Yes, school resources are limited—but don’t ignore what students can offer

The Christensen Institute

And with a looming economic recession, school leaders are bracing for budget cuts and reduced staff capacity , which experts predict will lead to declining student performance and widened achievement gaps. . Click To Tweet. Students are struggling during COVID-19.

Time Is the Greatest Challenge to Teaching STEM. Families Can Help.


A generator then converts it into electrical energy, which rapidly moves through power lines and into her classroom, converting to light energy. Moak’s goal is to ignite a similar passion in her students so that they can see the magic of STEM in their everyday lives—and thereby be motivated to pursue a job in a STEM field. Elementary science instruction often takes a back seat to math and reading and receives little time in the school day.

Empowering Superintendents to Connect Technology and Learning

“If it’s edtech, it must be good,” used to be the mantra in schools. In fact, many school technology plans fluctuated depending upon the latest fads and what someone learned at a conference and had little connection to curriculum or learning goals.

Essential Elements for Moving to a 1:1 Environment

Of course, part of the reason most schools switch to 1:1 is because they want the classroom to reflect the real world—and anticipate what jobs could be when the kindergartners graduate. However, the more successful schools focus on improving teaching and learning first with edtech being just one of the tools to support it. Allow appropriate time to create tech infrastructure. Many students, though, may not have ready access to the Internet at home.