How school admins use the LMS to achieve their goals


The school’s learning management system (LMS) is an indispensable tool for blended learning, personalized learning, and instruction in general. School administrators are the ones in charge of making decisions about which edtech tools to buy, often on a tight budget.

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Hyperdocs: How To’s and Tips for Teachers

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The Urkund system is highly accurate, cost-effective , and even better, doesn’t sell licenses to students or others. Listen to Lisa Scumpieru Give an overview of Hyperdocs Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. On Monday, they’re going to peer edit.

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How to Assess Digital Literacy

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On my blog, Ask a Tech Teacher , I run a column called Dear Otto where I answer teacher questions about how to integrate technology into their classes. Of late, the most common question is, “How to I assess student digital literacy?” To use tech in classes.

How to scale your teaching game with these 10 features of Linways LMS

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It’s backed up by very meticulous research data and is found effective to improve results. Simply put, students, when given individual care and support tend to perform better, as compared to a collective teaching style. To scale up means to expand.

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5 Tips on how to train teachers to use an LMS


While choosing the right edtech for the needs of the school — from a complex learning management system to a simple education app — is a very important part of making it successful, there is one aspect that often gets overlooked. 5 Tips on how to train teachers to use an LMS.

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How to achieve disaster-proof education


We also deal with man-made disasters such as armed conflicts in some regions, as well as thirteen non-school and non-working holidays, which also lead to class cancellations. We are seeing how the education process is disrupted and brought to a standstill in many countries right now.

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How to Ask Your Admin for New EdTech


In the world of edtech purchasing, a gap often exists between the users and the buyers. A tech director, principal, or other administrator is charged with selecting tools that teachers and students will rely on day to day. Teachers Administrators EdTechUpdate Procurement LMS

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EdTech that “Sparks Joy”


Ever keen to catch a trend on the upswing, I’ve curated a list of EdTech tools, apps and programs that are not only effective, but teach through joy. EdTech that sparks joy. But what of the more complex arena of senior appropriate EdTech — can it too be joyful?

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Guest Post: How to provide a successful remote learning experience during school closures


How can educational technology help bridge the gap between all of these concerns? Is it possible to create a distraction-free “learning zone”, and find a balance between play, rest, and work each day? How do you set up a remote classroom ?

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How to build your global classroom in 4 steps


We live in an age where global issues that affect us all are pushing us to collaborate and to understand different perspectives. Shifting the paradigm to include a “global classroom” curriculum requires more than theory; it’s actually all about practice.

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Hyperdocs: How to’s and Tips for Teachers

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That is all it takes to enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. If you’re a US public school teacher of grades 6-12, you and your students just need to come up with a STEAM idea that can help your community. Go to to learn more.

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How to give feedback to students in the online learning environment


The educational process has suffered major changes in the past few months due to the pandemic that has spread around the globe. No matter how things will look like this fall, online instruction and learning will most probably be a significant part of education from now on.

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. At the same time, it’s not easy to offer a quality training program. Provide opportunities to practice.

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What’s edtech got to do with growth mindset?


It was the first week of fifth grade and I was so ready to learn History. I had spent the previous summer poring over an Ancient Egypt book so it had to become my favorite subject. At one point, the teacher turned to us and said: “pay attention to this because I won’t explain it twice”.

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How edtech boosts parent engagement in schools


Teachers and parents want students to be happy and successful. They have the same goals and desire to help students learn better. In addition, students are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as smoking. 4 Great ideas for boosting parent engagement through edtech.

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6 Ways in which edtech shapes teacher training programs


The global edtech market will see a rise in global spending of $342b by 2025. For teachers, that means edtech is here to stay, as more and more schools and universities are moving towards partial or complete digitization. 6 Ways in which edtech shapes teacher training programs.

Virtual Valentines: The Global Valentine Project Sharing Love and Learning

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If you want to join a group of teachers doing Virtual Valentines, you’ll want to listen to the show and sign up by February 2. Also, learn about other projects throughout the year and how teachers design these projects to meet standards. 7 Ways to Get Started.

Blended Learning – How to Make it Work in the Classroom.


A teacher has to teach over 20 students with different learning styles, skills and priorities, which is a challenging task, especially when the classroom time is limited. To create a “good blend” to simply add computers to the classroom is not enough.

A Principal’s Guide to Using an LMS

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Without the right strategies in place, most edtech—whether free or paid—is underused in K12 schools. Implementing a learning management system (LMS) is no different. Throughout this ebook, we’ve identified how seven different characteristics impact LMS usage.

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4 Items on Instructure’s To-Do List After the Sale of the Canvas LMS Provider


One of the benefits of this change is a focus on long-term planning over displays of quarterly growth to impress shareholders, says Mitch Benson, the company’s chief product officer. To meet the expectation of demands is priority,” Benson says. “I Which leads to the next item.

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Helping teachers and admins see the value of edtech


The fact that education needs to change isn’t something new. In fact, any edtech leader, IT manager, or anyone in charge of implementing new technology has actually been a change manager in one way or another. Helping teachers and admins see the value of edtech.

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How to ensure quality in your online classrooms.

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6 ways to improve the quality of your teaching-learning. As more institutions are opening up to the world of online learning, new possibilities are emerging along with new challenges. These are all topics related to each other, yet each of them are important on their own.

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What schools should know before launching an LMS [INFOGRAPHIC]


The main goal is to customize the best platform for your organization, which isn’t an easy task. At the same time, there are many factors to consider, including stakeholders, the goals that you want to achieve, teacher training, and so much more. Talk to stakeholders.

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How to assess student performance in online classes

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As online learning is becoming to be the new normal in education, we need to equip ourselves with the right tools, techniques, and information to deal with all aspects of teaching-learning. Before we begin, there’s something we need to get in order.

Edtech Matchmaking: One Teacher’s Strategies for Choosing Better Technology

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When I first started teaching in Philadelphia in 2004, teachers were lucky if they had one desktop computer in their room for students to use, and students attended weekly computer lab classes. Now, while computer labs still exist, there are many more opportunities for students to use technology in their own classrooms. In my experience, some approaches to choosing and purchasing technology are intentional and others situational. How are schools researching their options?

How to implement learning principles in your classrooms using Linways Learning Management System

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In the wide growing popularity of online learning and technology-assisted teaching-learning, it’s no wonder that learning management platforms like Linways LMS are being widely adopted by educational institutions, and teachers. to define the POs.

How to align your institution’s learning outcomes with the teaching strategy

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This article, as the name suggests, discusses some of the key elements to align your institution’s learning outcomes with the teaching strategy. But platforms and tools like Linways LMS changed that. It states both the substance of learning and how its attainment is to be demonstrated.

How to Retain Students in a Post-Pandemic World

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Lost income negatively impacts a university’s ability to carry out its mission, but even worse is the tragedy that many of these lost students will never realize their full potential without a complete education. How can you stop this inferno from consuming your university’s future?

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How educators can make use of edtech into the classroom


Teachers need to choose and use the right educational technology — or edtechto elevate teaching as well. Technology already impacts most aspects of students’ lives and will only continue to do so in the future. How educators can make use of edtech into the classroom.

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5 Tips for schools to harness the power of edtech in the classroom


Technology has the power to harness real change and bring education to life. Even though many schools are already embracing the benefits that edtech provides, many others still aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities.

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Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

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For that matter, if you’re also the designated ed tech “go-to person,” there are a LOT of tasks for you (and the IT team) to consider. To help your student-centered tech program get off to a fulfilling start, we have put together this checklist. Add apps to your tablets.

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How to Integrate Online Professional Development Into Your School’s PD Culture


As increasing demands on teachers’ time are coupled with the need for remote learning resources, online PD has emerged as an important tool to address new challenges. But how can school leaders integrate online PD into their culture quickly and effectively?

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6 Building blocks for a successful edtech strategy


Building a successful edtech strategy boils down to goal setting and finding the right foundations from the beginning. Even if that sounds simple, there are some barriers that technology specialists and school leaders face when working with edtech. How motivated is your staff?

Are K-12 teachers struggling to keep up with edtech?


From retail and agriculture to design and healthcare, societies are adapting fast to the changing times. Technology has paved the way for new opportunities to improve this crucial period of student growth. It’s encouraging to note that these efforts have been paying off.

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The Growing Cost of Edtech Integrity and Security

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We've muddled, learned and grown through all this and also watched and waited for a better idea to come along. This monitoring software was chump change compared to some of our budgets but it feels like the chump change costs to do what we want to do just keeps growing.