Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME!

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So, this year I decided to use Edmodo with my classes. Edmodo is a free, learning management system that is full featured and easy to use. I am currently setting up parent access to Edmodo. Edmodo even has sample welcome/invite letters and how-to info for parents. Library.

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Time Is Not Always On Our Side- 5 Minute Mobile Projects with Field Trips


Sometimes we want our students to complete quick mobile projects that take very little time, but produce awesome projects. It''s an APP and a website) You can also access a library of content specific channels from BBC, CNBC, The Guardian, and UNICEF. Time is NOT on our side.

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Tell Me All About it with Tellagami

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Tellagami is a mobile app that lets users create a short animated video using any mobile device. Sharing Created Gamis While not having to worry about log in information is a plus and sharing is easy, there is not currently a way to see a library of the Gamis one makes when in the app. Teachers could have students turn in their Gami by submitting the URL on a class Google form or turning the URL in via an assignment on Edmodo.

Working out the Worksheet

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With two weeks until school is back in session and in preparing for my presentation on Edmodo for the upcoming TeachMeetNJ unconference , I''ve been reflecting on past practices and thinking about how I structure the educational process in my class. Students turn in assignments via Edmodo at home or in the lab, but in the classroom, I need a BYOD method that allows students to access, create, answer, and turn in to the teacher. Students take quizzes/tests on Edmodo and Socrative.

Powerful Language Learning in the 21st Century

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Try Creating a Student Centered Library Where Kids Love to Learn with librarian Micki Uppena. Rachelle Dene Poth talks language learning and STEAM on 10MT From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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Learning Revolution Newsletter - Week's Events - GlobalEd Waitlist - CoSN - Google Forms - Breaking Down Library Walls - Better Than College - OZeLive Kudos

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This event will bridge the conversations about learning that are taking place in schools, libraries, museums, work places, and home learning worlds. Monday, March 3rd at 8pm TL Virtual Cafe: Breaking Down Library Walls , Learn how to use Google Hangout and Edmodo and more to break down the library walls and connect with other people from around the world. The Learning Revolution Weekly Update February 25th Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.

HELP!!! How do I get my students work off of their iPAD?


Wifi Album A free APP that allows you to transfer images, and videos via wifi from mobile devices and computers without iTunes. Printopia $20 APP Print through Airprint Server Edmodo has added an app that allows you to do quite a bit on the iPad.



The NEO mobile app for Windows allows users to access the full feature set within the platform including creating and delivering online classes, assessing students, sharing resources, tracking student achievement, and collaborating on projects. Software & Online ALMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

The Best New iOS 9 Feature for Schools!

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Until iOS 9, you were limited to only the photos and videos in your Photo Library when submitting a file to upload through a web page. With iOS 9, you can browse your Photo Library or iCloud Drive and upload any file saved there.

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21st Principal’s 2012 Edublog Nominations

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Library/Librarian Blog A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet : Site with tons of information and resources from the perspective a media specialist. Free Web Tool Edmodo : A total online teaching environment, that I can say I have used as both teacher and administrator. Mobile App Evernote : Evernote continues to evolve and change its mobile apps, always with the end user in mind. Here’s my 2012 Edublog nominations.

Go Paperless for Earth Day

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an LMS like Edmodo, Otus, or MyBigCampus–these often include an interactive gradebook, parent inclusion devices, a student discussion forum, polls, a way to collect and share resources, a class calendar, and access across a variety of digital devices. Earth Day is April 22nd.

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

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Other than libraries and news outlets, students were dependent on the educator to provide them with information. Possible networks, many with corresponding apps, include: Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, Instagram, Blogging sites, Youtube, and other social networks.

A Commitment to Digital Learning

A Principal's Reflections

In math, Mrs. Chellani began the lesson with mobile learning devices and Poll Everywhere to review prior learning. She then utilized a variety of virtual manipulatives (using the SMART tablet ) from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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In an era before Facebook or Edmodo, the social networking site Ning was, for a time, quite popular with educators. The End of Library" Stories (and the Software that Seems to Support That). Siegler: “ The End of the Library.”

Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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Suggestions for extensions/apps to be preloaded on Chromebooks Edmodo Google Keep - notes and lists Evernote Web Adblock Plus Evernote Web Clipper WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker GeoGebra math app Read&Write - reading support EasyBib Desmos Graphing Calculator A to Z of Google Services https://docs.google.com/viewer?srcid=0B6dF7rWxc-5aMGMyanRsMW5DbzQ&pid=explorer&efh=false&a=v&chrome=false&embedded=true

Extensions, Add-Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom


Google Chrome also has a library of special tools you can access through the browser called Apps, Extensions and Add-ons that can make your life in the classroom easier. Create stunningly impressive content for print, mobile or web with Lucidpress , an app that helps you easily produce newsletters, flyers, brochures, photo books and more. Google Apps for Education has totally transformed the way we teach and communicate inside and outside of the classroom.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” The New York Times looks at “ anti-tax fervor ” in southern Oregon , which will result in the one public library in Roseburg closing its doors. ” “ Zynga and USC enter social and mobile game design partnership,” says Education Dive. On the heels of news last week that Edmodo had been hacked and some 77 million users’ data leaked, privacy researcher Bill Fitzgerald uncovers targeted ad tracking in Edmodo. Education Politics.

Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation


Luhtala sees school policies banning phones as a disconnect between school and the real world, where mobile devices are aiding productivity more than ever. If a library uses Follett Destiny , sharing functions are integrated there too.

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Learning Revolution Free Events - ISTE Unplugged + Hack Education - AERO - Gaming in Ed Call for Proposals - Students Driving Change

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We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. We are already receiving some great presentation proposals for Library 2.014 and the Global Education Conference. Library 2.014 , October 8th + 9th, 2014 Upcoming deadlines: Presentation proposals will be accepted between now and October 1st for Library 2.014.

The Social Learning Summit Is Tomorrow - Online and Free

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Mortenson Creating a 24/7 Professional Development Model by Josh Allen Creating a Library Website to Support Information Literacy Needs by Luann Edwards Creating ePortfolios using Weebly by Valerie R. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 21st, is worldwide 2012 Social Learning Summit , a one-day virtual conference being held as a partnership of Classroom 2.0 and the Discovery Educator Network. The Summit is from 9:00am - 3:00pm US Eastern Time.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - May Is Ed Tech Month - Geo-Educators - Natural Math - Oxygen Masks and You

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. How does your library manage digital collections?