5 Reasons to Love Hyperdocs and Digital Lesson Design


More than just an online worksheet, Hyperdocs allow teachers to intentionally design powerful lessons reflecting UDL principles in a sequence of personalized tasks. From Hyperdoc Handbook co-author Lisa Highfill: Be My Valentine Text Set. Check out the Hyperdoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design using Google Apps by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis. Let me count the ways…Valentine’s Day has inspired countless poems throughout the ages.

Schools Need to Include More Visual-Based Learning

User Generated Education

Educators, though, should assess their visual impact. The use of slide presentations by educators help to provide visual stimulus for their learners. Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-drawn typography, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines (definition from Mike Rohde , The Sketchnote Handbook ). Please keep in mind that this is about ideas, not art ( The Sketchnote Handbook ) ( [link] ).

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A HyperDoc Is Not A WebQuest!


Whether you are trying to reach a language learner or student with Special Ed needs, want to integrate ISTE standards, increase the level of critical thinking, or design a lesson based on the UDL framework, HyperDocs help educators accomplish this! The HyperDoc Handbook. TODAY on EduSlam we release the first short video in our two week series: . A HyperDoc is NOT a Webquest. To watch the video which will be released today but disappear on Sept 4th, Sign-up HERE. __.

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