12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning is about self-actuated personalization. As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve. Technology like tablets PCs, apps, and access to broadband internet are lubricating the shift to mobile learning, but a truly immersive mobile learning environment goes beyond the tools for learning to the lives and communities valued by each individual learner.

10+ QR Code Activities to Inspire Curiosity and Engage Learners

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Recently I presented a webinar for Simple K12, 10+ QR Code Activities to Inspire Curiosity and Active Learning. There are so many more activities and ideas I share in the slides to help you ignite curiosity and get your students moving and learning! If you like these ideas, take one of my courses (CE credit or graduate course credit for a CSU Master of Education ) or check out my books. Scan and Learn!

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Video communication apps and mobile learning

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One of the great things about mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and phones is that most modern devices have good quality cameras and microphones built in. Mailvu also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android an Blackberry. By this I mean that students can upload or record a video on their mobile device and then add a video commentary over the top explaining or commenting on what they see in the original video.

How—and Why—We Can Improve the Future of Mobile Learning


When Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) were first introduced, people quickly realized these platforms could help students learn more effectively at their own pace on their own schedule. Formal” education was no longer constrained to traditional classroom hours, if it ever was. This development, combined with tremendous growth in mobile device usage due to improved technology, naturally led to a shift in mobile learning patterns.

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 - April 11-13 in Phoenix, Arizona

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Cross Post From Tony Vincent''s Learning in Hand Interested in iPad, iPod touch, tablets, netbooks, laptops, phones, apps, podcasting, Android, iOS, and web-based tools? Excited about mobile technology for learning and teaching? Want to connect with other educators and learn from their successes and challenges? Then join me for Mobile Learning Experience 2012 April 11-13 in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration for Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is open.

20+ Apps Your Students Will Scream About This Halloween!

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As an educator or parent that has a mobile device you can capitalize on this time to help kids learn while integrating these spooky themes. Don’t forget to download the slide presentation below and explore my other Halloween post, Frightful Learning! Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers and Learning to Go. Frightful Learning! Halloween Origami (Android)- With this great app, kids learn to create various spooky creatures in origami.

Student Get to Know You Image Stickers Activity

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Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other popular mobile apps make it super easy for users to add stickers and emojis to their images. For this introduction activity students are asked to choose a profile image to upload to Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pic-Collage , Buncee , BeFunky , or any other image editing app and add three stickers to describe themselves. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go.

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40+ Hashtags to Follow to Learn About the Latest Teaching Trends

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This summer learn more about teaching trends by exploring hashtags. Hashtags (text with a # sign front) are found all over social media on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and GooglePlus. Hashtags are the key for educators to learn about the latest teaching trends and find lesson ideas and free resources from teachers who put these trends into practice. Get your copy of Learning to Go or The 30 Goals for Teachers.

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Digital Activities & Icebreakers for Gen Y

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“The number one benefit of educational technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative … productive … learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.” Our students’ digital behavior influences our learning, language, rituals, values, routines, customs, and communication. Get Them Learning with Digital Icebreakers from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

10+ Halloween Apps to Spook The Learning Out of ‘Em

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As an educator or parent that has a mobile device you can capitalize on this time to help kids learn while celebrating the holiday. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go. Halloween Origami (iOS/ Android )- With this great app, kids learn to create various spooky creatures in origami. This app would be great to encourage students to learn vocabulary then use in a story or poem. “There is magic, but you have to be the magician.

Exploring How Educators are Using Snapchat for Teaching and Learning


(Image Source) The Hugely Popular* Video, Image, and Text Chat tool is Gradually Finding a Place in our Classrooms *The third most popular social media platform (behind Facebook and Instagram), with. Free Tools & Resources iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources Social Media & Social Learning snapchat edtech snapchat for teaching snapchat in classroom snapchat in college courses snapchat in schools

Comics for Engaging Students! 22+ Resources & Ideas

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Comics can be powerful learning tools. Creating comics engages students and encourages them to explore vocabulary, summarize information, and contextualize what they learn in a creative way. Don’t forget to join me for a free online technology learning day with other experts. Get your copy of Learning to Go and The 30 Goals for Teachers. Learn with Comics. Word Origins – Learn about different phrases and idioms with this comic.

Permanently Disrupting Education. With Smartphones.

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Permanently Disrupting Education. Formal education is built on principles of standardization, uniformity, and compliance. The lack of diversity in proficiency assessment is rivaled only by the relative apathy of many learners, perhaps aware of how little control they actually have over what they learn, when they learn it, and what they do with that information. In classrooms across the globes, learners are being educated in information-scarce environments.

How m-learning is transforming online education


The use of technology in an educational environment is certainly nothing new – teachers have been relying on computers and similar devices for decades now. But over the last few years, in particular, a new trend has rapidly taken hold that stands poised to change the way we think about online education, for all-time and for the better. That trend is called m-learning , otherwise known as Mobile Learning. The rise of social networking as a learning tool.

Option 3: Actually USE the smartphones

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Murphy & Beland’s recent study is making the rounds online, particularly among those who are eager to find reasons to ban learning technologies in classrooms. The economists found that banning mobile phones helped improve student achievement on standardized test scores , with the biggest gains seen by low-achieving and at-risk students. Is that all you care about or do you have a bigger, more complex vision for student learning? Education in a digital world [VIDEO].

50 Of The Best Video Games For Learning

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50 Of The Best Video Games For Learning in 2015. If you’re interested in the possibility of video games for learning–that is, teaching and learning with video games to master both academic and non-academic content–than the following collection may be of interest to you. We’ve discussed before the logistics of how to teach with video games (especially for non-mobile games). 50 Of The Best Video Games For Learning. ?. on Facebook: [link].

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16 educators share their digital learning strategies

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Digital learning tools are invaluable when they’re used by confident educators. In fact, when used appropriately, digital and mobile learning resources engage students–and they can even help boost achievement. Here, 13 educators share snapshots of the digital learning tools they’re using in their classrooms. Related content: Digital learning is helping this school close achievement gaps.

CloudConvert - online file format conversion

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It also works in mobile browsers so you can convert files on the go to be able to view them on your mobile device. Registered users (can user Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or create account) get 25 daily conversions and up to 5 concurrent conversions with a 1000 MB file size. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. file conversion free resources mobile learning

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What Google Allo and End-to-End Encryption Mean to Educators

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Even Facebook is in the early stages of adding end-to-end encryption options to its popular Messenger service. The best advice to educators and parents regarding students using apps with end-to-end encryption is the same as other social networking apps and any communication online. ” What Google Allo and End-to-End Encryption Mean to Educators Click To Tweet. Mobile Learning Student Safety

5 Reasons Students Want Technology in the Classroom

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Conversations about technology in education always seem to be focused on the reasons why students need this or that technology. It’s rare when anyone considers the other—and perhaps more important—angle: Students want to learn with technology. By empowering student learning with more opportunities for them to communicate with classmates, you’ll soon realize how important technology is in the classroom. They want to learn at a comfortable speed.

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Gearing Up for the Hour of Code – SULS040

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The post Gearing Up for the Hour of Code – SULS040 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. This post and podcast episode will give you everything you need to get ready to participate in the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week in 2019. Thank you to GaETC and all the amazing educators in Georgia ! What is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) and The Hour of Code? Anyone can learn the basics of computer science in a fun and easy way!

8 Education Books For The Digital Age: The Connected Educator Series #CorwinCE

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My book, The Relevant Educator ships today. Below is a post (thanks to the most awesome Mark Barnes) about the entire Connected Educator Series from Corwin. Ask any of the thousands of teachers who regularly use Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook about connected education, and you may get an earful about using digital tools as a means to connect with educators and students worldwide. Enter Corwin Press and the Connected Educators Series.

Climate is Everything

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Benjamin Franklin), their biography, and a Facebook template. The nature of the activity was for the students to create a Facebook page for their important Patriot as the students envisioned it would look if they were alive today. Perna modeled what she was looking for by showing the class an example of a Facebook page made for Abraham Lincoln. These success stories must be shared to alleviate fears and resistance to using educational technology in the classroom.

Mobile Schools: The Next Generation in Communication and Engagement

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As an early adopter of transformative technologies, I have been watching the mobile app space carefully to see how it can benefit all facets of education. I had them come down and meet with several student leaders and me this past spring where I shared my vision of having a mobile app for New Milford HS , which could also be shared with other schools. My vision is for every high school around the country to have its own native mobile app.

Personalized Learning: A 3-Step Plan

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Many school leaders and education professionals tout personalized learning as the future of learning. While personalized learning, in which students engage with educational content based on their needs and preferences, can be integrated into any classroom, with or without technology, here’s a three-step plan for implementing personalized learning with technology by your side. Step 2: Prepare Your Learning Formats.

#GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe

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The post #GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe appeared first on Shake Up Learning. She is the founder of #GAfE4Littles, which stands for Google Apps for Education for Little Kids (primary aged students). Pinto, Google Certified Educator (Level 1), believes that all kids, even our youngest learners can think critically and create with Google Apps. Follow the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast on Facebook. Connect with Shake Up Learning.

EdTechSandyK's Top Five Posts of 2012


The ideas shared in the comments on the post make it a great resource for schools and districts who are helping parents and students transition to 1:1 learning. Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer , February 22, 2012 - After seeing a news story about a Florida charter school which had sent a letter home to parents encouraging them to get their children off of Facebook, this post flowed out of me like no other post I can remember.

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Create Short Animated Videos for Learning With the Tellagami App


Through a teacher and an educational technologist in my school district, I''ve recently discovered the Tellagami app for creating short animated videos. I was able to learn the app very quickly this weekend in preparation for introducing it to secondary fine arts teachers from my school district this morning. then scroll down to learn more about what I like about the app and some ways I think it could potentially be used in teaching and learning.

Learning on the move

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It was nice to be invited to present a session for Sheffield Hallam University on mobile learning earlier today. Mobile learning is going to be very big indeed. One report suggests that as many as 8 out of every 10 people now having access to some form of mobile communication device. Where to start with a subject such as mobile learning? It's interesting, because what we see here is a form of mobile learning without a mobile device.

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EdTechSandyK's Top 5 Posts of 2013


I also learned a lesson from this post: If you go to the trouble to customize a graphic, put your name on it somewhere. My Favorite Videos for Describing Educators'' Professional Use of Twitter , 10/20/13 - I talk about Twitter. And I am interested in others'' experiences with learning via this microblogging tool. Your Facebook Privacy is YOUR Responsibility, Not Your Friends''.

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Student Experiences in a 1:1 iPad Environment


This conference about all things iPad in education was co-sponsored by Eanes ISD and TCEA. Forty teachers were also involved in the initiative, which challenged all parties to integrate mobile computing devices into teaching and learning. First, each student shared his or her favorite apps for learning. The students were very articulate, and I enjoyed learning about their experiences, both the positives and the negatives.

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1:1 iPads and Digital Learning in Belton ISD


This conference about all things iPad in education was co-sponsored by Eanes ISD and TCEA. Lessons Learned from and Tips for 1:1 Implementations Staff Development is KEY!!! They still have calculators for state testing until the Texas Education Agency recognizes the home button can now be disabled in latest version of iOS, essentially locking students out of other apps on their devices. Give them permission to learn with and from their students.

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The future is not here yet

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No - I'm just one more person who wants to know what might influence my professional life and my students' learning over the next year or two. You have been working in learning technology for over 35 years. Does the evolution of learning still hold surprises for you? Every day I am surprised because new things are coming to me and I discover new technologies or I learn about new software. Do you see this change as some kind of revolution in learning?

New Posted Resources 01/13/2012

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Open Education Resources tags: OER ebooks opensource digitaltextbooks favorite Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: 3 Ways to Be a Positive Leader tags: leadership favorite Analyzing Primary Sources tags: primarysources favorite Mobile Learning infokit tags: mlearning mobile favorite Technology Integration Matrix | Arizona K12 Center tags: technology integration tpack favorite Edmodo: Social Networking Reinvented!

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15 Ways for Students to Use Google Keep [infographic]

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The post 15 Ways for Students to Use Google Keep [infographic] appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Learn more about how to use Google Keep from my Google Keep CHEAT SHEET (free download) , and be sure to check out all of the Google Keep resources I am creating and curating. Google Keep is now officially a part of G Suite for Education and integrates sweetly with Google Docs. To learn how to set up location-based reminders, visit this support page. Mobile Voice Notes.