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3 Ways in which edtech enables hybrid learning


A version of this post was originally published on December 3rd, 2020, in Education IT Reporter. Worldwide, schools and universities are now, like never before, dealing with a large-scale disruption in education. With restrictions still in place, many schools are still closed or functioning at a reduced capacity or with socially-distanced classes, making it challenging to have a stable schedule. Everyone is affected: students, teachers, other school staff, parents.

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A Four Step Process for Developing Data Culture in School Districts

Education Elements

For more than a century, standardized testing data have been used to measure the success of students, teachers, and schools - and even to mark our global competitiveness or lack thereof.

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4 ways to support students during online learning

eSchool News

Online learning can both hinder and hold back a child. During this past year, educators and students across the country have grappled with how to adapt to online learning challenges.

#WorldReadAloudDay February 5

Ask a Tech Teacher

On Feb. 5, 2020, World Read Aloud Day celebrates the pure joy of oral reading with kids of all ages.

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SplashLearn Makes Learning Fun and Creates Fearless Learners

Loved by more than 30 million kids, SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that creates engaging learning experiences to nurture a generation of fearless learners. SplashLearn is the fastest growing elementary school math program in the US, used by more than 440,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools across the United States.

A Message to School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

A great deal has been written on the heroic efforts of teachers during the pandemic. I, for one, have penned my fair share of posts that highlight the exceptional work they have and continue to do under extraordinarily challenging conditions.

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Why most schools won’t ‘reinvent’ themselves after the pandemic

Dangerously Irrelevant

A number of folks have been eagerly encouraging schools to ‘reinvent’ themselves after the pandemic. Here is a smattering of such articles: A time for disruptive innovation in education. COVID-19 as a catalyst for educational change.

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What You Might Have Missed in January

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of January. Classes in Remote Teaching. 5 (free) Shortkey Posters. 9 Great Websites to Inspire 3rd Graders. Ten Most Important Keyboard Keys. Great Websites for Special Needs. Edtech Trends From 2020 And Beyond. Game-based Learning in Remote Teaching.

Lessons from Apple and Kodak for the next USAID administrator

The Christensen Institute

On January 13th, President Joe Biden selected Samantha Power, ex-US ambassador to the United Nations, to lead the USAID. If confirmed, this will make Power one of the most powerful people in international development.

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Edupreneur Rising – How Educators Are Creating Side Businesses

The CoolCatTeacher

Will Deymaport talks about the profit and purpose behind edupreneurs From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In today’s episode, Dr. Will Deymaport talks about the trends, topics, and timeliness of something called, edupreneurship. Teachers everywhere are doing some inventive things to make ends meet. In March 2019, Dr. Will made a documentary The Edupreneur.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Designing and Facilitating Learning for an Alternating A-B Hybrid Schedule

Catlin Tucker

As schools prepare to accommodate more in-person learning, many are opting for a hybrid schedule that divides the student body into two groups that will alternate days on campus to keep numbers lower in classrooms and allow for social distancing.

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100th Day of School — Make it about Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

Before becoming a teacher, I didn’t understand why the 100th day of school was a big deal.

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Redesigning for Deeper Learning: 10 cohorts for international school educators!

Dangerously Irrelevant

I am SUPER EXCITED to be offering this professional learning opportunity for international school educators! 5 tracks… 10 cohorts… 28 total sessions. ALL on instructional redesign (or leadership) for deeper learning. Woo hoo!

Ways to Build Media Literacy in Your Students, and Why You Should


“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain (but not really).[1]. Thanks to the Internet, news can travel around the world at the speed of light. So can lies, conspiracy theories, and misinformation.

Develop A Feature-Rich App for Any Virtual Classroom

Building an e-learning platform? Download the solution brief to learn how you can create a customized, feature-rich, interactive classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

TCEA 2021: 5 Ways to Create a Virtual Classroom With Microsoft Teams

EdTech Magazine

Students may now be learning from home, but many teachers still think in terms of the classroom, whether it’s a virtual one or in a brick-and-mortar building. That’s why collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams have become so valuable during the pandemic.

Subscriber Special: More MLK

Ask a Tech Teacher

Every month, subscribers to our newsletter get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching. Last month’s freebie was so popular, we’re extending it into February: xx. Free Martin Luther King Day Lesson Plans.

Google Applied Digital Skills: 5 reasons why you should try this FREE curriculum

Ditch That Textbook

Google’s Applied Digital Skills Curriculum can be the refreshing resource you never knew you needed. Best of all, it’s easy to use and 100% free for everyone! This post is guest written by Sue Tranchina. Sue is a high school business-technology and video production teacher at Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch, NJ. […]. The post Google Applied Digital Skills: 5 reasons why you should try this FREE curriculum appeared first on Ditch That Textbook. G Suite

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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Tips and Strategies for Educators


Classrooms in the United States are more diverse—culturally and linguistically—than ever before.[15] 15] Yet schools are often structured to exclude students from marginalized communities.

8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

FETC 2021: Rebuilding Learning Beyond the Classroom

EdTech Magazine

The shift to remote and hybrid learning environments has not been easy for educators to manage. That’s especially the case when their lessons lean heavily on interactive learning approaches. This is a particular challenge for STEM-based educators, who often rely on hands-on learning approaches.

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College Board Changes AP Exams Again to Accommodate Pandemic-Era Testing


Since the Advanced Placement (AP) program began in the 1950s, tens of millions of students have taken their exams in school, with paper and pencil, over the course of several hours. That format held for decades, but ultimately could not withstand the challenges posed by a global pandemic.

Should we radically change the way we teach digital citizenship?


February 9th, 2021, marks the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day , a day to come “together for a better internet,” which is more important than ever in light of recent events.

Other Data: 20 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher

TeachThought - Learn better.

Teachers are given bar graphs on tests to show if they're actually making a difference but there are other data points you should consider. The post Other Data: 20 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching Inspirational New Teacher Whole Teacher

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7 Benefits of Lesson Plans in the Cloud

What if teachers didn’t have to lug tons of paperwork with them to and from work? Having lesson plans available anywhere is just one of the advantages.

TCEA 2021: Valuable Lessons for K–12 Learned During the Pandemic

EdTech Magazine

As part of the virtual TCEA 2021 conference that kicked off this week, three experts in educational technology discussed the biggest challenges for K–12 schools during the pandemic, the lessons they hope schools will remember and what advice they would share with district leaders.

How Educators are Using the Exclusive Social Media App Clubhouse


Maybe you’ve heard the buzz, maybe you’re on the waitlist, or perhaps you’ve entered a few rooms. The new social media app Clubhouse is gaining traction across many industries as Influencers, celebrities , and marketing professionals are heading to the app to connect and collaborate. (If

5 ways schools hope to fight Covid-19 learning loss

The Hechinger Report

Schools are planning extended years, summer programs and tutoring sessions to address Covid-19 reading loss. Credit: Terrell Clark for The Hechinger Report.

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Ten Keys to Affective School Leadership

EdNews Daily

By Jamie Bricker This is the latest article in a monthly series on the impact of Affective Leadership in the school system. Affective leadership is all about working with people, rather than trying to work through them or simply going around them.

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6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.