Looking for a Class Robot? Try Robo Wunderkind

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There are a lot of options if you want to bring programmable robots to your classroom. It is a build-a-robot kit designed to introduce children ages six and up to coding and robotics as well as the fun of problem-solving and creative thinking. The robot starts in about thirty pieces (there are so many, I didn’t really count them). You don’t use all of them in one robot, just pick those that will make your robot do what you want.

Groundbreaking Augmented Reality from @GoSphero - Amazing Robot Ball


Sphero is a robot ball which can be controlled using mobile apps through Apple and Android devices. Bluetooth - Sphero connects to mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android phones through bluetooth connections. Sphero and Education Schools * Parents * Robots * Kids (SPRK) Sphero believes what you play with inspires who you become. Basic math and engineering classes just got upgraded for the mobile generation. -


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Georgia Power Learning Power Mobile App

eSchool News

The recently launched mobile game app supports Learning Power’s STEM-based classroom energy lessons, all aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

South Korean Edtech Company Probo Launches Cutting-Edge Probo Connect Robotics Curriculum For Children


Register The entire EdTech industry is witnessing a hockey stick growth amidst the COVID19 pandemic and robotics and robotic applications have found all the more acceptance. Imagine a smart robot venturing into a COVID isolation hospital and helping to sanitize the area.

How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

EdTech Magazine

How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics. Cracking the K–12 connection code requires a new approach, one that combines active-learning pedagogy with robotics in the classroom to deliver an interactive, immersive learning experience. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how education robotics companies are invigorating K–12 learning. Robotics and Digital Tools Engage Students on a New Level . MORE FROM EDTECH: Here's what it takes to introduce robots into the classroom.

eSchool News launches innovative Robotics Guide for educators

eSchool News

This first guide, the eSchool News Robotics Guide , offers expert insight on why robotics is quickly becoming a cornerstone of classroom instruction. In the guide, we take a look at resources to make robotics instruction a bit more manageable. Plus, we’re giving you robotics grants and funding tips, showing you how real teachers incorporate robotics into their classrooms, and linking you to robotics learning apps.

Luxrobo To Launch Homeschooling Coding Package In United States To Brighten The Future Through Robotics!


Register Leading robotics education startup from Korea, LUXROBO is launching a coding homeschooling product called ‘Designer Kit Set’ targeted at the North American market in November. The Designer Kit Set allows Coding from scratch on Android or iOS mobile operating systems through Luxrobo’s modular robotics platform MODI. . Using these technologies, they created a small modular robot called MODI in 2014.

Robot Teachers at New International School

Kevin Corbett

Abu Dhabi: Robot Teachers will soon be instructing students in basic math and other subjects at a private school in Abu Dhabi. Merryland International School in Mussafah has launched what it claims is the first robotic lab in a UAE school, with more than 30 cutting edge robots including humanoids with built-in intelligence. The programmable robot can also be used to explore research topics in robotics, computer science, human-machine interaction and even social sciences.

Robots deliver multimedia lessons to teach STEM

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Content platform turns content, including robot-delivered lessons, into custom learning challenges to promote play and learning. CWIST, a web platform supporting learning projects for students from 3 to 103, is making its content platform and education experts available to companies who want to turn their content into custom incentivized lessons. Famulus offers multiple robots designed for education and special needs, as well as head mounted displays.

Ten jobs that are safe from robots

The Hechinger Report

Yes, the robots are definitely coming for the jobs of America’s 3.5 Robots may also be coming for radiologists, whose expertise diagnosing diseases through X-rays and MRIs is facing stiff competition from artificial intelligence. And robots are starting to do some of the work in professions as diverse as chef , office clerk and tractor-trailer operator. For most of us, though, the robot invasion will simply change the tasks we do, not destroy our jobs altogether.

How a telepresence robot is changing some classrooms

eSchool News

A new technology enables both interactive communication and observation capabilities with a telepresence robot platform. Thanks to recent strides in robotics and mobile devices, telepresence technology has opened up numerous possibilities at both the K-12 and higher-ed levels, where remote observation and communication can come in handy. Using Kubi , from Revolve Robotics, users download an app onto a tablet and connect the tablet to Kubi using Bluetooth.

How to use Sphero the Robot in STEM and Beyond – From Courtney Pepe


As someone who primarily taught math and science when I was a classroom teacher, I associated robots, robotics curriculum, and robot apps as things that were only used in those subjects. However, this past year my school received a robot grant that provided ten robots for us from the company Sphero. Sphero is a robotic ball that can pair with an iPad, tablet, iPhone, or smartphone through Bluetooth, and getting started is relatively easy.

Massive "Mobile MakerSpace" Resource

Adjusting Course

The purpose of this post is to provide the information educators inquire about most often when visiting our school (in person or from afar). Since we didn't have the luxury of designating an extra classroom as a “MakerSpace” we opted for a mobile-cart model. Fast forward to today, and we now have a fleet of 15-20 Mobile MakerSpace carts stored in our Media Center and surrounding hallways.

Trashbots: How Some Students Are Helping Educate the World in Robotics


This post is about a pair of brothers and their inspiration approach to educating the world in the realm of robotics using a low-cost way that “up-cycles” existing everyday materials to build their creations. They are both Westlake High School students and, for the past several years, taken their love of robotics and combined it with an altruistic desire to help educate youth all over the world in a low-cost way. Show them some love my fellow educators!

Review of Robo™ Wunderkind Robotics Kit

Kathy Schrock

Pete Birkinshaw, Used Punchcard, [link] So, when Robo ™ Wunderkind asked me to review their Education Robotics Kit for elementary students, ages 6 to 12, they were happy to hear I was no expert, since the kit was so easy to use! I admit it. I am not a coder.

eSchool News launches Digital & Mobile Learning Guide

eSchool News

The November Guide, the eSchool News Digital & Mobile Learning Guide , offers expert insight on the reasons digital and mobile learning support students’ academic achievement and build the skills they’ll carry with them into the global economy. In the guide, we take a look at the various factors present in successful digital and mobile learning initiatives. We explore this issue, which is vital to digital and mobile learning.

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division Sponsors 2018-2019 Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions


23, 2018 – The Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation has announced that Intelitek partner, Yasakawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics Division (Yaskawa Motoman), has committed to being a major sponsor of the 2018-2019 Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), happening in 14 states across the United States. The need for skilled labor in coding, robotics and automation is on the rise - and is not being fulfilled. Motoman Robotics Division. “We Derry, NH – Oct.

Teachscape now works with the Swivl robot for PD

eSchool News

Teachscape Effectiveness Platform, in conjunction with video from Swivl, could help educators with self-reflection and collaboration. Teachscape has partnered with Swivl to further support educators in video-based professional development. Swivl, recently named a “Cool Vendor” in education by Gartner, lets educators capture videos from anywhere, at any time using their own mobile devices.

Matching funds pair robots, underserved classrooms

eSchool News

Dollar-for-dollar match brings robots to classrooms teaching computational thinking. In the coming years, computer science education will be critical for social mobility of underprivileged communities. Wonder Workshop will match one dollar for every dollar donated towards funding projects that bring the Dash & Dot robots to schools in need. Dash & Dot are robots with personality and capability.

Why a Robot-Filled Education Future May Not Be as Scary as You Think


The robots are coming, and some of them are charming. That was my reaction on a recent visit to Singularity University, when I met two robots named Pris and Pepper. When those of us in higher education talk about the future of education, we tend to jump quickly to forecasts that reveal our fears, pessimism and anxiety about what seem like tectonic shifts in the sector. To date, 75 percent of the global population has access to a mobile phone.

Wonder Workshop’s Amazing Dash

Ask a Tech Teacher

Education has many disruptors–3D Printing, AR and VR, 1:1 technology, STEM, and STEAM–but a recent and wildly popular one is robotics. One I discovered this summer is Wonder Workshop’s collection of three robots — Cue, Dash, and Dot. Every day, classrooms around the world demonstrate the collaboration and hands-on learning that the Wonder Workshop robots–Dash, Dot, and Cue–inspire in students. Robotics Competition.

The Intel Tech Learning Lab: Step into the Worlds Most Innovative Mobile Classroom


In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Raysana Hurtado from Intel and California Educator, Kennan Scott, onto the program to discuss how Intel is transforming education by demonstrating what might be possible in not just the "classroom of the future", but the "classroom of the present". The post The Intel Tech Learning Lab: Step into the Worlds Most Innovative Mobile Classroom appeared first on The TeacherCast Educational Network.

Vernier Software & Technology Offers New Activities for the mBot™ Robot to Teach Coding and Robotics


Students can use the mBot robot and Vernier-created activities to master introductory coding and programming skills through hands-on, standards-aligned learning. “To Each mBot robot comes equipped with line-following and range-detecting sensors and 40 well-designed parts. After constructing the robots using the detailed building instructions, students can program the robots using the free, Scratch-based mBlock software available for Windows, macOS, and Chrome™ OS.

3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


Education and cutting-edge technologies are core to the many programs at NYC Media Lab , where we lead university-corporate partnerships, communications and events. 5G technology and edge computing will reshape education with lightning speeds. Mobile AR, VR, and voice technologies are creating more interactive learning experiences. And AI-powered education platforms can help to improve student engagement with global culture and history.

When the Robots Come for Our Jobs, They’ll Spare the Teachers


How can we prepare a generation of students to adapt and evolve, learn (and un-learn), in an era where technological advances are transforming the world of work, traditional educational pathways are under fire—and the half-life of skills hovers around five years ? For the first time, many students are learning in classrooms equipped with access to broadband internet and mobile computing devices. Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School

Hitting the Library Circuit With Mobile Making

Educator Innovator

Mobile maker workshops are held at libraries throughout New Mexico. At the Rockwood Library in Oregon , for example, kids can come after school and on weekends to noodle around with robotics equipment and animation software. In an effort to bring hands-on learning and professional development to as many people as possible, libraries like CLP are going mobile with their “maker” programming. A new mobile program allows YOUmedia staff to share their equipment and skills.

11 of the Best Educational Space Toys – Space Toys For Kids and Toddlers

Fractus Learning

Educational space toys are a fantastic way to encourage children to learn about space and the planets and help them develop an appreciation for a much larger universe than just our world. Educational Space Toys. Best For Robot Kit and Coding: LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit.

Dash & Dot Robots: How young children can learn to code (even if their teacher can’t)

The Cornerstone for Teachers

However, one aspect of STEM can be a little more daunting for teachers to incorporate, and that’s coding and robotics. To make computer science accessible to grade school educators and students, Wonder Workshop has created Dash & Dot, a pair of robots that are designed to teach kids how to code. It’s a real, moving robot that can dance, sing, and respond to voice commands. Education Trends Sponsors & Supporters

CUE and Touchjet partner for STEAMpunk Mobile Labs

eSchool News

CUE , a nonprofit professional development organization for education technology, chose Touchjet , the first company to create a touch projector with a standalone Android operating system and a recent finalist of the 2016 Edison Awards for innovation, to help bring interactive technology to classrooms around the U.S. The mobile labs are available so teachers and administrators can rent equipment and test it before purchasing the products. a coding teacher and Google Educator. “It’s

Students Invited to Take a Peek into the Future of Mobility


Toyota and Discovery Education Hosts Virtual Field Trip on Cars of the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Automated Vehicles Immersive Educational Experience to Explore STEM Concepts set for Oct. Tuesday, October 23, 2018) – Rather than take a bus on a field trip, this October, Toyota and Discovery Education will bring the latest in automotive technology to students in their classrooms. Explore the future of education at DiscoveryEducation.com.

TEACHER VOICE: Children displaced by Hurricane Harvey get a warm welcome from teachers, students — and a couple of robots in this Texas school library

The Hechinger Report

It isn’t only books that greet our students here, but also two friendly, coding-proficient robots named Dot and Dash. Albeit daunting at first, the introduction of robotics has helped to connect the seemingly intangible skill of coding with the very tangible action of physical movement. Students see the immediate effects of a program that opens the robot’s eyes or makes it light up, or in some cases, move in the opposite direction they intended.

In a City Marked By Low Economic Mobility, One University Hopes to Build a ‘Tech Pipeline’


For Terik Tidwell, teaching kids to code is not just about algorithms or apps—it’s about economic mobility. But a recent analysis scored Charlotte worst for economic mobility in a survey of the nation’s 50 largest cities, with pockets of concentrated poverty cut off from the rich opportunities just around the corner. Smith is located, was ranked 50 out of 50 in economic mobility for students or kids born into poverty to get out. Education Technology EdSurge Podcast Communit

Dash & Dot Robots: How young children can learn to code (even if YOU don’t know how yet)

The Cornerstone for Teachers

However, one aspect of STEM can be a little more daunting for teachers to incorporate, and that’s coding and robotics. To make computer science accessible to grade school educators and students, Wonder Workshop has created Dash & Dot, a pair of robots that are designed to teach kids how to code. It’s a real, moving robot that can dance, sing, and respond to voice commands. Education Trends Sponsors & Supporters

Roboticist and engineer Dr. Ayanna Howard to give STEM keynote at 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference

FETC Converge

The National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) announced today that Dr. Ayanna Howard, an educator, researcher, and innovator noted for her ability to make STEM fun and accessible for children with disabilities, will deliver the closing keynote address on Friday, January 26, 2018, at the 38th annual event. Uncategorized artificial intelligence edtech trends FETC mobile learning devices robotics STEM

CUE Presents the LeRoy’s Big Idea 2017 Finalists


CUE is you, the educators. We (my 8th grade STEM class and I) want to create a mobile STEM Lab that we can bring to classes. The lab needs to be mobile so we would purchase 2 Stanley rolling tool carts. Saturday, 3/18, and 9am all six of these educators will take the stage in front of a panel of rock star educators and sell their Big Ideas. By a combined vote of the panel and the audience, one educator will be named the next “LeRoy Finkel Fellow.”

STEM 101