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Meet Digital Promise’s New President and CEO Jean-Claude Brizard

Digital Promise

For more than 35 years, Jean-Claude Brizard has worked in education as a teacher, school leader, superintendent, chief executive, funder, and education advocate.

3 Ways to Stress Less in Today’s Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Teachers are stressing over so many things. Today, Dr. Desiree Alexander tackles three of those issues: distance learning, hybrid learning, and digital equity.


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Tech Tip #105: Create Shortkeys for Windows Tools

Ask a Tech Teacher

In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

Tools 292

4 Ways to promote collaboration in digital spaces


As we prepare for spring, it is always good to have some new ideas to promote student engagement and foster more collaboration in the classroom.

SplashLearn Makes Learning Fun and Creates Fearless Learners

Loved by more than 30 million kids, SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that creates engaging learning experiences to nurture a generation of fearless learners. SplashLearn is the fastest growing elementary school math program in the US, used by more than 440,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools across the United States.

Six Strategies for Equitable Education Systems

Digital Promise

How can school districts create more equitable opportunities and dismantle systemic barriers facing many students, families, and educators?

System 263

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What You Might Have Missed in February

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of February. 100th Day of School — Make it about Learning. WorldReadAloudDay February 5. 5 (free) Tech Problem Solving Posters. Why Kindergartners Must Learn Technology. Math Word Problems. Random Acts of Kindness Day. How Will You Celebrate?

Why Your Marketing Team Needs to Be a Part of the Online Program Development Process


New programs are not paying off the way they should, concludes a recent study by Burning Glass Technologies.

Extending Grace to Yourself

A Principal's Reflections

The shift to remote and hybrid learning has not been easy, and I don't think anyone would claim that the journey was smooth sailing. As I continue to work with districts and schools on an on-going basis, I try my best to help them overcome continuous challenges and frustrations.

Foster student agency with these online tools


Education is not a one-way street. It implies joint efforts from both teachers and students to reach the desired outcomes. Moreover, the process of teaching and learning needs to be anchored in real life to ensure students’ ability to apply what they learn successfully.

Tools 301

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Subscriber Special: March

Ask a Tech Teacher

Every month, subscribers to our newsletter get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching. March. Visit our brand new website. Structured Learning. Get a 20% discount! We’ve updated Structured Learning education website to be easier to use on desktops and a snap on mobile devices.

Formative Assessment: Collecting Data & Designing Differentiated Learning Experiences in Class or Online

Catlin Tucker

The more physical distance between the teacher and the learner, the more challenging it is to collect formative assessment data consistently. I’ve taught in person, online, and in blended learning environments.

How to Use the Dual Capacity-Building Framework to Strengthen Family Empowerment


When families are engaged in their child’s education, everyone benefits. Student scores improve, families become empowered, and educators can build healthier school communities.

How To 168

Redesign Learning Experiences by Rethinking Time with Competency-Based Education

Education Elements

Time is weird right now. Hours can feel like months, weeks can feel like days, and a year into a global pandemic feels both like an eon and a few seconds at the same time.

Wireless Projecting with Google Meet

Wireless projecting using Google Meet to replace the Google Cast for Education extension!

CoSN2021: AI and the Future of Learning

EdTech Magazine

Artificial intelligence is a broad term. For educators and administrators, it can be helpful — but also confusing. AI is often thought of as something that impacts the world of business, but it is starting to have an influence in school districts.

5 Essential Resources To Teach Programming Remotely


There are several essential resources to teach programming remotely. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges for teachers of every subject. Indeed, many STEM educators are struggling to keep their students engaged without hands-on interaction in the classroom. As a computer science teacher, you need to know the most effective tools to teach coding to your students.

Will this year nurture transformation, or a return to normal?

The Christensen Institute

The history of K–12 education is full of what, at the time, felt like unprecedented shocks to the system that forced schools to adapt in dramatic ways. For instance, this is not the first time a virus has closed schools’ doors.

Is Teaching Still an Appealing Profession? A Growing Teacher Shortage Worries Experts


Long Beach Unified, one of the largest school districts in California, is facing a worrying but all-too-familiar problem: Finding enough qualified teachers, or even substitutes, to fill what some experts see as a growing shortage in the midst of an unpredictable pandemic.

Report 171

Develop A Feature-Rich App for Any Virtual Classroom

Building an e-learning platform? Download the solution brief to learn how you can create a customized, feature-rich, interactive classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

CoSN2021: Tips to Support Students with Special Needs in Virtual Learning

EdTech Magazine

Special-needs education has traditionally taken a predominantly student-to-teacher, face-to-face approach. But when K–12 schools switched to virtual formats last year, students with special needs had to rely more heavily on parents and teams to succeed.

Becoming a Virtual Mentor for Students With Learning Difficulties


Creating a more supportive environment for students with learning disabilities is vital. One of the best ways to go about it includes mentorship programs, which can help them learn useful skills and build a supportive network of friends and teachers. But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, our methods of communicating with students have become limited. As a result, we were forced to search for alternatives. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem! And that solution is virtual mentoring.

When a light bulb is more than just a light bulb; the power of market-creating innovation

The Christensen Institute

After famed American inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison invented the practical incandescent light bulb , he realized that the invention alone would not be enough to bring light to millions of homes.

Sony 190

Attention School Leaders: Listening is Essential. Here’s How to Get Better at It.


A few weeks ago, a friend called me to chat. While our children attend different schools, we often call one another to connect (and sometimes vent) about issues we—or our kids—are experiencing. “My My son is really struggling with his workload,” my friend said. “So

How To 171

8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

CoSN2021: Remote Learning Creates New Opportunities for K–12 Education

EdTech Magazine

For many educators, the shift to remote learning happened overnight. In Oregon, Beaverton School District teachers, students and families were informed one day at noon that schools would be closed the next day and beyond, said district CIO Steven Langford at CoSN2021.

CUE to You: Primary Powered


With Spring CUE just around the corner, I can already feel the CUE conference buzz. I notice my Twitter feed slowly starting to build up with the #WeAreCUE and #SpringCUE. Colleagues and friends are posting their sessions on Instagram and Facebook.

Community colleges don’t get great outcomes today; Here are 3 clarifying steps they can take to change that.

The Christensen Institute

With the ascendancy of Dr. Jill Biden to America’s First Lady, the policy spotlight is turning once again to community colleges.

How a decline in community college students is a big problem for the economy

The Hechinger Report

Even as the twin blows of a pandemic and a recession have slowed down the construction industry, B & I Contractors in Fort Myers, Florida, isn’t short of work. It is, however, short of workers.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.