Not just a visitor: The life of John Chubb

The Christensen Institute

I first met John Chubb at an event that EdisonLearning hosted in San Francisco in February of 2009. Disrupting Class had come out a few months earlier, and Anthony Kim, then at Edison, invited me to speak to a gathering of educators. As a novice in the education world, I was nervous to meet this luminary. What I remember from the event though was John’s grace, magnanimity, and smile.

The Top 7 Education Conferences That Weren’t on Your Radar

Education Elements

At Education Elements, we not only attend conferences on a regular basis to expand our thinking, but we also keynote, and host our own regional and national events as well as our Summit in May – all of which get outstanding reviews.

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Tell More Stories: Learnings from the PL Summit

Education Elements

Stories compel us: Last week Education Elements hosted our 4th national Personalized Learning Summit. The event included more than 750 leaders from schools and districts across the country. Our opening session featured George Couros, author of The Innovator's Mindset. His sixty-minute keynote was jam-packed with ideas and inspiration, but one idea stood out to me the most: we need to get better at telling stories. Personalized Learning

Million-Dollar Advice: The High Cost and Limited Return on Personalized Learning Consulting


Follow education technology-reform projects, and you’ll find mixed academic outcomes and expensive consultants. In July of 2015, the district paid more than $400,000 for alignment, strategy and professional services from Education Elements, a for-profit personalized learning consultant, according to receipts obtained by EdSurge from the district. That uncertainty is causing some educators—the ones with funding—to turn to high-priced consultants for answers.

[Guest Post] The Future of Learning is Now

Education Elements

I was working in the trenches of the most confrontational aspect of education reform, trying to get laws passed to authorize vouchers, charter schools, tax-credits scholarships and education savings accounts. All the while, it was obvious to me that urgent measures had to be taken to radically transform the educational opportunities America’s children had as they entered the 21st century. Personalized Learning Education Leaders

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

(National) Education Politics. US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos launched a “rethink schools” tour. ” “What DeVos Got Wrong in Her Speech on the ’ Dear Colleague’ Letter ,” Scott Schneider writes in The Chronicle of Higher Education. State and Local) Education Politics. Immigration and Education. Education in the Courts. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “ U. ” asks Education Week.