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How to Hold Effective Classroom Discussions


Classroom discussions can be one of the best ways to boost student engagement. As students discuss their perspectives with each other, they’ll not only solidify their understanding of a topic—they may learn to see it in a new light, too.

6 Digital storytelling tools for hybrid learning environments


Throughout the school year, we have many opportunities to engage students in digital storytelling.

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Reflections on project-based learning

eSchool News

David Ross is a global education consultant and former CEO of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21).

5 Ways to Teach Gratitude in your Classroom #creativitymatters

The CoolCatTeacher

Lesson Plans that Teach Gratitude From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Whatever your activities for November and Thanksgiving, I’ve got some ideas to inspire gratitude in your classroom.

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SplashLearn Makes Learning Fun and Creates Fearless Learners

Loved by more than 30 million kids, SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that creates engaging learning experiences to nurture a generation of fearless learners. SplashLearn is the fastest growing elementary school math program in the US, used by more than 440,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools across the United States.

Show Me the Money: How to Ace Your VC Meeting

Mike Teng

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A Message from Karen Cator

Digital Promise

Friends, Between the global COVID-19 pandemic and a tumultuous election season in the U.S., I want to first acknowledge how challenging this year has been for so many of us.

How to Improve Google Classroom & Remote Learning Experiences with Kasey Bell

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter How to Improve Google Classroom & Remote Learning Experiences with Kasey Bell Teaching online is challenging for many teachers.

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What You Might Have Missed in October

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of October: Inspire Young Writer’s with Young Writers Program. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Digital Citizenship Week–Oct. 19-23–Here’s What You Need. 10 Best US Colleges for Computer Science. How do I become a Web Designer?

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Stronger Data Culture in Schools

Education Elements

On January 28, 1986, the space program experienced one of its most catastrophic events to date when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart just over a minute after launch. All seven crew members died, including Christa McAulliffe, a school teacher who would have been the first teacher in space.

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Ditch That State Report Card: Design your Wakelet evidence-based portfolio

Ditch That Textbook

Through the use of Wakelet Spaces, teachers created their own Wakelet Evidence-Based Portfolios. You can too. Here's how. This post is written by Dr. Randall Sampson. Randall is the founder of Liberty Leadership Development.

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Our Virtual Journey – Lessons Learned

EdNews Daily

By Rita Mortenson Like many school districts across the nation, the decision to open our doors virtually for students in grades 3-12 was heartbreaking.

Here’s a Preview of November

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up on Ask a Tech Teacher in November. It’s a short month and we wish you the best during your holiday celebrations: How to Make Kindness Part of Your Classes. National STEM/STEAM Day. Tech Tips: 4 Stages of Keyboarding Growth.

How to Adapt Educational Leadership in the Age of Virtual Learning

EdTech Magazine

The art of leading looks vastly different for school administrators today. They are now tasked with adapting their leadership practices to an environment where digital tools and remote collaboration and communication are the norm.

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8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

Adaptations for Flexible Learning in a Resilient School District

Education Elements

Fenestration, in architecture, is the way windows, doors, and openings are placed and arranged on a building. In medicine, fenestration refers to a new opening in the body made through surgery. There is another meaning of the word and it is used to describe openings in the leaves of plants.

Listening to teacher demand: Tracking K–12 student needs during COVID-19

The Christensen Institute

When COVID-19 hit, many teachers knew that millions of their students wouldn’t have the home environment needed to transition successfully to remote learning. Videos of educators going to all manner of lengths to deliver food and learning supplies to students have tugged at our heartstrings.

Subscriber Special: November

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Ed Tech Needs Will Increase, Educators Say

EdTech Magazine

A majority (86 percent) of educators believe that technology needs in schools will increase over the next three years, according to a recent survey by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development and the EdTech Evidence Exchange, a nonprofit affiliated with the university.

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7 Benefits of Lesson Plans in the Cloud

What if teachers didn’t have to lug tons of paperwork with them to and from work? Having lesson plans available anywhere is just one of the advantages.

3 Ways to Streamline Expectations While Making Things Easier for Educators

A Principal's Reflections

It seems like every day presents a new challenge or adventure, depending on how you view the current landscape. Educators are stressed, worn-out, and constantly wondering when the pandemic will end. There are no easy answers or solutions that will work for everyone.

The truth about “Maslow before Bloom”


Among the many famous sayings that teachers know by heart, “Maslow before Bloom” stands out the most.

How to Put Kindness in Your Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Image credit: [link] /. World Kindness Day 11/13. Kindness isn’t a natural instinct. In the continuum of nature vs. nurture, it’s well on the side of nurture. Kids aren’t born knowing the part community and friendship play in their lives. They learn this from family, friends, schoolmates, and life in general. That means, among the topics that must be covered in school, kindness may be the most important. What is kindness?

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How Smart Technology Can Help Create Healthy School Buildings

EdTech Magazine

As districts start phasing students back into the classroom after months of online learning, they’re under growing pressure to ensure school buildings and other learning spaces are clean and safe to use.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.

Supporting Mental Health in Schools

A Principal's Reflections

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on students’ mental health, from coping with stress and anxiety about their health or the health of loved ones, isolation from friends, and now, a school year that, in many cases, looks very different than any they’ve experienced in the past.

For schools, COVID changes the playing field, not the goal of the game

The Christensen Institute

According to Thomas Friedman, “ KABOOM! ” is the sound the world makes when it suddenly transforms post-pandemic. “No No K–12 school…will be spared,” he prophesies. Friedman’s argument epitomizes the misreading of how coronavirus is actually impacting the K–12 sector.

Discovery Education Acquires Mystery Science in $140 Million Deal


With billion-dollar fundraises on top of billion-dollar valuations , it’s no mystery that the education technology industry is attracting top dollars from investors. And as it turns out, edtech companies are attracting a premium from buyers as well.

Books I read in October 2020

Dangerously Irrelevant

Books I finished reading (or rereading) in October 2020… What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism , Dan Rather & Elliott Kirschner [politics]. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous , Ocean Vuong [literary fiction]. The Guest List , Lucy Foley [mystery]. The Fifth Season , N. Jemisin [sci fi].


Why Families Leave Schools

Do you know three of the biggest reasons families leave schools? Here they are – and what you can do about it.