Making The Most Of Social Media In The Classroom

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Social media often gets a bad wrap when spoken in the same breath as education and learning. The reality is social media (and digital learning in general ) have a place in the classroom And whether we choose to embrace it, or don't, students still will leave our buildings and use it.

Survey: Social Media Is Failing To Find Traction In The Classroom

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Survey: Social Media Is Failing To Find Traction In The Classroom. Social media is a main form of communication and connection used by today’s students. Social media is here to stay, so it is critical to invest in our educators through expanded training,” said Cook.

Survey reveals why teachers aren’t embracing social media

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Survey reveals that the majority of classroom educators shy away from social media integration. A new survey finds that just 13 percent of participating educators have used social media as part of their classroom learning. K-12 teachers found that 87 percent of those surveyed said they have not embraced social media platforms. Social media is here to stay, so it is critical to invest in our educators through expanded training,” said Cook.

From Banning to Embracing Social Media: #GovTechLive Names #NYCSchoolsTech Facebook Group & Twitter Chat Best in NYC

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The New York City Department of Education has come a long way since 2012 when I took a risk and criticized the city's conservative approach to social media. It wasn't long after that I was brought on to help New York City schools embrace social media for teaching and learning.

6 Do’s for Social Media so You Don’t Create a Nightmare!

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I thought most teachers understood social media do’s and don’ts. While many some people feel they can post anything on social media that they want, don’t do it! Don’t use your brain and post your uncensored thoughts or pictures to social media.

Edmodocon is Aug 7th - free online conference on using Digital Tools in the Classroom

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It is hosted by Edmodo , a free online classroom management system. Edmodo features a social media section, class files, bulletin boards, and much more. Related: Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME! Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

BYOD and the Paperless Classroom

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NMHS teachers are also beginning to to integrate social media tools that are blocked and banned in the majority of schools across the country. Smith on Twitter. BYOD educational technology New Milford High School Social Media Vikki Smith

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100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

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Social Media is a great way to connect, share, learn and communicate with other educators and with students and parents. Schools can use social media to connect with parents and the community and communicate with staff and students. Facebook is one social network that schools and teachers use with their students, when it isn''t blocked by the school filtering software! Follow me on Twitter and Google+. facebook social media social network

Update and full review on - I'm in and using it now

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Yesterday I wrote about, Microsoft''s new social network that they launched with very little fanfare. and other social networks is that it is all about sharing internet searches and exploring topics of interest. If you are interested in another social network, check out

25 Social Networks/Media Sites for Education

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Wikipedia )" Since I last posted on Social Networks over a year ago, a number of new ones have been introduced that can be a huge benefit to education. Brainly - A fun social network where students post questions and other students from around the world post answers.

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


I wondered what would make a school even venture this request in our social media saturated society. It is hard to cultivate the positive environment required for teaching and learning if social issues are causing continuous disruption.

New Posted Resources 03/20/2012

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Googlios tags: google ePortfolio googleapps favorite What can Twitter do for your school?

“My students have always seen the problems in the world, but now we are concentrating on looking beyond the problem to the solution.” – Valerie Anglemyer, USA 

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Last year, Anglemyer and her co-teacher, Steve Bowser, created an inquiry-based pilot class titled Humanities — a combination of Social Studies and Language Arts — with a concentration on connecting the two subject areas. . Valerie Anglemyer.

Game-Based Digital Literacy with Digital Compass – From Jennifer Carey


Common Sense Media has released Digital Compass , a new tool to teach students about navigating the digital world. The game is targeted at middle school students, an age when most children are getting cell phones and social media accounts (like Facebook and Instagram).

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“I may be one teacher but I’m no longer going to stay silent about the things important to my country and world of education. I love my students and as I look at children everywhere, I want them to have teachers who love teaching and who love them.” – Vicki Davis, USA

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When students take my courses, they make movies, learn about the composition of visual images, blog, use social media, design websites and more, all based upon the objectives of a project. Some educators like Twitter, others like Facebook, while others go to conferences.

The Importance of Communication in Education

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Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc - use these systems to share assignments and announcements with students and parents. Social Media - use social media at all levels to connect and communicate with teachers, parents, students and the community. This exists for websites, email, social media and even the phone blast systems. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Communication is paramount in education.

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New Posted Resources 09/08/2011

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Apps for Project-Based Learning tags: apps projectbasedlearning ipad pbl favorite What Does Challenge Based Learning Look Like?

Google Groups - connect, share, communicate, discuss - great for education

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Google Groups has been around for a while, but sometimes gets overshadowed by things like Twitter, Facebook , Edmodo , and other social/learning networks. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. free resources google google groups social network

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A Few of My Fav #EdTech Things in 2014

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Frequency: Daily 2) Social Media Facebook, Google Communities, Yammer, Edmodo and Twitter are my go to platforms to connect with other innovative educators inside and outside my district.

Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network

One way to do this is to take a look back at what it was like for educators before the advent of social media. Teachers can seek out experts via , Edmodo , Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Skype , Pinterest , and other social media and educational websites.

Use Unconventional Research Sites to Inspire Students

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And then, not two days later, I heard Twitter has reclassified their app as a news purveyor rather than a social media device. Once again: Who gets news from Twitter? I read recently that 70% of millennials get their news from Facebook. Really?

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Mindful Tracking Cookie Policies Improve K—12 Data Security

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We talk about this in terms of URLs and tracking, but what we are tracking is bits and pieces of people’s lives being sent off into black boxes to be used in ways that we don’t know,” Bill Fitzgerald, a blogger who discovered tracking cookies hidden in an education product from Edmodo, told EdSurge.

My Favorite and Most Used Tech, Apps and Extensions

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I have it automatically open up my most used tabs: Gmail, Google Calendar, PowerTeacher, Blogger, Tweetdeck, Edmodo and Evernote. I use Tweetdeck in Chrome browser to access my PLN on Twitter. Edmodo is a free, learning management system that is full featured and easy to use. Here''s more about my adventure with Edmodo. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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21st Principal’s 2012 Edublog Nominations

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Library/Librarian Blog A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet : Site with tons of information and resources from the perspective a media specialist. Twitter Hashtag #edchat: The most influential and ongoing conversation about all things education. Free Web Tool Edmodo : A total online teaching environment, that I can say I have used as both teacher and administrator. Social Network Twitter : Most useful social media tool yet.

7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School


Some teachers engage in creative learning spaces with makerspaces, some create “classrooms without walls” via social media), and some explore virtual and augmented reality.


For Some Students, #DeleteFacebook Is Not Really an Option


But for some students whose class assignments and discussions are tied to the social network, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Her peers communicated more via apps like Twitter, Instagram and the Remind. Bruce McKinney, a communications professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington who has done research on social media , is not surprised at how hard it is to fully detached from Facebook. I entered my junior year of high school without a Facebook account.

10 Powerful Media Tools EVERY Educator should have started using yesterday! Part I


Social Media is not just a buzz phrase! Twitter! You aren''t using twitter yet? Twitter has changed so much from the "What are you doing now" tag line to becoming one of the largest Personal Professional Learning Networks available to educators.

To Certify Or Not To Certify? That Is The Question for Tonight's #NYCSchoolsTechChat

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These are some of the topics we'll be discussing on tonight's #NYCSchoolsTechChat on Twitter at 4:00 pm EST on Wednesday, May 3rd. I think it's great to have direct access to folks at Google, Common Sense, Edmodo, etc. Apple, Microsoft, Google.Oh

It’s about time: a round-up of time-lining tools


Working with maps and source materials, using any timescale, users can tell narrated stories; create, animate and customize paths; link to media; specify start and end times using calendar prompts; and embed descriptions of events. 8th grade Social Studies Overview.

10 Killer iPad Projects Students Will Love #ISTE13


Edmodo Showbie - an app where teacher makes accounts and students can turn in work from iPad. Get Social - Edmodo, Twitter, Blogger - Example: @Emilydrocha posts what''s going on in her class via Twitter. Check your school''s social media policies before jumping into this.

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Global Leadership Week Next Week - Join Us!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

First is the Global Leadership Summit on Monday, April 25th , an invitational, face-to-face convening at Edmodo’s headquarters in San Mateo, California on Monday, April 25th, from 4 PM - 7 PM PDT (UTC-7). You can participate actively in these events by posting comments and ideas to Twitter using the hashtag #globaled16. Global Leadership Week discussions are also being hosted in a new Edmodo feature called Topics.

21st Principal's Top 10 Web Tools for Administrators

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link] Twitter : I been using Twitter the longest. I''ve had a Twitter account since 2008. One way I use Twitter is through a school Twitter account to make announcements. Another way I use Twitter is through my personal-professional Twitter account to share resources with my larger PLN and to engage in the international conversation about education. link] Diigo : This social bookmarking tool serves as one of my two resource collection tools.

The Weaponization of Education Data

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77 million users accounts stolen from Edmodo. A hacked school Twitter account in Florida. I delete all my old social media now on a regular and ongoing basis. They monitor social media.

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Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

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Moving Forward in the PAH Continuum: Maximizing the Power of the Social Web: Lisa Marie Blaschke. Heutagogy and Social Communities of Practice: Will Self-determined Learning Re-write the Script for Educators?: Collaboration and social negotiation is encouraged among learners.

Here's what you missed at the MidWest Technology Conference 2014 #METC14


Social Studies: [link] - tons of resources on creating effective flipped videos. Fake twitter feeds. I had the pleasure to attend and present at the Midwest Technology Conference in February.

21st Principal’s Big List of Must-Have Administrator Tech Knowledge

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Use and understand social media platforms: Instead of giving in to fear and trying to find ways to limit access and use of social media platforms by educators, 21st century administrators need to be engaged heavily in the use of these platforms to both promote their educational organizations and to communicate with stakeholders. To really be able to take advantage of the cyber-media, administrators need to be able to understand its intricacies and quirks.

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New-Teacher Academy 2015 on #ntchat: Lesson Delivery

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I asked several talented educators, active in social media, to join me and contribute weekly to this series and it was a huge success! Paula Naugle teaches math and social studies to fourth-graders at a suburban public school near New Orleans.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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”) It was certainly the outcome that investors were hoping for Edmodo , which raised $25 million in 2012, boasting that it had 15 million users. Remember Edmodo? It’s not even an LMS, quite frankly – something Edmodo tried to use as a selling point for a little while.

Revised List of Top iPad Apps for School Administrators

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Media Apps EPIX: For those who are movie addicts and have a cable subscription to the EPIX movie channel, you can now add access to your EPIX movies to your iPad. This app connects to your Google Reader account and pulls your chosen RSS feeds down to your iPad, where you can read them, share them on social media, or curate them to your Evernote account. Social Media Apps Diigo : This app gives users access to their Diigo accounts.

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6 Tips for Quality Student Blogging

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Media. Embedding media can be a chore, but any piece of text is spiced up with videos and images that connect the writing to tangible examples. Our school has a Flickr , Picassa , and YouTube site that I can upload images to so students may include media of themselves in their post.