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Top edtech tools for digital differentiation


Once teachers have data about student ability and/or interests, this can inform the content you select and the small groups that you may create within your class. For informational nonfiction text that is highly engaging, students can go to Wonderopolis.

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Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Digital Promise

Recently, I attended the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Portland, Oregon, hosted by NTEN , to catch up on the newest trends in educational technology (edtech) and learn about cutting-edge tools that may be integrated to boost adult learning and workforce development initiatives at Digital Promise. In the past decade, organizations have turned to online learning to create informed trainings and reach more people.

How User Experience Research Informs Edtech Design

MIND Research Institute

In each episode of the Inside Our MIND podcast, we take a look at issues and challenges facing education that we are working to address through research, technology and strategic initiatives. In our latest episode, Brian welcomes User Experience (UX) Researcher Alesha Arp to the show for a discussion on user feedback and design. Alesha explains how we gather user feedback, and the design thinking that goes into updates we make to our ST Math program.

COVID-19 and the Value of Edtech Coaches

Digital Promise

As the coronavirus pandemic challenges schools around the world to keep students engaged in remote learning and to use technology in new ways, many have turned to instructional technology coaches (also referred to as edtech coaches) for support. Given the positive impact coaching can have on powerful teaching and learning, we hoped to better understand the role edtech coaches played during the transition to home-based instruction due to COVID-19.

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How Districts Can Inform EdTech Companies to Make Better Products

Education Elements

Innovation often requires leading, not following, in technology advancement. I was involved in two important decisions in 2007 while serving as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at Maine Township High School District 20 in Illinois. First, needing a new Director of Technology to help us advance technology into an essential role to improve learning, I hired a talented young man named Dr. Hank Thiele. Leaders

How edtech is improving special education


Edtech gives students with physical disabilities a voice. Edtech helps alleviate attendance issues. Edtech allows students to pace their work. Edtech expands access to specialty services. Edtech encourages parental partnerships. Technology has transformed the world.

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Which Edtech Tool Should I Choose?

Digital Promise

How can educators feel confident that an edtech tool supports learning? As an educator, I struggled to find reliable information about edtech tools as nearly every product I looked at claimed that it was based on research. The process of trying to vet edtech claims to find a tool that would actually support my students was time-consuming and often frustrating. The post Which Edtech Tool Should I Choose?

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Article for the online journal, Globally Informed


Tagged: collaboration , connecting learners , edtech , education , mystery skype , teaching ideas , video-conferencing. education collaboration connecting learners edtech mystery skype teaching ideas video-conferencingI recently wrote an article for a journal. It was entitled: BRINGING GLOBAL STUDENTS TOGETHER THROUGH VIDEO-CONFERENCING.

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5 Ways to Safeguard Student Information

EdTech Magazine

5 Ways to Safeguard Student Information. Schools handle a wide variety of sensitive information concerning students and their families. Laws, regulations and ethical obligations require administrators to take active measures to protect that information from unauthorized disclosure. . MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out these five ways K–12 schools can adhere to privacy laws. Minimize Data Collection of Student Information. eli.zimmerman_9856. Wed, 04/10/2019 - 10:01.

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Artificial Intelligence in EdTech

Educational Technology Guy

EdTech is an area where the use of AI has flown largely under the radar thus far but has the potential to reimagine the student/teacher relationship and improve student outcomes across the board. Salak has developed insights and predictions for the future of AI in EdTech and would be happy to share them. Each student can gain access to information that helps them along their unique path of their learning curve. AI artificial intelligence edtech

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6 Ways in which edtech shapes teacher training programs


The global edtech market will see a rise in global spending of $342b by 2025. For teachers, that means edtech is here to stay, as more and more schools and universities are moving towards partial or complete digitization. 6 Ways in which edtech shapes teacher training programs.

Who Does the Edtech Marketplace Benefit, Anyway?

Digital Promise

“There is definitely something wrong, something broken, with the edtech marketplace. Over the past three months, Digital Promise had conversations with nearly 50 stakeholders who purchase, use, or develop educational technology (edtech). Like Ben Grimley, these stakeholders revealed myriad ways in which the edtech marketplace fails to fully support learners and learner variability. Differing Perspectives on the Edtech Marketplace.

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How Do Edtech Developers Use Research?

Digital Promise

Though many edtech companies claim their products are research-based and effective, some educators say they have trouble believing these claims when targeted students and school contexts are ambiguous. What specific decisions are informed or influenced by research?

EdTech 244

EdTech Acronyms Explained


ICT – Information Communications Technology. SIS – Student Information System (the software used in a school to manage data such as scores, attendance, medical issues etc.). Tagged: acronym , acronyms , edtech , education , exxample , learning , tech , technology , terms. education acronym acronyms edtech exxample learning tech technology termsThe amount of new acronyms in the educational technology world is staggering… and often overwhelming for educators.

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Be Transparent: Share the Research Behind Edtech

Digital Promise

We are inundated with information and deciding what to trust is usually difficult. The goal of Digital Promise’s Marketplace Research work has been to create smarter supply and smarter demand in the education technology (edtech) marketplace. A foundational element of this work is research communications–helping consumers find reliable, evidence-based information they can trust about learning tools.

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Guest Post: Raising Expectations and Addressing Inequities in Edtech

Digital Promise

Following nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of police, I have received a slew of emails from edtech companies containing statements of solidarity and inclusion, explaining that the company supports diversity and does not tolerate racism. Lastly, the lack of racial diversity in school-based edtech leadership is exemplified by the makeup of conferences like ISTE. Fellow white educators: this is our edtech moment.

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Alan November to Present at #CUE19 on Media & Information Literacy


Author and international EdTech leader Alan November will take Palm Springs by storm later this week at this year’s annual Spring CUE Conference. The post Alan November to Present at #CUE19 on Media & Information Literacy appeared first on OnCUE. Inspire alan november CUE Conference CUE19 Information Literacy media literacy speaker

How edtech boosts parent engagement in schools


Keeping it simple and to the point makes it easier for parents to cut through the noise of information overload. For example, if you need to communicate factual information , do it via email. As Kraft and Rogers have concluded in their Harvard research paper , “[…]These findings underscore the importance of incorporating actionable, improvement information because this information enhances the productivity of parent-child interactions.”

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How to Build Strong Relationships During the Edtech Purchasing Process

Digital Promise

This blog post is the first of a two-part series discussing relationship building in edtech selection and purchasing. In this first blog post, we’ll address how educators can build and maintain good working relationships with edtech developers. Part two will discuss how edtech vendors can return the favor to develop great working relationships with educators. 8 tips for educators to build strong relationships with developers during the edtech purchasing process.

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How Effective Is Your Edtech Tool? Five Questions to Ask

Digital Promise

When it comes to education technology (edtech), school leaders and developers alike want to provide the best tools—ones that truly make a difference. Like good teachers, the best edtech designers really understand what’s hard about learning, whether the goal is to grasp fractions , solve algebra problems , understand HIV , spot fake news , or interpret literary texts. Using the Digital Promise Edtech Pilot Framework ? Efficacy Matters in Edtech.

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Edtech, Equity, and Innovation: A Critical Look in the Mirror

Digital Promise

Unfortunately, too many of our investments in educational technology (edtech) have fallen far short of our civil rights aspirations. Taking a more critical look at edtech. Why do we hold edtech products to a lower standard than many other educational factors that interact with our students? Shouldn’t we collectively hold the edtech market accountable for failing our diverse learners? Like any business, the edtech industry includes actors that prioritize profit.

EdTech 260

The EdTech Disconnect

The Christensen Institute

This is the second post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation. Next time you pick up or read about a new EdTech product, ask yourself a simple question: “Will this product expand or strengthen students’ networks?” Somewhat ironically, however, the multi-billion dollar EdTech market is primarily focused on digitizing the delivery of content and offering more efficient solutions to tracking and organizing student information.

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How an LMS can support a school’s edtech strategy


Edtech can reduce a school’s administrative burden through various systems and automated processes, and also improve the student learning experience through engaging learning materials, targeted support during the learning process, assessment of mastery and progress tracking. However, the mere presence of edtech in a school setting doesn’t guarantee any results. 7 Ways an LMS supports a school’s edtech strategy.

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The Human EdTech for Diversity

EdNews Daily

EdTech that pretests for Lexile level then offers a range of books and monitors page progress has the ability to pinpoint possibly misunderstood material using such algorithms. It is important to note that despite the EdTech transition, teachers will always be relevant because love may be the greatest ability of life, which machines will never have. Digital Learning Featured Technology EdTech human tech LeiLani CauthenBy LeiLani Cauthen.

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Bethany Petty: Using Edtech to Enhance Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Using Edtech to Enhance Learning. What kind of tools can we use to encourage our students to collaborate, and to communicate, and basically just how we can use all of this great information that we have available to us as teachers — how we can use that to really benefit and enhance the learning experience for our students. Related Information: Why I Use Edpuzzle: An Edpuzzle Review by Vicki Davis.

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Keeping parents in the loop with edtech


Using edtech can help teachers access tests, set objectives, and create lesson plans for students. Technology in a school can play a significant role to keep parents up to date and informed about their children’s education. Not only does communication help parents feel informed, but if they feel engaged, they’re also more likely to participate in home learning to encourage continual learning beyond the classroom. Provide edtech support.

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Edtech and Social Emotional Learning #sel

The CoolCatTeacher

For information on the guests and items mentioned in this show, scroll down to the bottom of this post. *. Edtech and Social Emotional Learning. Have you seen some other edtech tools besides Minecraft that can have this kind of social emotional impact? The post Edtech and Social Emotional Learning #sel appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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Helping students develop job skills through the use of edtech


Digital literacy refers to collecting, creating, and sharing digital information in any environment: at school, at home, at work. This will help students engage better and be more motivated to learn, which in turn makes them retain information that can later be used in real life.

EdTech 342

Edtech Matchmaking: One Teacher’s Strategies for Choosing Better Technology

Digital Promise

I have spent the last 13 of those years as a technology teacher and coordinator, and an informal technology coach, in three different schools. In the world of edtech, the process for finding and purchasing new software or devices can sometimes feel like an app-based dating experience, with schools making quick decisions based on little information. Who are the stakeholders making the decisions or informing them?

Parent Questions About Edtech

Ask a Tech Teacher

In most cases, parents have welcomed this new leaning phenomenon known as EdTech. Of those parents voicing a positive opinion on EdTech, 64% said they were happy with their child’s school and thought it was doing a good of utilizing technology effectively. . Not all parents are convinced about the benefits of EdTech, however. They question the true effectiveness of EdTech and the long-range effect it has on their children. .

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14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech


14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech. I try and separate the wheat from the chaff, in what I hope is a quality selection of Critical Thinking EdTech. Information Fluency : A significant resource of guides, videos and tutorials that assist teachers to help students develop a critical eye with regard to the information they find and read. The post 14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech appeared first on NEO BLOG.

Your Educational Digital DNA - Get Ready for EdTech Innovation

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Getting an accurate view of where your school is in terms of readiness for EdTech innovation is important. Is your school ready for the EdTech revolution? Edtech promises to bring learning from chalkboards to slick computer screens and more. billion was raised in 2018 by EdTech startups , which will continue to inject more innovative technologies into schools. School must ensure that the EdTech they implement actually gets used.

EdTech 225

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


Now, we know that edtech has been proven to improve test scores and overall classroom engagement. But, how does the 2010 vision for edTech match what’s actually happening today? The cost, plus it’s easy manageability and durability, made Chromebooks a main player in the edtech game. In 2012, Chromebooks accounted for only 1% of the devices sold to US classrooms; now, they make up more than half of the edtech market.

EdTech 147

The Post-Pandemic Outlook for Edtech


Soon, schools would be inundated with sales pitches from edtech companies, and it didn’t take long before they started pushing back against those that seemed predatory. For the edtech industry, the pandemic poses a paradox. It’s going to be a hard few months, or even years, for edtech companies to build new relationships and sign deals with new clients, experts predict. Yet this reality seems not to have dampened investor enthusiasm for private edtech companies.

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