Transforming a School District’s Leadership and Literacy Instruction to Increase Equity

In the Aldine Independent School District just outside of Houston, Texas, the need for change resulted in a dual focus on improving the district’s leadership bench and revamping literacy instruction, in order to provide an equitable education for all students.

With Budget Cuts Looming, Here’s How Districts Will Decide What to Keep or Cut


Add to that the costs of designing and implementing new remote learning programs, on top of childcare, transportation, and everything else that will inevitably increase the cost of doing business. That data is then fed into program and budget review cycles.

The Actual Dollars That Will Shape the New K-12 Investment Ecosystem


It’s that most conversations about a school’s expenses don’t sync up to what’s happening in the classroom—the instruction, materials, and tools that shape the educational experience for teachers and students. They have been acting as instructional leaders, not finance managers working to improve the return on investment. For instance: Why is it that one elementary school gets $1800 more per pupil of state funds than the higher-needs school on the other side of town?

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