Micro-school parents, students build one-room schoolhouses of today

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The one-room schoolhouse calls to mind pastoral scenes from an older, more rural America, but many of its ideals are once again becoming the schooling reality for a handful of students in some of our most tech-forward cities today. These students attend micro-schools—small, independently-run education options for families that want personalization for their children but cannot or do not want to homeschool them.

Voice and Choice - Dissecting ISTE Standard for Student "Empowered Learner"

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ISTE Student Standard #1 - Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences. We should be growing our students into lifelong learners that know how to learn.

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How to Prepare for the SAT

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For many, it represents a last desperate attempt to qualify for the college of their dreams. I’ve based my selections on the following criteria: ease of use — accounts are easy to set up with access to both the site and materials quick and intuitive. Khan Academy.

How To 227

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The Christensen Institute

The one-room schoolhouse calls to mind pastoral scenes from an older, more rural America, but many of its ideals are once again becoming the schooling reality for a handful of students in some of our most tech-forward cities today. These students attend micro-schools—small, independently-run education options for families that want personalization for their children but cannot or do not want to homeschool them.

How to Leverage Technology Tools for Tutoring (sponsored post)


The conversation around how technology can enhance education can be a controversial topic, and that carries over into the tutoring industry as well. This week is National Tutoring Week : a decade old celebration of how important Tutors are to students’ education. Khan Academy.

10 Ways to Personalize Learning for Students

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This blog post also comes with an infographic (PDF) that you can print and use to figure out tools to help you in your studies. To get links to all of these sites and information on installing Read&Write, download this handy infographic. Learn to Voice Type.

5 Ways to Flip Your Classroom

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And if you click www.coolcatteacher.com/edpuzzle , Edpuzzle will give your school access to the 50,000 best lessons from Edpuzzle, organized in folders and ready to be used by teachers. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom.

End of Year Activities

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From our files, here are great articles about activities popular at the end of the school year: 5 Favorite Activities to End the School Year. If you’re looking for meaningful lessons to wrap up your school year, here are my top picks: Digital Passport. Khan Academy.

10+ Plugged and Unplugged Coding Activities for Hour of Code!

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December 9 to 15th is the annual Hour of Code event. Coding is such an important skill that enables students to learn writing and math along with any other subject matter. Coding also inspires students to invent and innovate. Idea: Dedicate at least one lesson to coding.

10 Articles on Using Tech to Teach Math

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Here are ten of the top Math-and-tech tips according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: C-STEM Studio — A Great Way to Blend Math and Robotics. How to Interest the Next Generation of Great Minds to Work in STEM Fields. 32 Websites to Support Math Automaticity in K-5.

Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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Dr. Doug Green challenges our thinking about school, how we should teach, and the flaws with the testing programs we have in education today. Sponsor: The STLinATL Conference will be at Woodward Academy in Atlanta July 26-27, 2018. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remote Learning Teaching Tips

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With little to no training or preparation, they have stepped up to keep learning going. It hasn’t been easy for them to say the least. teachers in mid-March to collect and share best practices, ideas, and common approaches to remote learning.

8 Wonderful Websites for Easy Coding Activities for Any Age or Level!

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Throughout my 20 plus years of teaching I’ve integrated technology in the various subjects I’ve taught because the world needs all our learners to gain the digital skills needed to thrive, connect, and contribute in a connected world.

Snow Day? 7 Ways to Keep Teaching

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To meet state and national requirements (and receive critical funding), schools must be open a minimum number of days each year. When dramatic weather hits — be it snow or violent storms or another emergency — it becomes impossible to reach the classroom.

TenMarks Shutdown Leaves Teachers Wanting, Competitors Circling


Any time a program is changed or phased out, it can be disruptive to classroom activities, administrators tell EdSurge. Programs like Ascend Math and Mathletics have entire web pages devoted to marketing their tools to outgoing TenMarks customers.

We need to change the teacher vs. technology narrative

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A recent chart from Bloomberg on the future of artificial intelligence and employment lends evidence to a point I have been making for years : teachers will not be replaced by machines. Sure enough, elementary and secondary teachers are among the most educated yet least paid professionals; and their likelihood of automation: practically zero. We need to start talking more about the best ways to integrate technology and teaching in order to amplify teachers’ impact.

What Will K-12 Schools Look Like Post-Coronavirus?


For this bonus episode of the EdSurge Podcast, we posed that question to Simon Rodberg, a former charter school principal and author of a forthcoming book from ACSD, “What If I’m Wrong? EdSurge: How will this period of forced homeschooling and online education change K-12 education?

3 Websites to Gamify Your Math Class

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Most elementary age kids I know love math, but that changes when they matriculate to middle school. In fact, Forbes reported that 82% of public high schoolers in the well-to-do Montgomery County Maryland failed Algebra. Land of Venn is easy to use, with no learning curve.

Top Tools by Grade and Subject for Learning During School Closures

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Teachers and families are in a tough spot right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Beyond the tricky technical and logistical issues involved -- not to mention equity and safety issues -- teachers are also trying to understand how to re-formulate their curriculum.

EdSurge’s 2017 Year in Review: The Top 10 K-12 Stories, as Chosen by You


One way to answer that question is to track what readers read, shared and “Liked” most. This year, you looked to trendsetting districts, thought leaders, tech giants and one very sage high school student to help make sense of rapid changes in education technology. From Google and Microsoft’s LMS-like collaboration system to Apple’s device manager, here’s a handy guide to all things Classroom. Here are her top four topics to steer clear of.

‘Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online


It sounds like a drastic measure: moving every school to online learning in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. it seems almost unfathomable, despite guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to start preparing. I’m trying to build a skill here.”

Four Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation – from Beth Holland & Sabba Quidwai


Never before has there been a time in education where students possessed a device so powerful that it allowed them to be graphic designers, movie makers, editors, directors, authors, developers, music makers and more. Self-reliance is one of the most important skills to develop early on.

OPINION: ‘Bad at math’ no more

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By the end of high school, exposure to TED talks and YouTubers had made me believe that math could be fantastically entertaining, under the right conditions. For the winter quarter, I signed up for an education class: Professor Jo Boaler’s “How to Learn Math: For Students.”

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code

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The post The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Here’s your Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code! Did you know that only 27 states allow students to count computer science courses toward high school graduation?

What if personalized learning was less about me and more about us?

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Why did he come to America? The writing and photos would be bound into a book and sold to parents and others, with proceeds donated to a local nonprofit helping new immigrants. And how to listen to each other.”. How am I doing?

Future-Proofing College by Embracing ‘Purpose Learning’


One reason Musk is so eager to colonize other planets, in fact, is that he fears AI will wipe out the human race. We need a place to which to flee, he argues, even if it’s Mars. Some dismiss these doomsday predictions as farfetched, pointing out that there’s too much uncertainty to extrapolate where Siri, Watson, and Alexa will lead us. So, what is higher ed supposed to do? These are real problems that society doesn’t have answers to yet?

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

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In these classrooms, teachers face a seemingly impossible task -- providing effective instruction to all the unique students under their care. In one survey, a large majority (80 percent) of math teachers reported that free instructional content from Khan Academy helped them challenge their most advanced students, and a smaller but still significant majority (66 percent) reported that it gave them extra capacity to help their most struggling students make the gains they needed.

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Why we need to change the teacher vs. tech narrative

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A recent chart from Bloomberg on the future of artificial intelligence and employment lends evidence to a point I have been making for years : teachers will not be replaced by machines. Fortunately, technology offers a new alternative to the traditional model.

Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak: What You Need To Know Now


So here’s a quick rundown of some of the great questions we’ve heard from listeners and readers and the answers we’ve been able to explore in our reporting. For even more, you can listen to this new episode of NPR’s Life Kit podcast. To see more, visit [link

Top 25 Sites/Apps of 2018

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Night Zookeeper - A excellent new free writing tool filled w/ interactive lessons as well as an educational portal to help teachers track and monitor student progress. Hippo Video - One of my favorite sites around for creating digital videos that can be used to "flip" a classroom or create explainer videos. TypeTastic - The best site around for student's K-12 (w/ educational portal) learning how to type/keyboard.

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


One teacher, many students: It’s basically the definition of school as we know it, going back to the earliest days of the Republic. It’s called personalized learning: What if each student had something like a private tutor, and more power over what and how they learned?

Learning to Code: New Possibilities Through Collaboration at School


It's shaping up to be the year of coding! Code, the language of our digital world, is used to build all the websites, computer software, and smartphone apps that benefit practically every industry and occupation. Earlier this year, the White House unveiled the “CS for All” initiative, which provides over $4 billion in funding to expand and support K-12 computer science education. Students at DCPS’ Burrville Elementary School complete an Hour of Code session.

5 Fun Ways to Start Setting Goals with your Students Today


It helps us push ourselves to be better. And while goal setting is something many of us do, it can be a difficult skill to teach our students, no matter their age. In this post, I am going to talk about 5 goal-setting tips that you can use in your classroom right away.

Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction


MORE BETTER WRITING Third Grade Students at Milton Public Schools use FlipGrid to record book reviews. They’re reading student work that’s more thoughtful, properly revised, and well researched, and they’re able to give efficient, effective feedback to each student.

Code With Kids and See What Happens #hourofcode #edtech #edchat #caedchat

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Do you think it’s here to stay? Kevin Honey (Middle School Principal) has a coding class for all 6th graders at his school, way to go beyond just #hourofcode - how about #yearofcode! Fun can often be a signal that something is relevant to students.