Ideas for Project-Based Learning at the Elementary Level


In February, I had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of elementary educators from Nauset Schools on Cape Cod. – Consider student access to hardware, software, and the Internet. Core EdTech Resources. Core EdTech Resources. Core EdTech Resources.

5 Great Software Functions!

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Typically there are 5 types of instructional software functions. Teachers must analyze a software carefully to determine which instructional function it will serve to ensure that it supports the needs of the class. The nice thing about drill and practice software is that the programs often offer quick, simple feedback. Tutorial software offers self-contained instruction. Don’t be fooled by the picture of the elementary students on the Kahoot web site.


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How to Create Massive Multiplayer Kahoot Games

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He also shares the software he uses and tips to get started. OBS Software – Open Broadcast Studio. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Did you know that you can play massive Kahoot games with many students as players?

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Physical Education w/ #Edtech

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Founder of & over 100 educational software products & services. Transcript of episode 70 5 Simple Ways to Improve Physical Education w/ #Edtech with Jarrod Robinson the PE Geek. The post 5 Simple Ways to Improve Physical Education w/ #Edtech appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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Digital Technology in the Elementary Music Classroom

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In my music classroom, I use both education-specific technology as well as free online software and websites available publicly. Here's a non-exhaustive list of the digital music technology I use in my classroom, and a perspective on the benefits/disadvantages for elementary school students. Audiotool is set up like a physical workstation, with software pedals, synths, and drum machines that mimic actual physical hardware.

How Can We Make Edtech More Effective? Focused Content

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As cofounder of Teachley , a small company developing research-based math software for K-6, this question demonstrates a problematic market preference for products that “ cover ” a lot of content, but do not support deeper thinking. Despite all we know about the inherent complexities of teaching and learning, a desire for coverage still rules many educational technology (edtech) selection and procurement decisions. The problem with broad coverage in edtech.

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Edtech Matchmaking: One Teacher’s Strategies for Choosing Better Technology

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In the world of edtech, the process for finding and purchasing new software or devices can sometimes feel like an app-based dating experience, with schools making quick decisions based on little information. Early in my career, I taught elementary students in a computer lab and served as the Technology Teacher Leader (TTL) for the school. Edtech companies may even seek out these schools because they have a very clear mission and framework for implementation.

Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security

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Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security. Last month, RealNetworks , the streaming media company that garnered attention in the ‘90s and early 2000s for developing the first audio streaming solution , announced it would offer its facial recognition software, SAFR , for free to over 100,000 school districts. We are proud to give our leading-edge SAFR for K-12 technology solution to every elementary, middle, and high school in America and Canada.

29 K-12 edtech predictions for 2021

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We asked edtech executives, stakeholders, and experts to share some of their thoughts and predictions about where they think edtech is headed in 2021. Elementary students are not immune to serious student safety issues. Justin Reilly, CEO, Impero Software.

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech. Vicki: Happy EdTech Tool Tuesday. And then also from an elementary standpoint, I had a teacher use it in lieu of … she used to have her students write personal narratives and then they would bind the book together as a classroom set and put it in the library. So that was a great way from an elementary standpoint to use FlipSnack.

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The New Style of Educator Professional Development (EdTech Today Podcast)


In this interview on the MarketScale EdTech Today Podcast, host Kevin Hogan and Edthena founder and CEO Adam Geller talked about lessons learned about professional learning for educators moving forward, including how to help teachers embrace new technologies.

Better Edtech Budgeting: How Yuma Elementary District Makes The Most of Its Money


This case study was featured in Chapter 4 of EdSurge's "State of Edtech" report. During 2009, then-Superintendent Darwin Stiffler and Associate Superintendent Duane Sheppard of Yuma Elementary School District One in Arizona had just taken their positions and were trying to figure out how to meet students’ needs. This case study was featured in Chapter 4 of EdSurge's "State of Edtech" report. To the other 13 school/district case studies, click here.

4 ways that better edtech management empowered our district

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With the support of technology levies, we have invested $1 million into new technology for both the high school and elementary levels. Improving our edtech management. Related: Are your edtech tools really working? We didn’t have the IT staff numbers in the building to know exactly what was in there, or if each device had all the software it needed to be effective. Featured on eSchool News IT Management edtech management

Organizing the Edtech Toolbox

Teachers have many edtech resources in their toolbox now. Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Milford Public Schools, MA, talked about why they wrangled their technology and how having a defined edtech toolbox improved teaching and learning overall. Whether tracking software via spreadsheets or interviewing teachers, the current methods weren’t working. The post Organizing the Edtech Toolbox appeared first on edWeb.

The Next Wave of Edtech Will Be Very, Very Big — and Global


Braced for the next wave of edtech? The most recent player to step into the edtech spotlight is India’s Byju’s. We used to think about edtech globalization in one way—from the U.S. We are now seeing truly global expansion strategies spotlighting on edtech.”

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


According to the report, the EdTech industry will reach a global value of $252 billion by 2020. The EdTech sphere is obviously developing quickly, so some things that seemed impossible only a few years ago have become a standard in the meantime. The change already delivers extraordinary results and 96% of teachers claim that EdTech increases student engagement in learning. 5 New EdTech tools to watch.

20+ Ideas to Supercharge Classroom Creativity

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6 – Teach Kids to Use the Tutorials Inside Software Programs 7 – Create Curated Playlists by Topic on YouTube 8 – Label Materials with What They Are and the “Role” In my film cabinet, I might put “Gaffer” or “Sound Engineer” or “Hair and Makeup Department” or other roles that a professional who would use those materials would play.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

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Educational technology (edtech for short) can play a significant role in mitigating and solving this growing dilemma. Many school districts -- including mine in Middletown, NY-- are leveraging the power of technology with adaptive assessments and instructional software. An increasing amount of data around personalized educational models like "blended learning" and content-specific software suggests that edtech makes instruction in diverse classrooms more efficient.

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Minecraft in the Classroom

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Dr. Michelle Zimmerman – Edtech and Social Emotional Learning – talks about this research. I am a self-proclaimed “tech nerd” and love to have my hands on all the latest and greatest products and software. Jeff Gearhart on episode 162 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Are you studying Mars? Why not let students go live there?

5 questions teachers should ask before investing their time and money in edtech

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As someone who has dedicated her career to making the world a better place through the education of our children, I was excited to learn that tablets and computers are nearly commonplace in elementary school classrooms across the nation. eClassroom News eSchool Media Featured on eSchool News Teaching & Learning apps digital learning digital tools edtech

Report: MassNET Reports on ELA Edtech Tools


The Massachusetts School Support Network (MassNET) Edtech Testbed research aims to improve schools’ abilities to implement edtech tools. The research evaluates strengths and weaknesses of particular software products and attempts to examine equity issues. The report, Insights on Software Piloting in an Urban School District , released in December 2016, suggests key factors that influence successful adoption of edtech products.

6 EdTech Resources and Strategies to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Students


Assessment Strategies and EdTech Resources in Action. Used primarily in Elementary schools, with increasing use in Middle Schools, iReady is an adaptive learning software that provides online assessments, instruction and lesson resources for educators. Kelly Servant ( @servantk1 ), Kindergarten Teacher at Hugh Cole Elementary School=. ” Kelly Brum and Renee McDougall, Grade 2 Teachers at Rockwell Elementary School.

How to Teach Writing with Digital Media with Dr. Sarah Levine

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Well, and I'm sitting here thinking I can use it to teach Adobe Audition, which is an editing software that I use in this podcast, so I could even incorporate that with writing because all of our classes have to teach writing.

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TEACHER VOICE: Why we can’t get ed-tech right without teachers

The Hechinger Report

Those are problems we would’ve spotted immediately if we had tested the software before implementing it. In the coming months, the EdTech Evidence Exchange will be gathering information from schools about how teachers are influencing ed-tech decision-making.

Aurasma and Augmented Reality in the Classroom

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Microsoft Cognitive Services Emotion API – the Microsoft software that recognizes emotions. All Grades All Subjects Computer Science Teachers Edtech Tool Tuesday Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) Innovation iPads Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) STEM Teachers Tools

OPINION: Five ways to achieve equity in remote learning

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When the transition happened in March, administrators in our region of Washington state had roughly two weeks to evaluate, purchase and train teachers to use a variety of ed-tech products — from learning management systems and video-conferencing tools to complex, interactive software.

How Edtech Can Help Build a Blueprint for Real Change in K-12


Meanwhile, billions of dollars have been spent on edtech by these same school communities. Today’s edtech market is radically fragmented. And edtech companies cater to this fragmentation in their product design and marketing. And more to the point, how can edtech catalyze and accelerate a redesign of school itself? Source: Transcend ) The Role of Edtech: Connecting the Pieces So where does technology come in? Edtech can enable and house the holistic blueprint.

The Value of Usage Data as the First Step in Edtech Research

At first, educators could count the number of edtech programs in their school on one hand—and the number of users wasn’t too much more. During their edWebinar, “ Edtech Usage Data: Key to Planning Efficacy Research,” Dr. Denis Newman, Co-founder of Evidentally, Inc., explained why usage data studies are beneficial to edtech companies and schools as well as what types of additional studies can provide relevant insights.

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Making Better Videos and Movies with Students

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Hardware and software choices? Chromebooks Digital Filmmaking Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Gifted Teachers High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) History and Social Sciences Teachers Innovation iPads IT Coaches and Directors Lesson Plans Mac Maker Movement Math Teachers Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Project Based Learning Science Teachers STEM Teachers Tech Tips Tools Windows-PC Writing

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Simple Steps to Teach Kids to Program

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I’m a software developer by my formalized profession. Vicki: We’re also talking about teaching kids in elementary, middle, and high school. Computer Science Teachers Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Gifted Teachers Innovation IT Coaches and Directors Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Maker Movement Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) STEM Students Teachers Tech Tips Technology Tools Web Tools

Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides

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If you want to use a clip, you don’t have to download it and open it in some fancy software to edit it down to what you just want to use. 3 EdTech Blog. #3 3 EdTech and E-Learning Influencer on Twitter. Must Read EdTech Blog. Kasey Bell on episode 322 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Kasey Bell teaches us eight great ways to use Google Slides.

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The Growing Cost of Edtech Integrity and Security

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This monitoring software was chump change compared to some of our budgets but it feels like the chump change costs to do what we want to do just keeps growing. In this next school year we are also investing in software that will make it impossible for students to take a quiz or test without doing so in a lockdown browser. We also spend additional money on a plagiarism/grammar checking software that plugs into the said LMS. I don't think it would in the elementary setting.


Disintermediating IT: The Secret Sauce To Small School EdTech Success

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I was their first full time “IT Guy” And when I say full time, I’m stretching a bit, as I was actually farmed out to one of the feeder elementary schools for 2 days a week. Local IT service companies tend to be business focused, just like school IT shops of old, and are not well versed in the unique edtech challenges facing classrooms today. I recently attended a fist annual edtech summit hosted in a very remote county in northern California (Go Siskiyou!).

Pandemic Spurs Changes in the Edtech Schools Use, From the Classroom to the Admin Office


All in this Edtech Reports Recap. MDR reports a “surge,” with 1:1 schools most likely to be high schools (41 percent), then middle schools (37 percent) and finally elementary (22 percent). Top reported teachers’ apps have adapted to meet pandemic purposes.

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Rethink Education Re-Ups Commitment to Edtech With $107.5 Million Fund


These statistics offer a somber reminder that the edtech industry does not produce quick, home run hits. Other EdSurge stories about edtech venture capital. 2016 US Edtech Funding Totals $1 Billion. Following Edtech Money (in-depth report on U.S. Rethink Education , an edtech investment firm based in White Plains, N.Y. Among them: Achieve3000, a language arts tool, and Frontline Technologies, a provider of administrative software. Venture capital for U.S.