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It's Elementary When it Comes to #EdTech

A Principal's Reflections

Superintendent Scott Rocco provided me with a great opportunity to not only work with teachers in his district, but to also push me outside my comfort zone, which has always been secondary education. Image credit: [link] The other day I had the unique challenge and opportunity of working with elementary teachers in the Spotswood School District. As a practitioner I am always looking to learn how to better assist educators at all grade levels.

Why These Educators Meet Regularly to Align Instruction with Mind, Brain, and Education Research


As an English as an additional language (EAL) support teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, I co-teach in four early elementary classrooms, supporting multilingual students who are developing their academic proficiency in English. My class time is somewhat reduced by my role as EAL team leader, in which I support other elementary EAL teachers. To my surprise, people were interested and they voted to meet before school at 7 a.m.

The digital-first district where OER meets iPads

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Students tackle lessons at their own pace as they work in groups to focus on concepts they find most challenging. “I Department of Education’s #GoOpen initiative have spurred school districts across the country to incorporate quality open resources into their curricula, but initiatives like Central Valley’s are fairly rare among elementary and secondary institutions, University of Pittsburgh librarian and open educational resource advocate Paul Bond said.

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Group withdraws applications to convert remaining traditional schools in New Orleans to charters

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ExCEED Network Schools Charter Management Organization, a new group led by principals and Orleans Parish school district staff, has withdrawn its applications to convert New Orleans’ last five traditional schools to charters. Besides ExCEED’s withdrawal, the school district has all but decided to operate Mahalia Jackson Elementary School for one more year and then close it down. Charter schools are publicly funded but run by private nonprofit groups.

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


Meanwhile, the most enthusiastic listeners whisper to each other, or form mini-groups outside the conference walls, maybe even at a social gathering later that day. One district employee was smiling about how there were elementary and secondary teachers connecting and sharing: “Where else do you see this?” Even if you send out a group email for people to meet at a coffee shop on a particular afternoon, you’re technically starting an unconference.

We’ll provide the environment, your job is to flourish… Join us in February!

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We can’t wait to meet you! If you want to bring a group to 5Sigma, contact me and I’ll see how I can help you out. 5Sigma Anastasis Academy education reform inspiration Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources 2018 5sigma anastasis academy classroom conference education conference environment flourish intention learning pd word of the year2018 is almost here.

New data: Even within the same district some wealthy schools get millions more than poor ones

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O’Neal Elementary School, in Elgin, Illinois, none of the third graders could read and write at grade level according to state tests in 2019. Just nine miles away sits Centennial Elementary School, where 73 percent of third graders met grade-level standards on that same test.

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OPINION: Singing in the parking lot, and other pandemic strategies for music students

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Or they do it in near-empty classrooms, broadcasting over Zoom and Google Meet. During the pandemic, elementary and high school students have still been getting access to quality music education in some cases, as their teachers learn to adapt. Music in my elementary and secondary education was so critical to my well-being that I pursued it as a career. The concert band of 75 students has been divided into groups of 25 that meet once a week.

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

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We make decisions for students as if they are a homogeneous group, or worse, a number. When your goal is honoring the humanity, EVERYTHING else must shift to help meet that goal. During our Wednesday staff meeting, we talked about the successes and challenges that were faced. We remembered what it is like to be a “new” teacher again, the fish-out-of-water feeling that comes from having a loose inquiry plan with a different age group.

Who is the new U.S. Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona?

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Cardona probably first caught the collective eye of the state’s education and political leaders in 2010 when he was appointed co-chairman of a legislative task force studying the state’s intractable academic achievement gap between racial and socioeconomic groups. FROM OUR PARTNER.

How to raise rural enrollment in higher education? Go local

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But when former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam urged a meeting with rootEd, “it opened our eyes.” Plus, the student said, “kids in friend groups that don’t go to college tend not to go to college.”. They couldn’t meet with Cyrus-Ham until Kylie’s mom got out of work. “We

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Powerful Leadership, Vision, and Problem Solving for Districts

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The Kids Discover online platform lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners at three different lexiles. Vicki: What are the things that you ask these group to do, as they work with you to improve your school? And they also have an influence when it comes to meeting with legislators and other individuals that make policies. Vicki: So… that’s a lot of meetings to have!

When kids go back to school, who’s going to drive the bus?

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In Oregon, nearly 40 percent of school bus drivers fall into that vulnerable age group. 210,000 — The number of bus drivers working directly for elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. Before his schools can welcome students back, Schroeder must get approval from the local health department and meet “ minimum re-entry criteria ” set by the state board of education.

3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Younger students may not have their own accounts and no matter what age group you teach, you’ll want to encourage safe use. Divide your class into groups and ask each group to come up with a snap story about the day’s topic for you to review at the end of class. Because Facebook’s age limit is 13, elementary schoolers won’t have their own accounts. Source Share: If you’re a history teacher, ask students to research a primary or secondary source online about U.S.

How Educators Can Support Families of Children with Disabilities During Hybrid or Online Learning


1] During a normal school year, a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) establishes goals and outlines the support needed to meet them. However, the government guidance also gives schools greater flexibility in meeting their IEP objectives during the pandemic.[2]

How to Help Your Students Learn Healthy Communication Skills


Many students may be reluctant to speak out in a group setting, or not want to share their thoughts and feelings with classmates. Classroom activities like reflective writing in journals is a great way to teach communication skills to PreK, elementary, or secondary students.

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


It may seem like common sense that students perform better in class when they receive support that meets their needs. Differentiated instruction is an educational strategy in which teachers adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their class.

How Parent Empowerment Can Change Your Classroom for the Better


8] Additionally, one study found that when parents are involved in schools, their children are more likely to graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education.[9]. 7] Instead of using your school’s parent-teacher association as a group that “helps” with administrative projects, allow them to weigh in on school events or issues.[5] An Analysis of Parental Involvement and Self-Esteem on Secondary School Students in Kieni West Sub-County, Nyeri County, Kenya.

CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


Defining computer science education principles to meet needs of K-12 students. Ensure all pupils have access to computer science from K-post secondary education. The bill supports President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative, which provides Federal funding for the next three years for states to increase access to computer science education in elementary and secondary education classrooms. CUE Advocacy Update.

8 Ways to Help New Teachers Thrive (and Veteran Teachers Too!)

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A Smile is the Teacher’s Game Face This summer, I met Rob Brown , elementary school principal at Southside Christian School in South Carolina. Rob Brown, Elementary School Principal Southside Christian School, South Carolina In brief, I realized this important fact: A teacher’s smile is a teacher’s game face. Progress through the teacher pipeline: 1992–93 college graduates and elementary/ secondary school teaching as of 1997.

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Innovation Study Tours Explore Equity in Diverse Settings

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For the inaugural study tour, participating districts attended three webinars presented by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) that culminated in a meeting in Toronto, Ontario, on January 30–31. Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School is a dynamic neighborhood school that uses technology predominately to redefine learning.

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Getting Stakeholders to Back the Edtech Budget

Dr. Levett began her career in Savannah as a speech and language pathologist and moved to positions in leadership including Secondary Principal, Chief Academic Officer, Deputy Superintendent, and interim Superintendent. By Stacey Pusey. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How to Use It) #mtbos #iteachmath

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On April 26, celebrate PowerofEcon on Twitter with Discovery Education, CME Group, and their Econ Essentials Program. To join the celebration, tune into the Twitter chat with me, fellow teachers, and the CME Group’s chief economist on April 26th at noon Eastern Time, using #PowerofEcon. It turns out it’s actually a great place that educators meet and share what they’re doing in their classrooms. David: That’s when you physically meet the people you know on Twitter.

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How we turned around our data culture and student learning

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The district is composed of five elementary schools and four secondary schools, serving more than 2,600 students. For example, Geiger Elementary principal Myra Bramlett learned from their state ELA data that their scores were slipping a little and her kids were struggling with citing evidence and with answering higher-level questions that show they truly understand the text.

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Making Is Great Because It’s Chaotic. But Not Everyone Is Looking for Chaos.


The consensus among the educators who participated in our focus groups was that making is a way for students to make order out of chaos and that this path is expectedly going to be messy. The consensus among the educators who participated in our focus groups was that making is a way for students to make order out of chaos and that this path is expectedly going to be messy. This requires meeting teachers where they are. “Messy.”

‘Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online


Another educator started a burgeoning Facebook group for international educators to trade tips, and another began a detailed list of helpful online tools, including the digital portfolio platform Seesaw and the ebook library Epic. So Boyle, who is a secondary school principal at Dalian American International School, located on China’s northeastern coast, let teachers email assignments during the first few weeks out and skip most instruction.

How SEL Can Promote Hard Conversations About Mental Health


With that data, we can provide support to large groups, small groups or even individual students. They pull out a small group of students struggling with the same competency and meet with them weekly to do SEL lessons created by Second Step, or lessons from Panorama’s Playbook. Gator Grit Event (Image credit: Green Springs Elementary School) How is this program impacting teachers?

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How Brain Research Helped Retool Our School Schedule for Remote Learning


Opportunities for things like quality feedback, deep learning and metacognition were limited, as was time outside of class for working independently and meeting with teachers. At least 87 percent of each group believed that class was too long and too challenging for attention. Importantly, we built in 15-minute breaks between classes and a larger slice of time to meet with advisors and teachers during Office Hours. In the fall of 2018 our school made a big shift.

Reshaping Space, Roles and Routines to Support Children With Trauma


The community rallied to rebuild, and the community group in charge of redevelopment asked me to build a new school on the ashes of the former shopping center. In 2015, we opened the doors of Roots Elementary to 100 kindergarteners and first graders in the neighborhood. Roots Elementary. In the personalized learning model we designed, classes were fluid and flexible so that learners could be grouped and regrouped throughout the day according to various needs.

Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID Slide

Based on evidence with both elementary and secondary school-aged students, summer slide can typically equate to one month of learning loss. By Eileen Belastock. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 38 Edition)

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" Tagged on: September 22, 2017 State board won’t check if all ECOT claims are accurate | The Columbus Dispatch → After overpaying ECOT more than $60 million in a single school year because the school submitted attendance claims it couldn’t prove, the state Department of Education now will trust the besieged e-school and its sponsor that it meets criteria to now become a drop-out recovery school. " Tagged on: September 18, 2017 Too Much Technology in AR Elementary Schools?

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 38 Edition)

Doug Levin

" Tagged on: September 22, 2017 State board won’t check if all ECOT claims are accurate | The Columbus Dispatch → After overpaying ECOT more than $60 million in a single school year because the school submitted attendance claims it couldn’t prove, the state Department of Education now will trust the besieged e-school and its sponsor that it meets criteria to now become a drop-out recovery school. " Tagged on: September 18, 2017 Too Much Technology in AR Elementary Schools?

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Communications Tips for School Leaders


Think about how to use Twitter, surveys, and town-hall style meetings for your communications. Don’t forget the power of small groups and 1:1s when possible. At a minimum you want to consider school leaders, teachers, students and parents but there may be more audiences to think about or more ways to split them up (for example you might want different messages for your secondary vs elementary teachers).

Pandemic May (Finally) Push Online Education Into Teacher Prep Programs


It’s an opportunity for the future teachers who are enrolled at the college to apply what they learn in class in a practical setting, testing out lesson plans with real elementary students. McGhee, assistant clinical professor of elementary education at Auburn University. A Foundation of Research You wouldn’t necessarily know it from the pandemic-era panic, but online education for elementary and secondary schools is not new.

The best ideas from the Distance Learning Playbook by Fisher & Frey

The Cornerstone for Teachers

The book is based on the classroom experiences of a diverse group of more than 70 teachers this past spring. For elementary, it’s 2-3.5 For secondary, it’s 4 hours. So in that case, it was a Zoom meeting and they were sharing the whiteboard. And what about for secondary?