9 Web Tools for Creating Digital Magazines

Teacher Reboot Camp

My sisters and I spent several days creating various publications with construction paper and markers, including magazines. Now, creating a digital magazine is much easier. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go.

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

The CoolCatTeacher

Learn how she uses this tool. FlexPath – only at Capella University – lets teachers work at their own pace to earn their MEd in a competency-based learning format. Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech. Vicki: Happy EdTech Tool Tuesday.

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8 Web Tools for Creating Digital Magazines

Teacher Reboot Camp

My sisters and I spent several days creating various publications with construction paper and markers, including magazines. Now, creating a digital magazine is much easier. This post is part of my Digital Click and Learn Calendar. Class Magazine.

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EdTech Magazine’s 50 Must-read K-12 IT Blogs

Ask a Tech Teacher

I am honored to be selected as one of EdTech Magazine’s “50 Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs of 2018” ! It includes names of edtech experts you already follow and a few you’ll want to add to your list. More edtech blogs: Alice Keeler.

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My Article For The International Teacher Magazine: Using Minecraft To Engage Students In Learning.


I recently wrote an article for the International Teacher Magazine about simple ways to use Minecraft in the classroom. Tagged: blended learning , edtech , education , learning , lessons , Minecraft , teaching , teaching ideas , tech , tech tools , technology.

My article for the International Teacher Magazine: How can technology in the classroom make personalized learning easier?


I recently wrote an article for the International Teacher Magazine. It covers my experience of personalized learning. At first, I was running around the classroom, trying to support all the children’s individual learning needs.

My article for the International Teachers Magazine: Everything you need to run an inter-school online competition. 


After recently running the Federation of British Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) maths online tournament, I decided to share what I did in the International Teacher’s Magazine. education competitions edtech inter-school competition learning math math tournament maths competition teaching

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Bethany Petty: Using Edtech to Enhance Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Education technology must enhance learning. Using Edtech to Enhance Learning. Vicki: Using technology to enhance learning. Today we’re talking to Bethany Petty, the author of [link] and her upcoming book, Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning.

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9 Web Tools for Creating Digital Magazines


My sisters and I spent several days creating various publications with construction paper and markers, including magazines. Now, creating a digital magazine is much easier. There are several learning needs friendly features.

EdTech Magazine's 50 Must Read EdTech Blogs & my additions to list

Educational Technology Guy

EdTech Magazine is a great, free website that has tons of articles, resources, product and service reviews, information and more about edtech topics and products. They just published an article "50 Must Read K-12 IT Blogs" that is a list, with short description and link, of 50 different edtech blogs. Cybrary Man''s Educational Web Sites - Jerry has created a one-stop-find-everything resource for educational topics and edtech resources.

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Whose Land? Understanding Indigenous Peoples Through Edtech

The CoolCatTeacher

In 2008, he was named by Contribute Magazine as one of 10 Tech Revolutionaries Redefining the Power and Face of Philanthropy. Understanding Indigenous Peoples Through Edtech appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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The Human EdTech for Diversity

EdNews Daily

It can bridge language-learning gaps and increase access with automation so fine that it can literally speak to a student and correct pronunciation and context, while removing any sense of embarrassment because it can be done privately anywhere. By LeiLani Cauthen.

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Richard Byrne’s Most Exciting Edtech Tools

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Richard Byrne @rmbyrne discusses the edtech tools he’s most excited about today. Learn what I do now to make the fall even more wonderful! Richard’s work is focused on sharing free resources that educators can use to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

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Making Music with iPads and #edtech

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Justin Kamp @kampmiltonmusic Kids can learn to make music with iPads and technology. This isn’t just child’s play – some serious music learning can happen. Want to hear another episode about iPads and edtech.

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More than One Metric Matters in EdTech

Education Elements

When it comes to edtech I agree with the recent Forbes magazine article that student outcomes matter. Making a difference for students is why I first became an educator, then a school leader, and why I work in an edtech start-up.

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EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1


EdTech definitions every teacher should know. So, with apologies to our regular readers, who no doubt have mastered the EdTech shorthand and specific phrases, let’s develop a quick terminology with the help of key and quality online sources. Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence.

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The Best Uses of EdTech: Providing Students CHOICE


Just last week, this article in Campus Technology magazine stated. Making the case for Education Technologies Student Centered LearningThe Engaging Power of Choice… Lately, I've been focusing on the relationship between education technology and student success.

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The Four P's—The Future of Edtech


At TETC I offered a session on "The Benefits of Blended Learning Math Instruction." Adoption of a blended learning classroom is just now becoming less trendy and more commonplace. The future of edtech will be algorithm driven.

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K-12 Blueprint site updated - resources for planning and implementing EdTech

Educational Technology Guy

This week, Tech & Learning and Intel released their improve K-12 Blueprint web site. You can subscribe to the free magazine and use the site. edtech free resources school cio Tech and Learning Magazine

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Organizing the Edtech Toolbox


Teachers have many edtech resources in their toolbox now. During the edWebinar, “ Transform Learning: Track Results for Chromebooks, Google Suite, and Every Application,” presenters Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer at Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, TX, and Matthew X.

What Edtech Can Learn from Theranos


magazines. We have much to learn from failures, especially in fields where the stakes are high, the regulation heavy and specialized expertise is at a premium. When we fail in biotech or edtech, we risk that people could be harmed and children might be robbed of their education and future opportunities. Education expertise, which is critical to building great education startups, has been undervalued in edtech. edtech startups don’t make money.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 24 Edition)

Doug Levin

The NEA covers personalized learning in its membership magazine. EdTech News News newsBoingBoing's Cory Doctorow covers student privacy in parent agreements for school-issued laptops. Richard Colvin takes on the New York Times' Google in K-12 coverage. Fire, meet gasoline.

Are K-12 teachers struggling to keep up with edtech?


For instance, instead of boxing them into a standard mold, we’re swapping chalkboards for electronic screens and using programs for personalized learning. Why is it that these teachers, supposedly at the front lines of learning, are also the ones struggling to keep up with the pace?

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K-12 Blueprint - tools, research, devices, best practices and more to support effective EdTech projects

Educational Technology Guy

There are toolkits with information and resources for developing and deploying technology initiatives, information on choosing the right device for your schools, software and apps, curriculum, news, research, and blogs from educators and edtech leaders.

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Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives


Strategic planning for edtech is an endless journey—and not just because of constantly evolving hardware and software. Similarly, Ann Linson, Superintendent, East Noble School Corporation, IN, said that understanding the total cost also means having a focus for the edtech initiative.

Personalizing Learning with Branching Google Forms


The following article was published in the most recent edition of Digital Learning Magazine in my column, “The Tech Savvy Classroom with Shawn McCusker.”. Click here for a link to the complete article published in Digital Learning Magazine.

Learning by Doing: The Power of Immersive Learning Experiences


The following article will be published in the next edition of Creative Teaching and Learning Magazine. Close your eyes and envision a small child learning that walking is just a well-controlled process of falling forward without falling down. Is the learning SITUATED?

A Bored Student Hacked His School’s Systems. Will the Edtech Industry Pay Attention?


Specifically, he tried to get into some of the learning and student management systems built by Blackboard and Follett, which are two of the most widely used edtech systems in the country. Learn more at www.edgilityconsulting.com.

Edtech Bootstrapping 101: A Survival Story


On the other hand, there is a paucity of coverage about edtech companies that grow their businesses with little or no venture capital or outside investment. The big lesson learned is that you don’t need an expensive PR firm to get quality national coverage.

Customize Your Experience with the EdTech Insider Program

EdTech Magazine

Customize Your Experience with the EdTech Insider Program. EdTech Insiders gain access to personalized content recommendations and our most in-depth, premium articles, videos and more. Thank you for making EdTech a part of your workday.

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Home Learning with Choice Boards During School Closures – SULS056

Shake Up Learning

The post Home Learning with Choice Boards During School Closures – SULS056 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. As we all find new ways to teach and learn during this unprecedented time, I want to share how you approach home learning with choice boards during school closures.

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November 2018


COLLABORDEPENDENT WRITING WITH GOOGLE SLIDES By Eric Curts Learn how Google Slides can become a versatile tool for collabordependence. TOP 10 K–12 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY TRENDS By Steven Lahullier Here’s a countdown of today’s top edtech trends. Magazine

TechForum Edtech Conferences coming up soon!

Educational Technology Guy

Tech & Learning is bringing its groundbreaking Tech Forum event back to Atlanta, Boston and Chicago for the winter/spring 2014 tour -- and we''re kicking it all off in January with the newly added Tech Forum California, our return to the west coast due to popular demand!

Waggle Makes Return to K12 EdTech


Waggle (wagglepractice.com) today announced its return to the K12 EdTech market with its “flying pig” logo and AI-enabled adaptive learning solution providing personalized, practice-based mastery of math and ELA for grades 2-8.

An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process


While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. What role do learning goals play when searching for the best edtech?