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7 Hot Edtech Topics #iste19 #notatiste19

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Stacey Roshan, the author of Tech with Heart , talks about seven edtech topics that are sparking conversation this summer both online and at ISTE19.

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8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

The CoolCatTeacher

Today, Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, talks about eight edtech apps that you should try. (He The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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Mitigating #EdTech Issues in the Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Mitigating edtech related issues rests on authentically engaging as many learners as possible. What I am referring to are specific strategies that keep kids focused on the task at hand while ensuring that his or her part in the learning process is completed.

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Be Transparent: Share the Research Behind Edtech

Digital Promise

The goal of Digital Promise’s Marketplace Research work has been to create smarter supply and smarter demand in the education technology (edtech) marketplace. We have consistently heard from educators that they are wary of claims made by edtech product developers.

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Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


Teaching soft skills, commonly referred to as Social Emotional Learning (SEL), is increasingly important in an educational environment, determined that students are graduated from both K12 as well as higher education primed and ready for a dynamic and changing future job market.

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Bethany Petty: Using Edtech to Enhance Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Using Edtech to Enhance Learning. Bethany regularly blogs at Teaching with Technology ( [link] ) where she shares resources, ideas, edtech tools, tips, and tricks, as well as reflections from her blended/flipped/gamified high school Social Studies classroom.

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EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1


I had erred by not at any point in the blog referring to Augmented Reality, but only AR. EdTech definitions every teacher should know. Sometimes referred to as Hybrid Reality, the term refers in essence to the next iteration of Augmented Reality.

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What’s in Your Edtech Bag? #EdTechRations

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The Really Useful #EdTech Book. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. ” The post What’s in Your Edtech Bag?

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EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of our EdTech terminology post — where we hope to give you a relatively simple roadmap to help navigate the thickets of education technology buzzwords and phrases that tend to appear in discussions and debates.

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How edtech supports the success of the Nordic Education


Our previous blog described the background to Finland’s successful education system and today we’ll unpack that a bit more, but also take a more detailed look at the role edtech plays in that success. How edtech supports everything: EDUDigi.

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Edtech and Social Emotional Learning #sel

The CoolCatTeacher

Edtech and Social Emotional Learning. Have you seen some other edtech tools besides Minecraft that can have this kind of social emotional impact? The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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INTERVIEW: Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech


Phill and Graham had a wonderful conversation on the topic of e-learning and explored six key digital learning trends that are reshaping the EdTech landscape. Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech.

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Edtech Matchmaking: One Teacher’s Strategies for Choosing Better Technology

Digital Promise

In the world of edtech, the process for finding and purchasing new software or devices can sometimes feel like an app-based dating experience, with schools making quick decisions based on little information. Edtech companies may even seek out these schools because they have a very clear mission and framework for implementation. Implement the long-term, matchmaking type of approach to edtech decision making.

5 Ways EdTech Helps Students with Special Needs in the Classroom

ViewSonic Education

EdTech helps make a massive difference in their success. EdTech and the Challenges of Special Needs Learning. Referred to as assistive technology (AT), these devices are often decidedly low tech. Increasingly, edtech means technology that finds its way into the classroom.

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

The CoolCatTeacher

Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech. Vicki: Happy EdTech Tool Tuesday. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

The CoolCatTeacher

Leah LaCrosse shares six edtech ideas science teachers can start using today to improve learning and excite students about science. 6 Super Science Edtech Ideas.

Seeking Integrity in EdTech Research – Again


For instance, it is filled with advertisements and there is no statement about how the advertisers impacted or influenced the study – but we know that they sponsored it, and they are edtech companies and commercial publishers, and therefore not uninterested parties.

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Debunking the ‘Gold Standard’ Myths in Edtech Efficacy


For almost a decade, selling edtech products to schools and districts has felt dangerously like selling a home over the internet. We describe edtech products with all the excitement and adjectives of a fresh listing on Zillow. This included guidelines for curriculum and edtech.

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5 Common Ingredients of Math EdTech

MIND Research Institute

And just as sugar isn’t inherently bad in snacks (as long as it’s not the first thing on the ingredient list), it’s important to pay attention to the overall makeup of an edtech product, as well as the individual pieces.

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair?

The Christensen Institute

While human capital refers to individual ability, social capital refers to opportunity.” In a recent Brookings paper on social mobility, Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine illuminate an intangible, yet severe, consequence of income inequality: economic despair.

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Not Just Classroom Supplies: Teachers Also Buy Edtech With Their Own Money


Recent studies by Deloitte and the Gates Foundation have shed light into how educators engage with edtech. And about 70 percent of students say that they use edtech tools outside of schools on a weekly basis. Those numbers suggest edtech is steadily marching into schools and classrooms.

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5 Reasons Why Your Edtech Product Is Sitting On A Classroom Shelf

EdNews Daily

As a teacher, education consultant, and writer, I have worked with various education or edtech startups since 2014. Here are five reasons your Edtech product might be collecting dust on a classroom shelf. All edtech companies should maintain these critical conversations.

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Using EdTech to Enhance Science Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Students are also able to refer back to the Padlet to review for a test/quiz. Miss Ginter’s Biology students at New Milford High School have been using Padlet as a forum to post answers to teacher created questions, as well as student created questions.

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FBI Warns Educators and Parents About Edtech’s Cybersecurity Risks


The FBI has released a public service announcement warning educators and parents that edtech can create cybersecurity risks for students. The memo also notes that in 2017, two large edtech companies experienced cybersecurity issues. When asked to comment, the FBI declined to tell EdSurge the names of the two companies it was referring to.

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Chinese Edtech Sees $1.86B in Q1 2019, Bucking Plummeting Venture Trend


In China, the edtech industry appears to be immune to the whiplash that has hit venture investing across other sectors. From January through March 2019, 131 China edtech ventures raised more than $1.86

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Edtech in Rural Education


Furthermore, Hanson noted that high quality edtech helps students, teachers, and administrators by making it easier to use student data to differentiate learning. So, why is edtech so slow to catch on in rural education? Edtech is a necessity for rural education.

Equity in #EdTech: A Report Review


If you care about equity in edtech, this report is a must-read, especially if you are interested in evidence-based research and practical solutions. If you don’t care about equity in edtech. Profession Reviews EdTech educational technology equity report

What the Big Edtech Mergers and Acquisitions of 2019 Signal for the Industry


Mission-oriented investors often refer to the “ double bottom line ” when saying how they care just as much about making a positive social impact as they do about financial returns. billion, 2019 offers some edtech investors hope that their bets could pay off.

Behind Closed Doors: Edtech Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Challenges in 2018


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in an edtech company’s board meeting, or what keeps founders up at night, here was your chance to find out. Earlier this month in New York City, the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, AT&T’s program that finds, develops, and invests in promising edtech companies from around the world, hosted an afternoon of mock board meetings with its 2018 cohort. The same principle applies to edtech companies.

Student Leadership via EdTech Playgrounds


An EdTech Playground. EdTech Playgrounds provide opportunities for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. An EdTech Playground is a mobile space that can be set up in small or large areas.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


Once we were ready to hire the candidate, we contacted references and used online services like Accufax for criminal background checks. Most of all, have a mission that reminds everyone they are working in an edtech company to build a better world by educating the next generation.

Can a District Disrupt the Edtech Industry?


These are the words that edtech startups live by, but schools and districts generally operate at a different pace. A case in point: New York City, where the nation’s largest district, experimented with fast and effective edtech adoption through its iZone Short Cycle Evaluation Challenge (SCEC). True Partnership All too often in edtech, there’s a feeling that companies and educators are adversaries rather than partners. Education Technology Startups Edtech Business

5 Ways to Find Edtech Candidates Who Aren’t Looking


The term “passive job seeker”—referring to a potential hire who’s currently employed at one company but may consider a move to another if the right opportunity presents itself—is a bit contradictory and somewhat outdated. Where do you fit in the edtech landscape? Find the perfect candidate at the EdSurge Jobs Fairs Join top edtech companies this fall in: SF (10/10), Boston (10/16) , and NYC (10/17) Learn More 5. Education Technology Enterprises Edtech Business

Q&A: Lea(R)n CEO Karl Rectanus on Lessons Learned From the Top 40 EdTech Tools

EdTech Magazine

Q&A: Lea(R)n CEO Karl Rectanus on Lessons Learned From the Top 40 EdTech Tools. Lear(R)n , the company behind the digital LearnPlatform, has recently released its second annual EdTech Top 40 list , which includes everything from assessment tools to operational platforms. .

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