Economic Mobility Pathways in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

It wasn’t until a group of local leaders from across education, business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic communities came together to identify challenges and collectively design solutions that real pathways toward income mobility began to emerge for the area’s adult learners.

Verizon Innovative App Challenge for Secondary Students

The Innovative Educator

The Challenge is a collaborative competition that offers $10,000 grants and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for winning secondary schools and students. Here''s how it works: Working with a faculty advisor in teams of 5-10, students will develop an original concept for a mobile app that incorporates STEM and addresses a real need or problem in their school or community. Cell phones in Education STEM Verizon


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9 Good Collections of Videos for Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

Now there are dozens of online free educational videos that address most every academic topic imaginable. And they’re put out by recognized names in education — Khan Academy, BBC, Microsoft, Teacher Tube, as well as textbook providers like Origo. Bitsize is the BBC’s collection of free short videos and lessons (they’re all bite-sized) on over fifty subjects taught in Primary or Secondary education. education_com.

Video 154

Transition to Digital: Improving Access, Affordability and Achievement in Higher Education


With the increasing cost of a post-secondary education, many students opt to delay or completely forego purchase of required. Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies Mobile Learning Resources Open Educational Resources OER _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics digital textbook best practices making transition to digital textbooks successful transition to etexts tips for transition to digital learning materials

Who is the new U.S. Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona?

The Hechinger Report

When he was assistant superintendent of schools in Meriden, Miguel Cardona — the state’s new education commissioner — would take new teachers on a tour of the city’s neighborhoods. Credit: YouTube/State Education Resource Center. Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona.

How edtech supports the success of the Nordic Education


Our previous blog described the background to Finland’s successful education system and today we’ll unpack that a bit more, but also take a more detailed look at the role edtech plays in that success. Of particular interest, I thought, was Finland’s focus on early childhood learning — what they call ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care). It should also be noted that most education administrators, are in fact ex-teachers themselves.

EdTech 186

Texas Education Agency and Verizon enable distance learning for 18.9M students in 16 states

eSchool News

Verizon has partnered with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Gov. with access to a reliable Internet connection, a device and other education solutions they need, whether in a full-time classroom environment, distance learning from home or a combination thereof. . .

New Federal Initiative Will Fund Blockchain Experiments in Education


Department of Education hopes that the blockchain technology transforming the finance and logistics industries could play a role in making education records more portable and transparent. The idea of mobility of learning is something our members are wrestling with in different ways.”

BombBomb is hands down the best way to upgrade your email game

iLearn Technology

If you have a mobile device or Chromebook at the center, it’s almost like having you right there with them. Tips: To help teachers through the pandemic, BombBomb is FREE for educators.

Innovation & tech: Africa’s only hope in educating hundreds of millions of children

The Christensen Institute

Today, there are more than 750 million mobile phones in operation in Africa. Looking back, it is easy to under-appreciate the proliferation of mobile telephony and the attendant benefits that come with it. The same thing can happen in the education sector in Africa, a sector in desperate need of a miracle if Africa is to achieve prosperity in the next few decades. Africa’s education (and money) problem. Africa’s not alone in its struggle to educate its people.

Technology in Education and Opportunity Cost

Reading By Example

Smartphones were a frequent topic, especially from the secondary school leaders. Distractions and inappropriate use seemed to be the common reason for some of the administrators’ disdain for students’ mobile devices. From the beginning of my secondary tenure until my shift to an elementary principal role four years later, smartphones grew in frequency and in use in school. Matt Renwick.

Meet Digital Promise’s New President and CEO Jean-Claude Brizard

Digital Promise

For more than 35 years, Jean-Claude Brizard has worked in education as a teacher, school leader, superintendent, chief executive, funder, and education advocate. What do you consider to be the most critical areas in the future of education?

“What if we started a school?” – Come see us in action!

iLearn Technology

So often I see the same sentiment from educators involved in education dialogue, “Wouldn’t it be nice if a school were doing _. ” As an educator, I felt the same. For all of you who have dreamed a different kind of school, a different kind of education, this conference is for you. Brass tacks: I like minimalism, I dig gadgets and tools that I can keep on my person, and I love going mobile. What is Sacred in Education?

COVID-19 Education Innovations: Solution Spotlights in Florida, South Carolina and Massachusetts


Welcome to ExcelinEd’s ongoing roundup of creative solutions states and districts are taking to meet the education needs of their students affected by school closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Florida Department of Education announced a partnership with the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) to offer all school districts student support and teacher professional development tailored to the online learning environment. Florida Department of Education Press Release.

7 ways data collection is improving STEM education

eSchool News

Here are 7 ways technology is enhancing and expanding STEM education in our school district. One exciting way we’re infusing technology into STEM education is through our district’s Innovations Labs. Each Innovations Lab includes a science lab space with mobile furniture, a robotics court, netbooks, and SPARK handheld science learning devices. One district is getting students more active and analytical with data-collection tools, like probeware.


The Week’s Classroom Education Program

The Cornerstone for Teachers

The Week’s Classroom Education Program is designed to help solve these problems for secondary teachers. The Week now has a Classroom Education Program, which is designed to make it easy for educators to bring the discussion of current events into the classroom by providing them with the magazine and a matching Lesson Guide. The benefit of going digital is that students can view the magazine on computers or their own mobile devices.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley wrote the heads of each of the nation’s state departments of education to formally invite them to apply to the federal government to receive newly appropriated federal funds under the Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994 to “help every child in every school utilize technology to achieve high standards by the dawn of the 21st century.” Department of Education or other federal agencies) in and out of inclusion.

Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality


In his latest EdSurge column , Michael Horn laid out how Google Maps offers an aspirational metaphor for what the future of educational tools could look like. But as he also noted, locating where people are geographically is one thing; pinpointing where they are educationally is another. Yet there are several initiatives, some of which I’ve had the privilege of working on, that aim to support the educational data ecosystem necessary for learner navigation.

Flipgrid for every classroom

iLearn Technology

Students can respond with short video responses using any browser, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, or mobile device. Tips: Flipgrid integrates seamlessly with other education products you are already using including WordPress, Canvas, Teams, Google Classroom, One Note, Edmodo, Schoolology, Blackboard, Sway, Brightspace, and Power school. What it is: Flipgrid is a video discussion platform for your classroom that lets you engage and capture learning in new and awesome ways.

What’s Next for Pearson? (Not Buying Your Education Startup.)


For Pearson, the world’s largest education company, some of its recent tumult in past years have been self-imposed, even deliberate, under the helm of John Fallon. Even its digital education assets, including PowerSchool, a student information system, was sold because it didn’t fit with Pearson’s focus on learning outcomes. higher education businesses, the headlines were grim. I think that’s clearly very much our strategy in higher education.

The Democratic candidate debate: notes on education

Bryan Alexander

Nevertheless the debate touched on education in a useful way. Generally speaking, education reform was utterly absent from the discussion. Implicitly and sometimes explicitly candidates held the current state of American education to be a good thing, the only problem being how to make post-secondary school more affordable, and how to get still more people onto campuses. To make sure that our people have education and jobs rather than jail cells.

Can Competency-Based Education Demonstrate Mastery Across a Lifetime? #DLNchat


The conversation was guided by our special guest Executive Director of C-BEN (Competency-Based Education Network), Charla Long. Much of the discussion focused on how competency-based education (CBE) could support students in acquiring and demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities. Brian Peddle offered this solution: “I think they should be measured in education and then in the workforce. What’s your dream for the future of competency-based education?

Trends to watch in 2015: education and technology

Bryan Alexander

What can we expect in 2016 from the intersection of technology and education? I’m building on previous posts about trends in technology and educational contexts , plus my FTTE report, naturally. Educational technology trends. There are all kinds of reasons for it to, including funding support, state political support, the aging of American higher education students, decreasing difficulties in using technologies. education and technology future of education

#AskExcelinEd: How can educators improve students’ chances of job market success?


high school students earn each year as part of state career and technical education (CTE) programs carry little to no weight in the labor market. Some state and local education leaders are taking steps to build better classroom-to-career educational paths for America’s students, and there’s now have a new tool available to inform their work. These credentials can open doors to entry-level careers that pay well ($43,000-$44,000) and, in general, allow for career mobility.

How Disruptive Innovation Theory helped a small college set a new direction

The Christensen Institute

moment propelled me to work with the cabinet in a reexamination of Hiram’s primary and secondary target audiences—traditional-age, residential students and adult students, respectively. Education BlogThis guest post was written by Dr. Lori E. Varlotta, President of Hiram College.

3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Send pictures and videos called “snaps” to your friends from your mobile device. Source Share: If you’re a history teacher, ask students to research a primary or secondary source online about U.S. Ed Tech How To Learning Approaches ed tech education technology learning style learning tools teaching approach teaching styleWhere do students spend their time outside of school?

Wisconsin launches online CTE school

eSchool News

announced the opening of Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin, an online career and technical education (CTE) high school in Wisconsin using the curriculum and academic programs by K12 Inc. “Studies have shown that by 2020 two out of three jobs will require some postsecondary education or training and that job-related skills can dramatically increase employment options for new graduates,” said Stuart J.

Beyond Devices, This Telecom Giant Delivers Educational Equity

MIND Research Institute

Verizon’s Innovative Learning Schools program aims to bring equity to schools where most families cannot afford educational technology. Michelle Joseph, a former high school teacher, now manages the Verizon Foundation’s healthcare and education programs, including the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools. MJ: In education, we start with the end in mind. Personalization in education should not be a privilege.

Promethean Continues Streak as Market Leader for Interactive Flat Panel Displays in US and EMEA

eSchool News

As the education system worldwide began to get a handle on remote and blended learning models, the demand for interactive displays in classrooms remained strong. market share for primary and secondary education markets.

Hope is Not a Strategy

The Principal of Change

I had a chance to play at the post-secondary level, but an injury to my knee and a lack of passion for the game when compared to basketball, led me to some different choices. But I also know that the “flow theory” implemented in game design is something that we can learn from in education. An “all-or-nothing” mentality is not helpful in education, or elsewhere. Education (and learning) in all facets of the world is always part of the solution.

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday! This is an amazing and free online event that brings together educators and innovators from around the world. The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. The hidden treasure of the Global Education Conference is volunteering--you will love it!

COVID-19 Has Widened the Skills Gap. But It Also Presents an Opportunity to Close It.


But as my colleague Ryan Craig likes to say, no one has ever gone broke betting against the pace of change in higher education. And it appears that investing in last-mile training has a secondary benefit: higher retention. Education Technology Higher Education Workforce Training

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

Bryan Alexander

It was a powerful gathering of campus leaders and practitioners, organized around a common focus on liberal education. I helped start the conference with a half-day workshop on “How Technology Can Enhance Liberal Education: The State of the Art in 2016.” This last point has been a major theme in this quadrant of American higher education as far back as the 1990s. Consensus was: next steps, the future of tech and liberal education.

Talking tech

Learning with 'e's

My latest interview appears in this month''s edition of Teach Secondary magazine in conjunction with a review of my new book. Whether it''s teacher technology, including wordprocessors, electronic record keeping or databases, or student technology, such as laptops, educational software or personal devices, technology should now be viewed as a set of tools that can be harnessed to extend, enhance and enrich the learning experience. education future learning mobile devices Technolog

#Supermuch teaching in the classroom and online

The CoolCatTeacher

We discuss what going to the next level in the classroom and in online learning means both at the secondary and college level. With this coupon, a 3 grad credit course for continuing education, salary advancement, or recertification is only $359. I am a teacher on special assignment (TOSA) as an Academic Coach focusing in Educational Technology in sunny La Habra, California. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University.