7 Hot Edtech Topics #iste19 #notatiste19

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Stacey Roshan, the author of Tech with Heart , talks about seven edtech topics that are sparking conversation this summer both online and at ISTE19.

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Why Moodle’s Mastermind, Martin Dougiamas, Still Believes in Edtech After Two Decades


Moodle , one of the most widely used learning management system across the world today. Moodle’s “flexible modularity” allows anyone to “build the perfect LMS.”. Key to its growth, he shares, is the ability to nurture a global community of partner businesses (which make up a “major source” of Moodle’s revenues) and staunch loyalists who volunteer their time to improve the open-source platform. As a platform Moodle allows everybody to make their own LMS.

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5 Ways To Bring SEL Into Edtech Classroom Use

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Sponsor : Urkund Urkund is great as a plagiarism prevention tool and connects with most common Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas or as a stand-alone web tool or by email.

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How to Design the Classroom for Effective Education #notatiste19

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Urkund: Today’s Sponsor Urkund is great as a plagiarism prevention tool and connects with most common Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas or as a stand-alone web tool or by email.

Now Introducing! EdTech Team Mexico


She is a Google Certified Trainer, a Google Certified Innovator, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Moodle Course Creator Certified. His education is in Educational Psychology, and holds certifications as a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer, and Moodle and Linux specialist.

Beware Edtech’s Equivalent of the Flashlight App


The five most popular LMSs (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L and Sakai), which account for more than 90 percent of the market share in higher education, are all designed based on a 10-year-old standard called the Learning Tools Interoperability (or LTI) standard. Edtech products designed on the LTI standard can serve as “plugins” to these LMSs. It is both impractical and unfair to expect every professor to invest their time in figuring the world of unbundled edtech out.

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Inspire Learning Beyond Your Classroom Walls by Setting Up a Virtual Learning Community

Teacher Reboot Camp

Moodle is an open source learning management system you install on your own server. Moodle offers several free features, such as the ability to create discussions, quizzes, assignments, surveys, and more! Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

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A Beginner’s Guide to #EdTech Open Source Software

Fractus Learning

For example, the web browser Firefox and the Learning Management System Moodle are both open source. Did you ever explore a learning possibility only to realize that the software to make it happen costs a lot of money? Do you want to write music but can’t afford Finale or Sibelius?

Flow Through Your Presentation with Flowvella

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I was able to easily upload it to their cloud service, then I received an embed code which I used to embed into our course on Moodle: Students may view the presentation as shown or full screen. EdTech Ideas app EdTech Education flowvella interactive app presentation

Ultimate Resource Guide for the NEW Google Classroom!


Moodle? The Great EdTech Debate: Google Sites vs Google Classroom vs Blogger By Jeff Bradbury, Teachercast.net A Teacher’s Take: Canvas vs. Google Classroom By Misty Joaquin, posted to Canvas LMS blog Seesaw vs. Google Classroom: What's the Best Management App for Your Classroom?

As Instructure Revenue Grows, Questions Emerge Over Bridge Corporate Learning System


Investment bank Barrington Research published a report that highlighted the switch of Spain’s ESIC Business and Marketing School from Moodle to Canvas. Education Technology Higher Education Digital Learning in Higher Ed Edtech Business School Infrastructure

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LinkedIn’s New Learning Platform to Recommend Lynda Courses for Professionals


It is marketing the solution as a professional development tool that can help faculty learn how to use classroom tools such as Moodle, Adobe Captivate and learning management systems. Education Technology Enterprises Edtech BusinessLinkedIn loves to learn. Today the social media site for professionals. announced an online learning portal with thousands of courses aimed at helping individuals pivot or pick up new skills for their careers.

Can Entrepreneurs Balance Educational and Financial Returns?


While the emergence of “edtech” and the growing tide of investment towards this industry has led to a seemingly endless proliferation of new startups claiming to be in service of education, the perception of many educators, including some of my professors at Penn, is often one of skepticism. Or it may be that even some of the most well-funded and hyped edtech efforts have flopped or pivoted , leaving students and teachers scrambling.

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A Timeline of Google Classroom’s March to Replace Learning Management Systems


While many schools and districts continue to use existing learning management systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas , Moodle and Schoology , Google’s Classroom platform is increasingly catching teachers’ eyes. It is still worth watching and an important edtech tool.”. Education Technology Market Trends Edtech BusinessOver the last two years, Google has taken its popular applications and outfitted it for the classroom.

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An LMS for Everyone?

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Through this process over the last 5 years we have implemented in both large and small ways 4 different LMS solutions- Moodle, Edify, Google Classroom, and Canvas. Edtech options are exponentially growing.

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Collaborative & Creative Online Learning

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Platforms like Moodle require server space. For more lesson plans and ideas, check out these hashtags- #Edchat, #ELearning, and #Edtech. Byte-Sized Potential Effective Technology Integration Tech Tips collaboration digital pedagogy edtech elearning online teaching peeragogy vleRecently added to the Survival Tips for Teachers ! “The number one benefit of educational technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do.

Overcome Your Nightmares

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I couldn’t log in to Moodle. EdTech Ideas poll poll everywhere word cloud Today was the first day of a new semester at our university. I teach a Technology for Teachers course in the School of Education – but today… I forgot our syllabus.

Meet the All New Flipgrid! #flipgridfever

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Flipgrid now integrates with multiple platforms including Google Classroom, Canva, Edmodo, Blackboard, Moodle, Sway, WordPress, Powerschool, Schoology, Brightspace, OneNote, and Teams. technology #edtech collaboration flipgrid flipgridfever iPad mobile app new features student voice

From Tech Newbie to Ninja to Sensei

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Try Edmodo , Google Classroom , Schoology , Moodle, Edublogs , Haiku Learning, Wikis , or Google Apps for Education. Effective Technology Integration Tech Tips edtech education technology tech ninja technology“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” – Bill Gates. Recently, I conducted a webinar for SimpleK12’s technology day, Technophobe to Technoninja.

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How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


For undergraduates in World Regions, the road to an A is paved with: 1) Weekly book reading quizzes —Each week a quiz is posted on Moodle —a free LMS—with questions arising from the two assigned chapters from The Plaid Avenger’s World. Education Technology Flipped Classroom Learning Strategies Professional Development University Assessment Driven Curriculum EdTech Lexicon Video Instruction

Edmodo: My LMS of Choice

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Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Docebo…and that is just a handful! edmodo edtechOver the last few years there has been a proliferation of learning management systems.

Not Just About Students: The Importance of Personalizing Learning for Teachers


Summer edtech camps with Tri-City United educators facilitating the sessions led to pilot projects with digital learning and instruction with this past summer’s professional developing moving truly into personalized learning. Understanding the use of Moodle and Google in a student-led, hybrid/blended class setting. My journey as an educator began thirty years ago and—I’ll admit—references to personalized learning were never mentioned or formally discussed back then.

Ultimate Resource Guide for the NEW Google Classroom!

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Moodle? The Great EdTech Debate: Google Sites vs Google Classroom vs Blogger By Jeff Bradbury, Teachercast.net A Teacher’s Take: Canvas vs. Google Classroom By Misty Joaquin, posted to Canvas LMS blog Seesaw vs. Google Classroom: What's the Best Management App for Your Classroom?

Networked Scholars – From K through 12 and to Higher Ed

Improving Education Environments

One of my teacher credential students asked me recently why our course, Teaching in the Age of EdTech , had focused on theoretical concepts through the first third of the course and seemed to ignore the more practical, toolkit uses of technology.

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter


I reference the building of an educational technology (edtech) PLN below, but you can apply the same principals to building a PLN on your topic of interest. I changed my email account to a new one I created just for edtech stuff. Edtech people tend to tweet a lot of links.

How Many Days Out Of The Classroom Is Too Many?

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I was out of the classroom at least once a month for County Office edtech meetings. Thanks to Moodle and Google Docs for that. While a part of me missed being at school (and not because I didn’t want to make lesson plans for subs, I didn’t need to with Moodle!),

Part Three: Beyond SAMR… Making Sure Technology Supports Content Standards

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

A big shout out to EdTech Magazine for recognizing this blog on its 2017 Honor Roll. Moodle Exchange – Shares Moodle courses and other content useful for Moodle teachers. Welcome to the third in this series of posts promting the idea of going to SAMR and beyond.

Reflecting Upon Teaching With Technology


We actually made our drop in the bucket this school year by starting a Moodle initiative. edtech educational technology lamar pedagogy standardized testing teaching

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

The Web20Classroom

For the past few years ( here and here ) I started a tradition (if we can call it that) where I look back at the year in #edtech and try to make predictions as to what''s going to take hold in the coming year.

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Simplify Project Based Learning With Biteslide - guest post

Educational Technology Guy

There is a dizzying number of EdTech tools on the market today. Edmodo or Moodle) is an excellent way to share projects with both inside and outside the school walls. Sign Up For Your Free Biteslide Account Here About the author Seb Hardman is a EdTech entrepreneur passionate about making great digital products. Simplify Project Based Learning With Biteslide Introduction What is Project Based Learning? What is Biteslide?

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A Guide to Picking a Learning Management System: The Right Questions to Ask


Over the past 10 years, new learning management systems (LMSs) have sprung on the scene to rival the Blackboards and Moodles of old. As with many edtech tools, what may be the biggest contributor to whether or not a campus successfully chooses and implements an effective LMS is—in one, simple word—culture. On the EdSurge Product Index alone, 56 products self-identify and fall into the LMS category.

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The Makings (and Misgivings) of a Statewide Effort to Personalize Learning in Massachusetts


LearnLaunch Institute , the Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium (MAPLE) functions as a professional learning community for 32 district members that aim to implement personalized learning. Moodle, Schoology, Blackboard and Summit round out the top five.) Public and private sectors both shape how students are prepared for future jobs and career opportunities.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“ Is The LMS A Distraction In EdTech Futurology? ” asks Moodle News. Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. All this feeds the review I write each December on the stories we are told about the future of education. National) Education Politics. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “The Education Dept. Wants to Hold Colleges Accountable by Reporting Graduates’ Earnings.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Edsurge : “Golden State GDPR: What the Edtech Industry Should Know About CA ’s New Privacy Rules.” Companies Should Know About Asia’s Edtech Market.” Via Moodle News : “Amid Low Adoption, DoD R&D Will Keep xAPI Alive And That’s Good News.” Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles.


Higher education technology predictions for 2014

Mark Smithers

Canvas and Moodle will continue to make inroads. On-campus Edtech. TL;DR. Wizard by seanmgrath. In summary, we’ll have another contentious year.