7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance


More and more schools strive to move away from standardized educational models in favor of student-centered approaches. They are a must for visual arts students, but educators are seeing the many benefits of assigning portfolio tasks for all subjects. 7 digital portfolio guidelines. We have prepared seven guidelines that show how easy it is to implement digital portfolios in the classroom. That is why educators need to establish a simple and easy to follow plan.

UDL for Adult Learners: Guidelines and Strategies

Digital Promise

In this webinar, Jason and one of the YouthBuild USA Teaching Fellows, Jo Forman, talk about why UDL is important when working with adult learners, and they outline several UDL guidelines and give strategies for using UDL in the classroom. For more information about UDL concepts, guidelines and strategies visit www.cast.org. The post UDL for Adult Learners: Guidelines and Strategies appeared first on Digital Promise. Adult Learning Blog Educators Entrepreneurs

UDL 146

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5 ways technology can help schools meet CDC guidelines this fall

eSchool News

In order to best protect both students and staff, the CDC has presented a list of guidelines for schools to open safely and effectively. Many of these guidelines can be met and make for a smoother transition with the use of technology.

Google Drive Guidelines for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The chart features links to a wide variety of guidelines to help teachers and educators develop a grounded understating of Google Drive and.read moreBelow is one of our popular charts we published in 2017.

FTC: Ed-Tech ‘Ambassadors’ Must Follow Social Media Influencer Guidelines

Marketplace K-12

Teachers who act as "ambassadors" for educational products, and who receive anything in exchange, must disclose that arrangement when they post endorsements on social media. The post FTC: Ed-Tech ‘Ambassadors’ Must Follow Social Media Influencer Guidelines appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 brand ambassadors Federal / State Policy Sales / Marketing Social Media

4 Guidelines for Early Learners Using Technology

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez These best practices from the Department of Education will help educators seamlessly integrate tech in the classroom. Classroom Curriculum Digital Content

Some Helpful YouTube Guidelines for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

YouTube is absolutely one of the best video hosting platforms teachers and students can draw on to access, curate and share educational video content. It also provides a powerful video editing tool.read more

Tips and Guidelines to Help You Integrate YouTube In Your Remote Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Since the outbreak of the pandemic we started a section here in EdTech and mLearning devoted for distance education. Our goal is to provide teachers with readily accessible resources to help them.read more. 2020 Distance learning

Five Guidelines to Make School Innovation Successful


Lessons learned from over 10 years of sustaining a school model that goes against the grain of traditional education. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more!

Five Critical Guidelines for Data Privacy Across School Districts


When Congress passed FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) in 1974, school and district leaders could rely on once-a-year training and reviews to make sure they remained in compliance. Now, when educators could potentially add a new app with a few mouse clicks, managing student data privacy is a never-ending task. Five Critical Guidelines . Dr. Charles “Chip” Dumais is the executive director of cooperative educational services in Trumbull, CT.

Chromebook Guidelines Chart for Teachers and Educators

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

February 22, 2017 For those of you using Chromebooks in their instruction, the chart below is a great resource to keep handy. The chart is based on insights collected from Chromebook Help. As is the.read more. Charts Chromebook resources

5 Guidelines for Rational School Leader Response to Social Media Issues

The 21st Century Principal

This Winston-Salem Journal Editorial “More Education, Guidelines Needed for Officials, Students on Social Media and School Security,” makes the usual call for more rules and education about improper use of social media. It is important that guidelines focus on the threat, no matter how that threat was communicated. Also, educate students on appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media. Educate yourself about social media.

Four Guidelines for Innovating and Designing a Book Unit


I offer four guidelines that I use when designing book projects for my junior high students: STUDENTS MUST HAVE CHOICE - not all students learn the same, and not all students create the same, so we need to give them a choice in demonstrating their learning. She is an educator with a passion for developing a quality learning experience by creating innovative projects and lessons enhanced by the use of educational technology and GSuite.

Chicago Schools Update Guidelines for Transgender Students

K-12 Schools - Education News

Updated guidelines for Chicago Public Schools have been announced, including a statement concerning transgender and gender nonconforming students. The guidelines informed these students that they would be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identities. Appropriate adaptations will be made for students who do not identify as female or male and for students who are unsure as to their gender identity, according to the guidelines.

Make The Best of Google Maps in Your Instructions with These Handy Guidelines

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A few weeks ago we started a series of blog posts covering some of the main Google services for us in education. For each of these services we create a chart featuring the main features.read more

Guidelines for Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your School

The Innovative Educator

Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Select: Company, Organization, Institution Category: Education Email: Use the NYC DOE email (or other professional email) that you have set up for your school, institution, or program. Share website (optional) Upload photo that represents this page Complete about section In the admin panel invite at least one other person as an administrator using their professional email. This is what the set up looks like.

NYC blazes trails to prepare students for success with new social media guidelines

The Innovative Educator

While some school districts have banned the use of social media because of fears of inappropriate use and distracting students, in an unprecedented move, the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) has reached out to students, teachers, and parents as partners to create guidelines for the appropriate use of social media for personal and academic purposes. social media in education

College Board Revises AP US History Guidelines After Controversy

K-12 Schools - Education News

After controversy over the guidelines for the Advanced Placement United States History curriculum, a new, “more-balanced” take on the past was released last week that will go into effect immediately. ” However, those on the liberal side may see the revisions made to the guidelines as an example of the College Board giving in to pressure. The revised AP guidelines tone down the language of racial tension in the history of the US.

Upskilling and Reskilling for the ‘New Normal’ of Education

Education Elements

Formerly ‘nice-to-have’ skills in digital integration became ‘must-haves,’ traditional classroom management and instructional design methods no longer applied, and everyone was required to embrace a high level of comfort with ambiguity as guidelines and expectations shifted on a weekly basis. And as a new school year approaches and the global pandemic remains, educators are bracing for these abrupt and temporary changes to make take root.

3 Easy Web Accessibility Guidelines

The Innovative Educator

If you're an innovative educator, chances are you publish work on the web. If you want to know three easy guidelines to always keep in mind, a colleague of mine, shared the following with me and I'm sharing with the innovative educators who read this blog. Three easy guidelines for web accessibility: Text: For text, stick to contrast that is close to that of black on white and fonts that are at least 12 point. Are these guidelines you generally follow?

Special Education (SPED) and Remote Learning

A Principal's Reflections

One aspect I did not address that keeps coming up here in the United States is how to address special education students as per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). However, the US Department of Education (USDOE) has released some guidance that everyone should be aware of. Guidelines are one thing, but seeing what it looks like in the field is another. Thus, I decided to reach out to some educators in my home state of New Jersey.

More on Social Networking Guidelines for Educators


A couple of months ago I posted ten social networking guidelines for educators that I had come up with in response to a request from colleagues in my district. Today I came across some more detailed guidelines in the making. Guidelines for Educators Using Social Networking Sites [link] Social Media Guidelines for Schools [link].

10 Guidelines for #EdTech Companies + Social Media - It's All About Relationships

The Innovative Educator

Those who serve our schools should be expected to engage with educators via social media. Educators want to have relationships with the people behind the products. Some ed tech partners are doing a terrific job of this with robust online communities where the people behind the resource are there to support educators in relevant ways. What's more, educators are able to connect with others using their product. social media in education

Designing, Assessing, and Implementing Educator Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

As states, districts, professional organizations, and other entities develop systems and policies that include recognizing micro-credentials for educators, overarching guidance should enhance quality and consistency. After a year of collaborative development, we are excited to announce the release of the Design, Assessment, and Implementation Principles for Educator Micro-credentials. ensuring the experience of earning micro-credentials is relevant and impactful for educators.

Important Guidelines to Help You make The Best of Google Maps in Your Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 11, 2017 A few weeks ago we started a series of blog posts covering some of the main Google services for us in education. For each of these services we create a chart featuring the.read more. Charts Google Maps resources

Learning in the Making: The Role of the Educator as a Maker Educator

User Generated Education

Below is an except – Chapter 5: The Role of the Educator as a Maker Educator. The process of bringing maker education into formal and informal educational settings involves different approaches and strategies than in a more traditional educational setting. As such, the roles of the educator as a maker educator are also different. Maker Educator as a Lead Learner. An educator’s role as safe environment manager is a two-pronged one.

Effective Educational Videos in the Classroom

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Learn how teachers are using educational videos effectively in their classrooms: - Current use of educational videos. Effectively using educational videos could become a large burden or blessing to teachers. Educational videos are absolutely a part of today's lesson plans but to use them effectively is not an easy task. 3 insights on the educational video use by teachers. 3 problems with educational video identified by teachers.

Video 205

Make The Best of YouTube in Your Teaching Using These Guidelines

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

July 12, 2017 YouTube is absolutely one of the best video hosting platforms teachers and students can draw on to access, curate and share educational video content. It also provides a powerful video.read more. Repost

How Do We Integrate STEM Across Subjects?


STEM Across Curriculum STEM By Design anne jolly ethics history Mobile Area Education Foundation pyramids schoolwide STEM social studies STEM guidelines subject areasSome schools are putting all subjects under the STEM umbrella. Can they be true to STEM's engineering focus? Anne Jolly talks to schoolwide-STEM expert Judy Duke, who points to history. Teachers building lessons should always ask: "What problems needed to be solved?".


Student-Friendly Social Media Guidelines Make a Great Bulletin Board

The Innovative Educator

Innovative educator Samantha Stouber uses the NYCDOE student-friendly social media guidelines as part of her efforts to teach digital literacy to her students. The guidelines provide a roadmap for to use digital media effectively. For students, the guidelines are in infographic format. As a reminder, Stouber printed out the guidelines and infographic to create this great visually teen-pleasing bulletin board. social media in education

Educators as Purveyors of Hope

User Generated Education

I have since become a teacher educator (with some teaching of elementary gifted students at a few Title 1 schools thrown in). I believe that educators do more counseling of children and young people than any other profession. The educator, as a purveyor of hope, gives these types of learners the overt message, “I will hold hope for you because I believe in you. Education 21st century skills emotional intelligence hope professional development social-emotional learning

Purpose Driven Learning: Myths, Problems, and Education Applications

Ask a Tech Teacher

By following the guidelines for Purpose Driven Learning, teachers avoid the biggest pitfall in many lesson plans — that they are theoretic without meaning in the real world. This applies to both 1) education pursued with the goal of college or career, and 2) the critical preparation of students to succeed in life. Educators who wish to use PDL often run into three roadblocks : School Standards. Educational Applications.

Tracking COVID Cases to Better Safeguard Students and Educators

A Principal's Reflections

Safety is at the top of the minds of all educational stakeholders, especially teachers and parents. The CDC has also released specific guidelines to help guide the reopening of schools and the subsequent re-entry of students.

Mysimpleshow–Online Video Creator for Educators

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here’s his feedback on a new slideshow creator he found for the 2016-17 school year: I think I may have stumbled upon one of the web’s best kept secrets for teachers and educators – it’s called mysimpleslideshow. The tool provides clear guidelines in each of their many storyline templates, and the Explainer Engine technology automatically suggests images for the most important text, which are called keywords. in Education Leadership.

Video 228

Qualities of Effective Educator Professional Development

User Generated Education

What follows are the general guidelines I use to plan and structure my professional development workshops. Principles underlying Effective Practices in Adult Education ). If the desire is to have educators create and implement engaging, interactive, and fun learning activities, then PD needs to be a mirror of these practices. As an experiential educator and regardless of the age level I am teaching, I emphasize multi-sensory, whole person learning.