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22 Top Tips for Better Classroom Management

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I want them to join Google classroom. and I want them to turn their photograph in as an assignment in Google Classroom. As I notice students who struggle, I work to expose them to a variety of software, tools, self-regulation techniques, and tactics to help them learn and improve.

3DBear Review: The Augmented Reality Classroom Pro

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Explore 3D Bear Now So, for example, if a student goes into Sketchup (formerly Google Sketchup) and you’ve added Sketchup’s STL extension, they can create or import items and then export them. Or you can use Tinkercad or any other 3D modeling software.

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6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

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I always think of giving my students that sandbox time so that they can play a little bit with the software. It might be typing up your notes in a Google Doc.

Holistic Learning: Where Students Work Problems That Matter

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Students need people problems, design problems, software problems, communication problems, and all kinds of issues to develop problem-solving abilities. A Global Search for Education Post From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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And the one thing that Flipsnack cannot do it … it cannot be worked on simultaneously like Google docs where two students can work on it at once. But, one of the other benefits of Flipsnack is that you can create the books in something like Google Slides.

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