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Teaching SEL skills in online education


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process that helps kids and adults alike to understand and manage their emotions so that they can develop positive and meaningful social relationships.

3 ways to forge teacher-student connections during COVID

eSchool News

New research highlights the adverse effect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on teachers and students across the country–and it also underscores the importance of teacher-student connections.

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10 post-COVID policy issues facing education

eSchool News

A new report from the Aurora Institute examines the top 10 K-12 education policy issues that have surfaced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back to Basics: Lesson Planning for the Concurrent Classroom

Catlin Tucker

Teachers juggling the concurrent classroom with some students physically attending class and others joining remotely via video conferencing are trying to balance the demands of teaching in two learning landscapes simultaneously.

3 Templates for Uncomplicating Your Product Management Process

In this workbook, you’ll find a comprehensive set of templates product development and cross-functional teams can adopt to better leverage your existing skills and your data.

Time is What Teachers Need Right Now

A Principal's Reflections

At first glance, this post's title might be perceived that hybrid learning is not working in many districts and schools. I can state unequivocally that it is based on firsthand experience coaching in schools the past couple of months.

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15 ways to create unforgettable multimedia with Adobe Spark

Ditch That Textbook

Creating great images, pages and video can spark students’ interest in learning. Adobe Spark makes that possible for free. This post is written by Claudio Zavala Jr., an edtech and creative media consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Traveling to America’s Heartland!

Ask a Tech Teacher

I am out of pocket the rest of this week and next. I’m visiting my wonderful sister in the rural Marion Indiana. I can’t wait to live a measured, natural life for at least a week where we can veges, check on her bee hives, and eat indoors at a restaurant!


Video Games for Relationship- and Team Building

User Generated Education

I had the privilege of taking a workshop on Fortnite Creative facilitated by Steven Isaacs. I decided to take this workshop because I knew that many of my students (3rd-7th grade gifted students) were playing Fortnite.

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Making the Most of Distance Learning: 7 Tips to Share with Parents

Digital Promise

Digital Promise and Learning Heroes have teamed up for a special blog series that explores how teachers and families can use technology to work together and facilitate learning for students of all ages. The series centers on the experiences of teachers and parents and provides family-focused tips and resources to support children’s academic progress, social-emotional development, and overall well-being.

The SaaS Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every SaaS business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

How to make an FAQ page for parents and students

Ditch That Textbook

An FAQ (frequently asked questions) can save us time and provide resources for parents and students. Here's how to make one. As educators we field a LOT of questions -- from students and from parents. When is that permission slip due again?Can Can I turn that assignment in late?What

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At UNGA, world leaders agree to build a fairer world; the question is how

The Christensen Institute

Although the UN General Assembly meetings began with bitter political sparring between countries such as the United States and China, many world leaders are taking this opportunity to sound the alarm on the untold suffering the COVID-19 pandemic has caused and the looming crisis coming from climate change.

Leveraging R&D to Spark Innovation in Your School District

Education Elements

At the core of innovation in companies leading the way in developing solutions for the future is a Research and Development team, more commonly known as R&D. This is where insight and inspiration are translated into creative and impactful solutions.

New Certification for Edtech Products has Unique Learners in Mind

Digital Promise

With many schools undergoing distance learning or operating in hybrid environments due to COVID-19, edtech tools are being used more broadly as a fundamental part of teaching and learning. Many products, though, are being elevated as primary or core resources with limited information available about the research backing each design.

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Wireless Projecting with Google Meet

Wireless projecting using Google Meet to replace the Google Cast for Education extension!

6 Ways in which an LMS is central to an effective e-learning strategy


A version of this post was originally published on July 2, 2020, in Open Access Government. In the context of the pandemic, many schools and universities turned to virtual learning environments as the only way of ensuring some continuity of education during these times of crisis.

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Creating a positive-sum education system could stop students from running a rat race to nowhere

The Christensen Institute

With mental health challenges on the rise for students—and Covid-19 exacerbating the situation—many have pointed a finger at how students throughout the country compete against each other for a variety of honors, including most prominently chasing admission to prestigious colleges.

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Help Your Students to be Entrepreneurs

EdNews Daily

By Nancy Conrad When people think of student entrepreneurs, the first that come to mind are the stories of moguls like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who dropped out of university to create some of the most profitable companies in the world. And while their success is impressive and should be recognized, that type of fame and fortune can make the narrative about the journey and the experience seem unattainable to most.

50 Fall Door Decoration Ideas for Your Classroom


Decorating your classroom (or, for virtual teachers, background space) for autumn is an easy way to bring a smile to your students’ faces. If you’re still teaching in person in some capacity, fall door decor can be great for keeping spirits high. Looking for some festive and simple fall door decorating ideas? We’ve got you covered. These fall-themed decorations are sure to delight your students all season long!

Develop A Feature-Rich App for Any Virtual Classroom

Building an e-learning platform? Download the solution brief to learn how you can create a customized, feature-rich, interactive classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

What If Schools Viewed Outdoor Learning as ‘Plan A’?


Over the summer, photos began to circulate of children, bundled in warm coats, mittens and thick hats, reading books at their desks, outside, in the New York City winter. And eating lunch at their desks, outside, in the New England winter. And in the Chicago one, too.

Helping students make new friends during COVID is possible. Two programs show how.

The Christensen Institute

“I might be one of the few people coming out of the COVID-19 situation with more friends,” said Karine Durand. Durand’s words have stuck with me for months.

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100 Search Engines For Academic Research

TeachThought - Learn better.

From science databases to document collections and more, here are 100 of the best search engines for academic research. The post 100 Search Engines For Academic Research appeared first on TeachThought. Learning Our Most Popular Veteran Teacher

Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

Teacher Tech

Every day I add a question to Google Classroom asking students to indicate their attendance. Create Question Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork tab. Click on “Classwork” at the top and use the “Create” button to choose “Question.”

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The Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

Virtual Signs of Serious Mental Health Problems: A Teacher's Guide to Protecting Students


Today’s students are the most at-risk for mental health problems in a generation. That was already true before the start of this turbulent year, thanks to the advent of the smartphone, the rise of social media and the growing dominance of internet culture in daily life.

For districts ending police contracts, make sure it’s not in name only

The Christensen Institute

Following George Floyd’s killing in late May, the Minneapolis school board voted unanimously to terminate its contract with the city’s Police Department.

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Remote learning has been a disaster for many students. But some kids have thrived

The Hechinger Report

John was having some trouble in class. This story also appeared in The Christian Science Monitor. The seventh grader had been diagnosed with ADHD and a language disorder that makes processing verbal and nonverbal cues a challenge.

5 Time Saving Tips for Teaching with Spreadsheets

Teacher Tech

It’s my birthday and everyone knows no one loves a spreadsheet more than I love a spreadsheet! Here are 5 things you can do with a spreadsheet that will save you time! 1) Automatic Numbering Spreadsheets recognize a pattern. Highlight the pattern and grab the fill square to drag the pattern.

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8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.