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The 30 Goals Free eConference, July 16-20th!

Teacher Reboot Camp

You’re invited to the first annual 30 Goals Free Online Conference , July 16th to 20th! It’s super easy to attend! All presentations take place on Google HangOuts on Air. Just download the program , click the url for the presentation you want to see. On the page, click play on the video at the time of the presentation. Join the Chatwing below the videos to meet other participants! If you miss the presentation, the recordings are available immediately on the same page.

22 Powerful Alternatives to “You’re Smart!”

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane Much has been written about the detriments of praise in recent years, particularly the kind that focuses on inherent intelligence. It was Carol Dweck who inspired me to consider the unintended consequences of over-celebrating my students’ smarts, and as this conversation continues within and beyond the field of education, everyone seems to be a bit more sensitive […] The post 22 Powerful Alternatives to “You’re Smart!”


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19 K-8 Space Science Websites

Ask a Tech Teacher

Videos, games, and more–preview them and pick what works for your age group: 1 7 Minutes of Terror- -Curiosity landing on Mars. 100,000 stars–simulation. Build a Space Station. Earthrise –the first time it’s recorded; a video. Land on the Moon. Moon around. Moon—Garfield teaches the Lunar Cycle. Moon—We Choose the Moon. NASA City. NASA For Kids. Solar System in 3D. Solar System Video. Space in 3D. Space Sounds. Space station game. Space Websites. Space–explore it.

How Iron Chef Lesson Plans Make Cooperative Learning Awesome

The CoolCatTeacher

A new Every Classroom Matters episode. In this episode, the inventor of “Iron Chef” lesson design, Jon Corippo shares with Vicki his remix of the jigsaw cooperative learning method. Iron Chef Lesson Design with American Idol peer feedback may just be your favorite new cooperative learning method. (You You can’t make this stuff up! ). Important Takeaways for Listeners. John opens the show by denouncing a mode of teaching used by many that exasperates him and bores students.

Building the Foundation for a Modern K-12 Classroom

K-12 looks different these days. But one thing remains the same: you need a reliable learning platform that serves as the foundation for teaching and learning––for all students, in a variety of learning experiences.

Digital Promise Holding Annual Education Innovation Clusters Convening

Digital Promise

Steven Hodas leads Digital Promise’s Innovation Cluster Network. He was most recently executive director at the New York City Department of Education ’s Office of Innovation, where he launched InnovateNYCSchools. He is currently practitioner-in-residence at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. We at Digital Promise are excited to announce our annual Education Innovation Clusters Convening to be held in Chicago, August 11-12.

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What’s Trending on Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

In the past six months, I’ve posted over 140 articles on topics ranging from tech ed trends to how-tos, problem solving, and pedagogic discussions. I like to step back a few times a year and determine what readers are most interested in. WordPress makes that easy with their statistics. I calculate what’s trending on my blog by which of my posts are popular in a particular time period. Here’s the run-down so far this year: 20 Websites to Teach Mouse Skills. Do You Miss Kerpoof?

Trends 186

DON’T MISS IT: Teachers Leading Teachers Online Conference Starts Thursday

The CoolCatTeacher

July 16-20, 2015 (Live and Video Recordings Available). Join the best PD experience of the summer! Teachers Leading Teachers Conference begins on Thursday. I will present Differentiating Instruction with Technology , at 9:30 am EDT Friday. Many amazing educators will be presenting: Kathy Cassidy, Jackie Gerstein, Pernille Ripp, Beth Hammett, Trevor Muir, Diana Gettman Flores, Erin Klein, Nick Provenzano, Starr Stackstein, Michelle Baldwin, and more!! See schedule below.).

13 Reasons Students Hate Teachers

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane “Wait just a second,” you say as you read this title. “My My students don’t hate me.” Granted, not all students hate teachers, and you just might be that one in a million that they all love. It’s more likely, though, that you’re not and at least some students really do hate you. I know this because my […] The post 13 Reasons Students Hate Teachers appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Innovation Inspiration edchat


4 Things I Learned in Spin Class About Personalized Learning (that’s right, spin class)

Education Elements

I recently went to a spin class. I am normally a fairly small person who likes to lift fairly big weights so this was a departure from my routine but I got talked into it and I went. And all the time that I was pumping my legs, going faster, and climbing higher I was also, incredibly, thinking about how many things many K-12 teachers could learn from my spin instructor.

Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

What’s a Tech Teacher Do With Their Summer Off?

Ask a Tech Teacher

School’s been out for at least a few weeks and I just finished up three online classes that started in June. Next week, I’ll feel like I have an endless span of hours to do all the activities that got sidelined by grading, projects, training, and general ‘school’ stuff. Once I get through reading until I’m bored (or I run out of food) and straightening up the house (I won’t get carried away), I’ll start on the meat of my summer activities.

How Twitter Can Power Your Professional Learning

More Verbs

Having a good network of other educators interested in the same topics and issues you are is a strong approach to powering your professional learning. Twitter and other social media can help feed that learning and build your network. Principal Matt Renwick writes about how Twitter can be overwhelming, but smart use of Twitter, and supporting tools, can fuel your professional learning network (PLN).

Adequate vs Suitable and the Common Core War

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane When we commit to improving, we often make adequate our priority. This makes sense, if you’ve been trained to look for deficits and mind the gap. We align to standards, we measure the distance we must travel in order to meet them, and we craft interventions that help us bridge the gap. This is honorable–even […] The post Adequate vs Suitable and the Common Core War appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Opinion Common Core edchat

A Fundamental Flaw in Competency Learning

The Journal

The “competency learning" movement is gaining serious momentum. But, drawing on decades of research in the psychology of learning, we will argue in this week’s blog post that competency learning appears to be based on a fundamentally flawed model of how learning takes place and how learning needs to be assessed

Unlock the Power of Formative Assessment

Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers understand where students are in their learning, inform instruction, and in turn, positively impact student learning outcomes. Get the guide today!

Tech Ed Resources for your Class–K-8 Tech Curriculum

Ask a Tech Teacher

I get a lot of questions from readers about what tech ed resources I use in my classroom so I’m going to take a few days this summer to review them with you. Some are edited and/or written by members of the Ask a Tech Teacher crew. Others, by tech teachers who work with the same publisher I do.

The P in public education

Dangerously Irrelevant

Policymakers are fond of noting that teachers are the number one school-level influence on student learning outcomes (note: non-school influences are far more significant). Despite politicians’ claims that they value and appreciate teachers, however, we are seeing the following from legislatures all across the country: rhetorical attacks on teacher unions. rollbacks of educators’ collective bargaining rights. elimination of teacher tenure.

Leveraging Alignment in Service to Engagement: Part I

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane It’s easy to confuse engagement with entertainment. Both are positive experiences that produce feelings of satisfaction, and both are easily distinguished from boredom. It’s also easy to confuse alignment with standardization. Both concern themselves with clear definitions of quality and transparent expectations. Both are also easily distinguished from free rein.

Make Change Stick

A Principal's Reflections

“ When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” – Zig Zigler Change in any organization is an arduous task at some point, especially during the initial implementation stage.

6 Tips for EdTech Evaluation by Adult Learning Institutions

Many continuing adult education institutions have turned to technology used by higher ed with the following benefits: elevates teaching and learning, scales to address changes in staffing, enrollment and budget, and protects student and institutional data.

Tech Tip #106: Auto-add a Period, Caps Lock, When Typing on an IPad

Ask a Tech Teacher

As a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you. They’re always brief and always focused. Enjoy! Q: Typing on the iPad keyboard is slow. You have to access two different screens to type most messages. How do I speed that up without buying (and installing) a separate QWERTY keyboard?

iPad 161

Thinking Like A Teacher: Part 1

Battelle for Kids

July 13, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 8, Number 7. Driving Question: How do today's new teachers learn to think like a teacher? At any given moment, the disciplines represent the most well honed efforts of human beings to approach questions and concerns of importance in a systematic and reliable way. Howard Gardner, The Disciplined Mind, p. 144) What they never tell you is that when you're eleven, you're also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four and three, and two, and one.

Google Classroom update - students can join class - teacher in different domain

Educational Technology Guy

Google Classroom is an excellent tool from Google that allows students and teachers to collaborate and communicate and allows teachers to assign work to students, collect that work, grade it and comment on it and return it to the student. One limiting factor in using it was the fact that the students and teachers had to be in the same Google apps domain. Many schools use separate domains. That has now changed.

Google 180

LIVE: Create Amazing Presentations and Flipped Lessons using Microsoft OfficeMix | @Microsoft_EDU


Have you ever looked at a PowerPoint and thought… How Do I Make This More Interesting? . Introducing Microsoft OfficeMix , a fantastic way to create engaging and interactive presentations. By installing this free add-in for PowerPoint, your slides can harness the power of video, polls, interactivity and provide amazing insights and analytics from your audience.

6 Strategies for Using Actionable Data to Impact Student Success

Educators need effective tools to drive student success. The trend to use actionable, comprehensive data—like attendance, assessments, grades, and more—is an effective way to give teachers the visibility they need to make a difference. Videri gives teachers and administrators access to comprehensive, integrated data so they can easily filter, drill down, and analyze data—to get the information that they really need, when they need it, and improve student outcomes. Download the eBook today!

Creating A Professional Learning Collection With @appoLearning

The Web20Classroom

Last time you read about this new site I had been checking out, appoLearning. I have really enjoyed getting to know this new platform and even create a collection myself. And I think for educators it can be a great way to organize sites, apps, videos and more so they are more easily shared with students, colleagues, even parents and the community. Before we take a look at my collection I've been working on, lets think about why we would even want to create a collection in the first place.

Notice the emphasis on ‘feeding them content’

Dangerously Irrelevant

Christine Willig, President of McGraw-Hill Education, said: There’s a difference between educational technology – a single video, a single interactive, a single app – and learning science, in which we’re investing in the small pieces of data that show us where a child is at in their learning trajectory, feeding them content in a way that’s powerful and effective for them to move to the next level. . via v=NYR47-XJq64#t=01m55s.

What Does It Mean To Think Like A Teacher? Part 2

Battelle for Kids

July 14, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 8, Number 8. Driving Question: What does it mean to "think like a teacher?". Is education a discipline? Or is it a "meta-discipline," the core concern of which is to worry about teaching the other disciplines? A complex array of questions unfolds: Indeed, what does it mean to think "disciplinarily?" Does it mean students of science learn to think like a scientist?

LIVE: Learning about Skype in the Classroom from ISTE 2015 | @Microsoft_EDU


This year at the ISTE conference, I had the privilege of working with the Skype team. I have been a big fan of Skype for several years and if you are a podcasters, it is a GREAT platform to use when bringing your guests on to your show. This year, Michael Soskil, a Microsoft Innovative Educator shared with me some of the great new features of Skype and demonstrated how he is using video conferencing in his classroom. Learn More about Skype. link].

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

Technology I use on a Daily Basis - 2015 Version

Educational Technology Guy

In the past, I've written about the technology I use on a daily basis (see bottom of page for links). Here's my updated version for Summer, 2015. I'm a huge user of Google Apps and Evernote. They are my main work, and personal tools, and all of my devices work with them. Without these, I'm stuck. I also back them both up. My personal smartphone is an HTC One M7 running Android. I love it. I can do anything on it - email, web browsing, Google Apps, Evernote, messaging, photos, musics, etc.

It’s time to move away from simple questions about technology integration

Dangerously Irrelevant

Adam Copeland said: It is time for instructors to move from simple questions like, “Do you use technology in the classroom?” to the more complex, “For what purpose, and with what learning theories, should I engage digitally-enhanced pedagogies?” I have suggested a way forward that I have found useful, an initial attempt explicitly to address why, and for what reasons, I have proceeded with digital practices in the classroom.

CUE Rock Star Black Label


CUE Rock Star is launching a new type of camp. It’s called Black Label* and this black label is for TOSAs (Teachers on Special Assignment) by TOSAs. Normally, TOSAs have to attend education camps and conferences which are not geared to their specific needs. Not so here. This event is open to groups of TOSAs and teacher […]. The post CUE Rock Star Black Label appeared first on OnCUE. Administrator Black Label CUE Conference CUE Rock Star lesson design Rock Star Teacher TOSA