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What's Really Getting in the Way of Teachers Embracing Edtech?


a math teacher and instructional coach at Brashier Middle College Charter High School in Simpsonville, South Carolina, has more than two decades of experience and spends a lot of time thinking about edtech. If a classroom has spotty Wi-Fi or a teacher has inadequate access to devices for students, it’s awfully hard to make the most of edtech.

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US Edtech Policy Conversations Amidst Coronavirus Concerns with Tom Murray

The CoolCatTeacher

He is most passionate about creating cultures of innovation where teachers are empowered to create the types of learning experiences today’s modern learners need to thrive. He’s the husband of a school counselor and dad of two children, all of which are far more important to him than anything shared above.

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Four Questions Education Leaders are Asking to Find the Best Edtech

Digital Promise

After a year of fast-paced, high-pressure decision making, you’re now called on to figure out which edtech products will support your learners and educators. Should you continue to use the products you implemented before the rush to distance learning? Which learning goals might edtech support? How is this tool different?

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How Edtech for Teachers Helps Collaboration and Professional Learning


There are plenty of reasons and ways to use edtech with students in the classroom, but what about edtech for teachers? The author of Ed Tech Essentials and founder of Class Tech Tips encourages educators to use tech tools for their own professional learning. Edtech for teachers bridges the gaps to more collaboration.

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Why It’s ‘Imperative’ That Edtech Providers Prove Their Products Work


At a time when more than 11,000 edtech tools are on the market and schools are embracing learning technology like never before , there is a stunning lack of research and evidence to support the efficacy of those products. The natural starting point for edtech providers, instead, is pursuing ESSA Level IV certification.

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Edtech Tools for SPED, Math, and Reading

A Principal's Reflections

One of the best parts about job-embedded, on-going work with school districts is facilitating a variety of professional learning opportunities. Recently the district asked me to be a part of their professional development day, which consisted of seven different learning strands specific to the needs and interests of their teachers.

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How Are Educators Continuing Powerful Professional Learning Online?

Digital Promise

The Edcamp Community supports educators to organize and participate in participant-driven professional learning designed by and for educators. However, with educators pivoting to distance learning, organizers have developed virtual Edcamps to continue creating opportunities for voice and choice in their professional learning.