Island, Providence Public Schools makes up 25% of the state’s entire elementary and secondary student population. Nearly 1,900 teaching and learning staff are employed in 42 schools, each equipped with various types of technology tools (42 in all). Putting tools in teachers’ hands to make their jobs easier improves learning.”.

A Common Language: 30 Public Education Terms Defined

TeachThought - Learn better.

completion of a minimum course of study, content mastery, proficiency on college- and career-ready assessments, etc.) A State’s college- and career-ready standards must be either (1) standards that are common to a significant number of States; or (2) standards that are approved by a State network of institutions of higher education, which must certify that students who meet the standards will not need remedial course work at the post-secondary level. Digital learning content.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

” This letter marked the launch of the implementation of the first federal program dedicated to ensuring universal access to information and communications technology for improved teaching and learning in the nation’s schools. Districts seeking funds to integrate technology into teaching and learning can use other Federal program funds such as Improving Teacher Quality State Grants and Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies.” On November 22, 1996, U.S.

Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Studies show that when black adolescents feel their teachers lack respect for their background, it can harm their academic outcomes. We not only have to understand that we can have personal biases, but that there are biases ingrained in the system. She taught eighth grade language arts and reading to military-connected children at Faith Middle School in Fort Benning, Georgia, has been an elementary school assistant principal, and is now a professional development specialist.

The best ideas from the Distance Learning Playbook by Fisher & Frey

The Cornerstone for Teachers

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast : We’re talking to Doug Fisher about the best practices in distance learning from their book with John Hattie — The Distance Learning Playbook: K-12 Teaching For Engagement and Impact in Any Setting. For elementary, it’s 2-3.5

Integrated Education Management System ASSIST Expands Content with Apex Learning® Tutorials Research Proven to Improve Students’ Scores


RENO, NV, May 16, 2018 — ASSIST Education and Apex Learning® enhanced their partnership with the addition of adaptive content and digital tutorials into the ASSIST Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools. Scores of students who completed unit pretests, 100% unit modules, and unit posttest were analyzed in the study. This adaptive content has proven to raise exam scores, promotion rates, course pass rates, and post-secondary readiness for students in grades 6–12.

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Creating the time and space for self-directed, personalized, inquiry learning.

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts

‘Assignments’ like this are great because they force us (teachers John Sarte, Alan Soiseth and myself) to think about what it is we value, and strive towards as we build our program at Inquiry Hub Secondary School. Here is a student created video of teacher John Sarte sharing a bit about Inquiry Hub Secondary School, inquiry learning, and some of the projects he has worked with students on. Creating Inquiry Time to Dream-Create-Learn JPG.

Course 108

Rethinking Summative Assessment: Giving Students Voice and Choice


Think back to an assessment you took in your elementary years. Just think of the monotony and repetition of learning a new topic, practice that topic, test, repeat. Will the learning objective change? Is learning the variable and time the constant ? Social studies?

What to Know About Miguel Cardona, Biden’s Pick for Education Secretary


In 2013, he became Meriden’s assistant superintendent for teaching and learning. 17, Cardona addressed Connecticut educators directly, noting that the safety measures put in place have been sufficient to make in-person learning relatively low-risk for students and staff this fall. “If

Market for Social-Emotional Learning Underdeveloped, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

The report, titled New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology , identifies two main areas for growth: Products that target core academic subjects, which the groups contend can do a better job of incorporating features that support development of everything from communication skills to cultural awareness, and newer technologies, such as wearable devices and virtual reality systems, which the groups believe warrant additional investment.

How to humanize your classroom so kids are known, valued, respected, & safe

The Cornerstone for Teachers

about humanizing the learning space whether you’re teaching in-person or online. Who you are as a person influences how you show up in the classroom. We know that strong teacher and student relationships have a positive impact on student learning.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 11 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 11 Edition). Tagged on: March 19, 2017 Textbooks could be history as schools switch to free online learning | → Garnet Valley is a district in the vanguard of a nationwide movement to ditch traditional textbooks for open-source educational resources on the web. Studies are always helpful, but this should already be understood. with an emphasis on the what of deeper learning."

EdTech 163

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

BIO : Religious thinker Karen Armstrong has written more than 20 books on faith and the major religions, studying what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common, and how our faiths shaped world history and drive current events. Don Buckley Co-founder Tools At Schools Design and Maker Thinking - how can they be part of our Everyday in Education The focus of this presentation is to investigate the teaching and learning of design and maker thinking in schools.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” Online education pioneer Tony Bates asks “ What is online learning ?” ” Via NBC News : “How to Thrive: Arianna Huffington Launches E-Learning Series.” ” (It’ll run on LinkedIn Learning , formerly , which means it’ll cost you $24.99 Jeff Fernandez, the co-founder of the online learning company Grovo , has resigned. MarcoPolo Learning has raised $8.5

Education Technology and Data Insecurity

Hack Education

Always eager to associate itself with the latest tech craze, education technology embraced Pokémon Go with great gusto: “ Why Pokemon Go shows the future of learning gamification.” ” “ 14 Reasons Why Pokémon Go Is The Future Of Learning.” Furthermore, at launch, Pokémon Go demanded users sign over a great deal of personal data and grant permissions to the app that, for a time , gave it access to a user’s entire Google account.

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Virginia district launches summer kindergarten readiness initiative

eSchool News

Achieve3000 is the leading literacy solution in blended learning programs today, specializing in cloud-based, differentiated learning solutions for school-aged youth as well as adult learners. We share their commitment to providing engaging, student-centered programs that reach kids at their precise learning levels and accelerate their literacy gains. Virginia Beach already started using Smarty Ants for PALS-identified students in its elementary schools as of February 2016.