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National Bullying Prevention Month–October

Ask a Tech Teacher

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is no longer relegated to the playground or the neighborhood. It now regularly happens in the cyberworld. Kids don’t expect that and often don’t know how to handle it.

How to Make Remote Instruction Work

EdNews Daily

By Alex Fernandez As schools across the country resume instruction this fall, there are few certainties and seemingly endless questions.

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Best Tools for Teachers


Here's what you need to know about the digital tools for teachers, such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Flipgrid

Support Online Learning with Powerful Thinking Routines

Catlin Tucker

Project Zero at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education has created a collection of Core Thinking Routines as part of their Visible Thinking Project. Teachers can view the entire collection on the Project Zero website , where each routine is described in detail (e.g.,

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

Inspire Young Writer’s with Young Writers Program

Ask a Tech Teacher

A warm welcome to Sean Clark, Instructional Aide, and his first time contributing to Ask a Tech Teacher.

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High-Agency in the Remote and Hybrid Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Educators desperately want and need support. They need practical strategies that are not just effective but also can be developed in a reasonable amount of time.

Creating Your Own Tutoring and Teaching Company with Megan Padden-Shin

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Creating Your Own Tutoring and Teaching Company with Megan Padden-Shin Megan Padden-Shin has successfully built a tutoring and teaching company during the past two years.

Tech Tip #9–Quickly Hide Your Screen

Ask a Tech Teacher

In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

6 ideas for infusing choice into the math classroom

Ditch That Textbook

This post is written by Mandi Tolen a math teacher from Missouri. You can connect with her on Twitter @MandiTolenEDU and check out her blog I love the idea of giving students choices in the classroom.

The Guide to Accessible Learning for Associations

Speaker: Dan Streeter, Vice President of Learning Strategy & Development at Blue Sky eLearn

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share real-world accessibility solutions and hidden tools in the applications you use every day such as Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Articulate Storyline 360, and Articulate Rise 360. This webinar will help you evaluate the accessibility of your current learning efforts and learn about the tools needed to ensure your eLearning is in alignment with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (proposed WCAG 2.2).

Opinion: It is Time for Real Change – and That Change is Long Overdue

EdNews Daily

By Christy S. Martin, Ed.D. Our school calendar, based on factors that are long gone, is one of the most antiquated things that still exists in schools.

Research Based Strategies for Distance Learning with Dr. Matthew Rhoads

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Research-Based Strategies for Distance Learning with Dr. Matthew Rhoads Dr. Matthew Rhoads is teaching at a distance and coaching other teachers to improve their teaching as well.

What You Might Have Missed in September

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of September: 19 Websites and 5 Posters to Teach Mouse Skills. Teacher-Authors–Writing and Labor Day Go Well Together. 5 reasons why outdoor learning is vital for young children. Favorite Shortkeys for Special Needs.

What Educators Need to know about Social Media, Online Bullying, and Hate Speech in Schools


The Internet has revolutionized much of modern life, especially when it comes to education. There are benefits when students can learn and socialize in online spaces, but it comes with a dark side. Nearly three out of five U.S. teens say they have been harassed or bullied online.

Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

Taking students seriously disrupts our comfort and threatens our sense of authority

Dangerously Irrelevant

Nicole Williams Beechum said : We know from research that students can have more robust learning experiences when what happens in school is relevant to their lives, helps them connect to a larger purpose, and is grounded in a sense of belonging.

What 5 chatbots tell us about the future of HE


Last time we talked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education , we’ve seen how smart speakers can help university students navigate campus life. However, voice-assisted technology isn’t the only one making a splash in universities; text-based communication is also a big hit.

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Three Retrospectives We Love for Reflecting on Return Planning

Education Elements

Across the country, students have returned to school, whether it’s in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid model.

Blended Teaching: How Plagiarism Detection Software can Help Educators

Educational Technology Guy

Blended Teaching: How Plagiarism Detection Software Can Help Educators Gain Confidence Discover the benefits of using plagiarism detection software in times of blended teaching Today, EdTech has become more popular than ever before.

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

Books I read in September 2020

Dangerously Irrelevant

Books I finished reading (or rereading) in September 2020… Parable of the Sower , Octavia Butler [sci fi]. Parable of the Talents , Octavia Butler [sci fi]. All Systems Red , Martha Wells [sci fi]. Lord Foul’s Bane , Stephen Donaldson [fantasy]. The Illearth War , Stephen Donaldson [fantasy].

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Curriculum is the Key to Flexible, Future-Ready Schools

EdNews Daily

By William Zhou This past spring, schools all across the U.S. faced similar challenges but experienced wildly different outcomes. When Covid-19 forced building closures in March, administrators quickly found out which end of the spectrum they inhabited?from

Math Facts Without Worksheets

Teacher Tech

Math facts for many students, including myself when I was in elementary school, is anxiety producing. A worksheet filled with 30+ problems is hardly engaging either. A focus on number sense and viewing math as patterns helps students to get into math rather than fear it.

Reducing Stress During Pandemic Teaching


With the stressors of COVID-19 teaching likely to be around for some time to come, educator Curtis Chandler suggests ways he and others can use research-based strategies to reduce teaching stress, hold pandemic angst at bay and bolster our capacity to serve kids well.

Unlock the Power of Formative Assessment

Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers understand where students are in their learning, inform instruction, and in turn, positively impact student learning outcomes. Get the guide today!

Prioritizing school funding in the midst of multiple crises

eSchool News

Faced with fast-changing instructional models, varying infection rates, decreasing revenue sources, and a variety of natural disasters, how can education finance officials meet the short-term needs of their districts as well as longer-term school funding requirements?

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The EduJedi Report Podcast – EdTech Chaos

EdNews Daily

In this episode of the EduJedi Report Podcast, Host and Learning Counsel CEO LeiLani Cauthen discusses the general education tech chaos with Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director of Instructional Development and Support at Gwinnett County Public Schools in Atlanta.

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Google Classroom Popsicle Sticks – Call on Students

Teacher Tech

If you use Google Classroom you can call on students randomly from within the Google Classroom App. Mobile App This works only on your phone or iPad (or using the Google Classroom android app on a Chromebook.) This currently does NOT work on the web version of Google Classroom.

Will the students who didn’t show up for online class this spring go missing forever?

The Hechinger Report

Monica Williams remembers the late May day she and first grade teacher Lizette Gutierrez reconnected with the four young siblings from Cable Elementary. No teachers from the San Antonio elementary had heard from the children since schools closed abruptly in March due to the pandemic.

Report 113

The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

Tackling unfinished learning in mathematics

eSchool News

The 2019–20 school year was unlike any other, and there is uncertainty about what teaching and learning will look like this fall.

What is Screencastify and How Does it Work?


Record the screen while you're live online with this easy to use but powerful tool

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Creating A @SmoreNewsletter by @MCarrilloEDU

Teacher Tech

Providing students a ‘choice’ to create a NEWSLETTER will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their learning, incorporate the 4C’s and learn a skill that is relevant. The post Creating A @SmoreNewsletter by @MCarrilloEDU appeared first on Teacher Tech. EdTech Tool Guest Post