A Webinar For Scientix: 10 Top Tech Tools For Teachers.


I recently presented at a webinar for Scientix – a European Union funded community for science education in Europe. Webinar outline: The webinar featured a number of websites and apps which are great (and FREE) to use in the classroom including: Google Keep, QR Codes, Padlet and Kahoot!

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Richard Byrne’s Most Exciting Edtech Tools

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Richard Byrne @rmbyrne discusses the edtech tools he’s most excited about today. This episode, blog, and webinar are sponsored by Bloomz , my favorite tool for parent communication. They are sponsoring April’s free webinar, 5 Habits to Start Now to Thrive in the Fall.

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3 Basic Things Every School Should Teach Relating to Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Currently, Jorge presents nationally on these topics; is an award winner, a published researcher, the author of Rev Up Robotics, an education advocate, and frequent contributor to books, academic journals, how-to blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

What’s in Your Edtech Bag? #EdTechRations

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talks about the educational technology that educators around the world carry in their bags and pockets. The Really Useful #EdTech Book. ” The post What’s in Your Edtech Bag?

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A Treasure Trove of Free EdTech Webinars to Help You Integrate Technology and Digital Citizenship in Your Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Edtech webinars professional developmentNovember 21, 2016 An effective strategy to enhance your professional development growth is through attending conferences. However, given time constraints and other obligations (e,g family, work.read more.

Effective Edtech Pilots with Adult Learners

Digital Promise

Do you struggle with how to get started with technology in your adult learning program? In this webinar, Patti Constantakis and Christina Luke from Digital Promise discuss the ways the Digital Promise Edtech Pilot Framework can be used when piloting new technology products.

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Teleology, Technology and Learning

EdNews Daily

Some things on sailboats haven’t changed much in thousands of years, others are recent, and every new technology gets tested by the same strict rule about purpose. A sextant was revolutionary analog technology. Technology and Learning. By Mac Bogert.

FREE Webinar – Improving Writing and Research with G Suite #GoogleEduOnAir

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The post FREE Webinar – Improving Writing and Research with G Suite #GoogleEduOnAir appeared first on Shake Up Learning. FREE Webinar: Improving Writing Research with #GSuiteEdu #Googleeduonair #googleedu #edtech Click To Tweet.

itslearning Webinar Alert


No-cost webinar for K-12 educators PRESENTER: Kerry Gallagher, Director of K-12 Education for ConnectSafely.org WHEN: Wednesday, April 11 at 1 PM ET REGISTER: [link] Boston, MA – March 27, 2018 – Today, educators are collecting more student data than ever before.

FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides

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The post FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning. FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides. Learn why Google Slides is the most versatile tool in G Suite in this free 30-minute webinar from Shake Up Learning. The post FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning.

FREE Webinar: 5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom!

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The post FREE Webinar: 5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom! 5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom Webinar. This webinar will walk you through the BIG 2018 updates and give you a good overview of how to navigate the new Google Classroom. The post FREE Webinar: 5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom! edtech educational technology Free Resources for teachers Freebie Google Google Classroom webinar google classroom

Organizing the Edtech Toolbox


Teachers have many edtech resources in their toolbox now. During the edWebinar, “ Transform Learning: Track Results for Chromebooks, Google Suite, and Every Application,” presenters Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer at Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, TX, and Matthew X.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Implementing Technology (and some cool tools for the college classroom)

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Dr. Joshua Elliott talks about implementing new technology and some cool tools he’s using in his college classroom. We offer both online and hybrid Master Degrees in Educational Technology.

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Educator and Student Voice: Following a School District’s Edtech Pilot Journey

Digital Promise

When considering the benefits to using edtech, an eighth grade student at Elizabeth Forward School District said, “When we started in first and second grade, everything was on paper and it was just a lot more difficult because if you forgot something, you can’t go back to school and get it.

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Using Google Apps to Support Reading and Writing in the Classroom (Recorded Webinar)

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The post Using Google Apps to Support Reading and Writing in the Classroom (Recorded Webinar) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Below is a webinar that I gave on August 2, 2016, with Texthelp, the makers of Read & Write for Google and Fluency Tutor.

Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos

Digital Promise

Technology can be a powerful tool for improving access to learning for adult learners. A recent report from SRI found that not only do educators see great potential for edtech, but learners also really like using edtech tools.

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Making Edtech Efficacy Actionable


Edtech is an investment, but how do you know if the investment you made is actually getting results? In this webinar we will focus on the key criteria you need to think about when evaluating the efficacy of edtech products before, during and after a rollout. This online panel discussion on how districts can set themselves up for edtech success was originally recorded on June 20th, 2018. US Office of Educational Technology RCE framework. Education Technology

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives


Strategic planning for edtech is an endless journey—and not just because of constantly evolving hardware and software. Similarly, Ann Linson, Superintendent, East Noble School Corporation, IN, said that understanding the total cost also means having a focus for the edtech initiative.

Two Models for Leveling Up How You Integrate Technology and Teaching

EdNews Daily

A 2019 Common Sense survey found that only four out of every 10 teachers consider the professional development that they received on the use of technology in the classroom to be effective. We’ll provide an explanation and an example of each level of technology integration.

What’s Your Edtech Business Plan Worth?


For the past decade, the most esteemed business plan competition for edtech entrepreneurs has been held by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and sponsored by Milken Family Foundation. Since its debut in 2010, the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC) has awarded about $1 million to edtech entrepreneurs. Here’s why he believes edtech entrepreneurs will win from taking part in the EBPC competition.

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Top Hashtags to Get The Skinny on What’s Happening in Edtech

Teacher Reboot Camp

Technology is vastly changing the way we communicate and learn. I find it fascinating and love seeing how educators use technology in innovative ways to transform their instructional practice and provide students with access to the world.

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Four Tips for Choosing the Right Edtech Resources


Yet, with with the wide variety of edtech resources available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Through this work, we’ve developed four key strategies for choosing appropriate edtech resources. In addition, partner with the education technology provider in developing a plan that will meet your district’s curriculum and strategic goals. As a district, understand what your success criteria is before engaging with edtech companies.

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A Framework for Meaningful Technology Integration – SULS003

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The post A Framework for Meaningful Technology Integration – SULS003 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready to learn how to meaningfully and practically integrate technology into your classroom?! Going beyond the tools is so important in meaningful technology integration.

Boxlight Launches Fall 2018 Webinar Series for Administrators and Teachers


11, 2018 – Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL) (“Boxlight”) today announced the schedule for its fall webinar series titled “Transforming Learning in the Classroom.” They will also share the process of acquiring technology and give examples of engaging students with the right edtech tools.


This Edtech Business Competition Is a Win for the Education Ecosystem


On October 7, seven talented edtech entrepreneurs will take center stage at the final event of the 2019 Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC). Today’s marketplace for education and edtech companies is quite different than it was in 2010.

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How Voice-Enabled Technology is Changing the Contours of Higher Education


Marissa Mierow It’s no secret that voice-enabled technology is taking off in the domestic sphere, but how is this increasingly robust technology impacting education? Higher education institutions, edtechs and learning companies are using Alexa to enhance experiences for students.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? An Opinionated Guide to Changing Edtech Industry Conferences


That was early in the days of low-cost cloud computing enabling a multitude of new edtech startups, really fast internet beginning its spread to schools, and Chromebooks starting their climb to ascendance in U.S. For more education technology events, check out our 2019 calendars: U.S. When you make plans to attend education technology industry events, remember that the conferences themselves can change as much as the industry does. Or of edtech success. ASU GSV.

How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12

EdTech Magazine

How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12. As technology is further integrated into the classroom, digital citizenship is an essential skill all students need to possess. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how digital literacy programs prepare students for a tech-enabled future.

Why Edtech Executives Need to Go Back to School — as Teachers


When I was a middle school teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District, I looked longingly at the work of sales reps and trainers at edtech companies. For this reason, and because of all the gems of wisdom and insight that come from teaching, I think it’s time for education technology leaders to head to the classroom—as teachers. In this context, an edtech company’s “small” ask might (rightfully) take its place at the back of a long queue.

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FREE Webinar and Q&A: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer

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The post FREE Webinar and Q&A: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I will be doing a LIVE (and FREE) YouTube webinar about the requirements to become a Google Certified Trainer and Q&A to answer all of your questions!!!

An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process


While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. How do you approach purchasing education technology tools?

itslearning Webinar Alert -Using Google for Education with an LMS, Plus GDPR: What Does it Mean for K-12?


WH A T : No-cost webinar for K-12 educators • Krystal Weiss, EdTech Facilitator, Spring Branch ISD • Josh Hale, Chief Product Officer, itslearning • John Arthur Berg, Data Privacy Officer, itslearning WHEN: Thursday, October 25 at 1 PM ET REGISTER: [link] Boston, MA – Oct.

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January’s 11 buzzworthy edtech tools

eSchool News

note : Common Sense Education’s Edtech Eleven is chosen by Common Sense Education every month and helps educators find the best edtech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly.

What’s Hot (and Not) at #ISTE19 with Monica Burns

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Monica Burns @ classtechtips talks about the hottest edtech topics right now (and those that aren’t so hot) in this candid and wide-ranging conversation.

K-12 Blueprint site updated - resources for planning and implementing EdTech

Educational Technology Guy

The site has resources for educators about planning and implementing technology initiatives. This is a great resource for teachers, and especially for educational technology specialists, managers, directors, CIO''s, and others that plan and implement technology projects.

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