Online Mentoring via Edmodo & Google

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Using Edmodo for the virtual classroom space, teachers and students connected from 1,972 miles away. Joz connected with students on Edmodo and worked with them on collaborative Google Docs. Joz and I communicated via Edmodo, Gmail and Google Hangouts.

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China’s NetDragon to Acquire Edmodo for $137.5 Million


China’s NetDragon has gobbled up another education technology company. This time, it’s Edmodo , one the largest online social communities of teachers and students in the world. million for Edmodo. The deal could mark the beginning of the end for the “free” model of education technology, at least for standalone education companies without other strong revenue streams to support them. Also like Facebook, Edmodo grew rapidly.

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Edmodo: My LMS of Choice

Rebecca Davies

Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Docebo…and that is just a handful! Here is why I will continue recommending Edmodo to teachers and schools: 1. This allows Edmodo to be a whole school solution, no matter whether it is a primary, secondary, or P-12 setting.

Edmodo & ThingLink: Extend the Walls of Your Classroom

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Edmodo is a free and secure social learning platform for teachers and students to collaborate and connect in the 24/7 classroom. The design and functionality of Edmodo is similar to Facebook, but the focus is on teaching and learning within a protected environment.

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Drinking, Smoking and Sugar: How Unsavory Ads Wound Up on Edmodo


Beth Freeman logs in to her son’s Edmodo account from time to time to check on his homework assignments. The advertisement appeared on Edmodo’s mobile app, which Freeman’s son uses daily for updates about homework, quizzes and other school assignments. edmodo so usually things don’t bother me but this is the ad that popped up in my 8th grade son’s social studies feed today. That the ad ever showed up on a student’s account was a mistake, Edmodo officials say.

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8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Wally Clipper, has a great run-down on 8 trends you’ll want to watch in 2020: 8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020. Unsurprisingly, technology is also impacting the world of education. As always, education is changing.

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10 Edtech Tools to Try in 2018


The EdTech industry continues to grow with new products. These edtech products are available to educators and school administrators. Here’s a complete list of must-try Edtech Resources and Technology Tools for Teachers: BOOK CREATOR. Edmodo. Edmodo is a platform where parents, students, and teachers, where they can all be involved in education. With everything on one platform, Edmodo is designed to give you complete control over your digital classroom.

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13 Edtech Tools Every Teacher and Student Should Know About


Today the importance of educational technology goes beyond the use of instructional aids because of the ubiquity and usefulness of technology in everyday life. Students have to learn how to properly use technology at an early age for it to be eloquent in its language. 6 Edmodo.

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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

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Using Screencast-O-Matic and Windows Live Movie Maker, here is a "quick" tour of how I integrate technology in my classroom. Be sure to check out the complete list of projects and resources by clicking on the Integrating Technology tab.

FBI Warns Educators and Parents About Edtech’s Cybersecurity Risks


The FBI has released a public service announcement warning educators and parents that edtech can create cybersecurity risks for students. Specifically, the organization notes that the “widespread collection of sensitive information” by education technology vendors, such as web browsing history, biometric data and students’ geolocation, could “present unique exploitation opportunities for criminals.” However, the companies are likely Schoolzilla and Edmodo, respectively.

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Year in Review: Our Top Edtech Business Stories of 2018


And we’re filing stories that capture the essence of the edtech industry in 2018. But the edtech industry has hit some bumps along the way, wrestling with collateral concerns from the public spotlight over data privacy and security. A Clever Way to Measure How Students Actually Use Edtech (and Whether It Works). What Happens to Student Data Privacy When Chinese Firms Acquire US Edtech Companies? Education Technology Market Trends Edtech Business

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What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


Last summer, when I was working for ThinkCERCA, which helps students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, the edtech startup was facing a big decision: should it try and break into the lucrative Chinese market? Here’s a handy guide for anyone in edtech looking to cross the Pacific. In my experience, this phenomenon is partly caused by the limited business models that an edtech company can efficiently pursue in the two countries. edtech companies.

Open Education – Where do I begin?

Tom Murray

Office of Education Technology’s GoOpen Site. The Office of Education Technology ( @officeofedtech ), has lead the charge on OERs, and has compiled various resources on their GoOpen site. Stories of EdTech Innovation.

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What Happens to Student Data Privacy When Chinese Firms Acquire U.S. Edtech Companies?


Between the creation of a social rating system and street cameras with facial recognition capabilities, technology reports coming out of China have raised serious concerns for privacy advocates. These concerns are only heightened as Chinese investors turn their attention to the United States education technology space acquiring companies with millions of public school users. Edmodo began shifting to an advertising model last year , after years of struggling to generate revenue.

Talking Squirrels & Ninjas: Silly Technology Use

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While browsing through the Language Arts community on Edmodo, I came across a post by Kalina Noelle, who shared a simple and easy n ewspaper clipping generator , and Mrs. Osborne who replied with another site with even more newspaper templates.

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US Edtech Investments Peak Again With $1.45 Billion Raised in 2018


There was also plenty of rain in the education technology industry, where venture capitalists and private-equity investors unleashed a deluge of cash. education technology companies raised $1.45 edtech startups in 2017. And that dip in dealflow has been happening in recent years: Investors are pouring more money into the edtech industry, but across fewer companies. For edtech companies able to show consistent growth and revenue, that should be welcome news.

#Flipclass Workflow

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Edmodo, Curriculet, and Google Drive are essential to productive workflow in my class. Essentially, this is what I do: Organize students into classes on Edmodo with all resources, agendas, links to edtech tools, assignments, and quizzes are completed in Edmodo.

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No Kidding: This Pre-Revenue Edtech Startup Just Raised $15M in Series B Funding


The days of raising tens of millions in venture capital before making a cent in revenue are not over for the education technology industry. Other tools offering similar functionalities include Edmodo and Nearpod , and learning management systems like Canvas and Schoology. Education Technology Financing Edtech Business

FINALLY! Chrome Screencastify!

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Chrome edmodo edtech extensions Google screencasting technology As a work around for not having screencasting capabilities on my Chromebook, I would do a Google Hangout by myself, capture to YouTube, and screenshare to record the screencast.

Massive Data Breaches, Billions in Wasted Funds: Who Is Holding Edtech Vendors Accountable?


We were victims of the FAFSA breach, now we are victims again with Edmodo. Since then a slew of security breaches and malicious data hacks have hit educational institutions, including K-12 districts and their technology providers. Most recently, one of the most widely-used education technology companies, Edmodo, had records for. Now we are victims again with Edmodo.” After the Edmodo breach, which she heard about first from news reports, she felt at a loss.

A Few of My Fav #EdTech Things in 2014

The Innovative Educator

Looking back at 2014 I've come up with a few edtech resources I have relied on most for teaching and learning. Technology tools Check em out and share yours.

News from the Y: The Latest Edtech Startups in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Class


Over Monday and Tuesday earlier this week, entrepreneurs from 189 startups took the stage for Demo Day, the de-facto graduation ceremony for Y Combinator, one of the technology industry’s most recognizable startup accelerator programs. Among the graduates were a half dozen education technology companies. That also applies to “bootcamp” models of online learning, which made up half of the six edtech graduates. Here’s a glance at the newest players in the edtech industry.

2018 Halftime Ka’Ching Report: U.S. Edtech Raises $739M in Venture Funding


edtech industry, that’s no big deal: In the first six months of 2018, 62 companies raised $739 million in venture capital. edtech company has hit the nine-figure mark in 2018: a $110 million round for Connexeo, a provider of administrative payment software for schools and community institutions. Greater Expectations Across all technology sectors, the amount of funding raised in seed rounds are growing, in part because the bar for raising Series A rounds are higher.

EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #6: L. Butler

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Lisa has been using Edmodo for 2.5 In addition to creating Animoto videos, Lisa is active on Twitter (@SrtaLisa), writes about educational technology topics on her blog , and enjoys attending educational conferences. edcamp #edtech edmodo edmodocon teaching technology Guest post #6 is submitted by Lisa Butler, a middle school Spanish and Social Studies teacher in Hershey, PA.

Overcoming Problems With Online Learning Tools.


Technology is often the simple solution. Here are some great tech tools which allow for more collaboration: Edmodo. Tagged: apps , edtech , education , technology , technology solutions. education apps edtech technology technology solutions

Tagxedo: A Tuxedo for Word Clouds

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Student Examples Students posted their projects to their small groups in Edmodo for review. connecting with students digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass LBI reflection tagxedo technology wordle Tagxedo is another nifty free tool for creating customized word clouds.


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I am geeking out over the new upgrades to the Edmodo platform: enhanced organization with folders & groups, reaction button (similar to FB''s "like"), gradebook upgrade. Just let me simply state: I LOVE EDMODO! BYOD BYOT edmodo edtech Very excited for viewing the Edmodocon presentations today. Additional information on Edmodocon here too.

CSI: Salinas

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The final group portfolio would be posted on Edmodo and as part of their online participation grade, students would comment on each of the groups'' portfolios. Teaching students to infer and formulate arguments can easily be in context of a novel.

Working out the Worksheet

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With two weeks until school is back in session and in preparing for my presentation on Edmodo for the upcoming TeachMeetNJ unconference , I''ve been reflecting on past practices and thinking about how I structure the educational process in my class. Changing technology: Web 2.0 tools are constantly changing; new technology is always popping up and disappearing. I love new tools, but the technology needs to be organized and centralized: students can''t have 20 log-ins.

Flipping testing skills in Week 3

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The Process: At home, students viewed a quick video on using the Circle-RUN strategy that I posted on Edmodo. As far as leveraging technology, I did not use videos for most of the flip, and in this case, it was mostly paper copies of notes and presentation slides.

Traffic Is Booming for Online Education Providers. But So Are Costs.


For LearnPlatform, which helps school districts analyze their usage of education technology products, tracking and analyzing all these data points also means “our own costs are going up for sure,” says CEO Karl Rectanus. Education Technology Edtech Business Market Trends Coronavirus

Pick Your Battles: Edtech Leaders Share Strategies for Engaging in Political Discourse


Vibhu Mittal However, leaders in the education technology space seemed to be treading a bit more lightly as they begin to address new social and political issues effective their constituents. We were curious about the role edtech leaders play in such a tense political environment, so we reached out to some. diplomat, and Vibhu Mittal, the CEO of Edmodo and a former Google employee. I've heard a few people push back on the idea that technology and politics shouldn’t mix.

Tab Scissors & Glue: Extensions for Chrome Use

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As a teacher who has to transfer grades from my Edmodo gradebook to my district gradebook, both extensions save me time minimizing and sizing windows. Check them out: #edtech extensions teaching technology

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Inspire Learning Beyond Your Classroom Walls by Setting Up a Virtual Learning Community

Teacher Reboot Camp

Discover more ways to integrate technology effectively by taking one of my fully accredited online courses or get one of my books ! Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

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How to (Not) Fill a Blank White Page

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Using Edmodo, Twitter (#BWP12), Skype or Google Hangouts, students can collaborate on creating and sharing answers. Additional participants could be found via networking on Twitter with other educators-- just pop into a #flipclass chat on Monday nights-- or via posting a request to one of the communities on Edmodo. Grading Since this is project based learning, students could be scored with rubrics on the use of technology and creativity and effort in answering the chosen question.