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A Model of Good Teaching?

User Generated Education

One of my guilty pleasures is watching MasterChef Junior, a cooking competition for 8 to 12 year olds, and as an educator, I have been analyzing it as a model for good teaching. My observations include: The challenges are hands-on and naturally engaging for these kids. They are based on the kids’ passion for and interest in cooking. The kids don’t need to be graded about their performances. Consequences are natural. Food gets burned. The kids sometimes get burned.

How Hashtags Can Empower You in 2016

Teacher Reboot Camp

“The hashtag, that ubiquitous pound sign followed by a keyword, are part of the language of social media.”- ”- Neil Patel, Forbes. In August 2007, Chris Messina introduced hashtags (#) into Twitter’s code , which meant anyone using the platform could add a # sign front of any word(s) without spaces to make it a clickable link leading to a page where all tweets with this hashtag were aggregated.


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Improving Instruction in a Digital World

A Principal's Reflections

The Rigor and Relevance Framework —an action ­oriented continuum that describes putting knowledge to use—gives teachers and administrators a way to develop both instruction and assessment while providing students with a way a way to project learning goals. This framework, based on traditional elements of education yet encouraging movement from acquisition of knowledge to application of knowledge, charts learning along the two dimensions of higher standards and student achievement.

Web Filtering in K-12 Schools: The Past, Present, and Future


By Tom Walker. A Brief History of Web Filtering in K-12 Schools. When I started my career in K-12 IT, web content filtering in schools was a fairly new creature. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was still in its early stages and various approaches to content filtering began to emerge. A handful of companies began to surface as the leaders in providing appliance web filtering solutions to deploy in the K-12 infrastructure.

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

10 keys to success in blended learning

Ditch That Textbook

In our eighth-grade math prototype and our elementary math programs, I’ve watched teachers as they adapt to blended learning. For many of them, the idea isn’t a strange one, and it has provided some unexpected surprises (both good and bad). Elementary teachers have seen the value of centers for a long time. Middle and high school teachers [.]. Ed Tech blended learning edtech educational technology flipped classroom formative assessment

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Coming Attractions: 2016 Themes

Battelle for Kids

Volume 2, Issue 14, Number 14. Wednesday December 30, 2015. P21 Blogazine will feature the following themes in 2016. To contribute a post for a 21st Century Learning theme, contact Final drafts are due 15 days or earlier prior to start of scheduled month. Volume 3. January: Blended Learning: The Pros and Cons February: Communication in 21st Century Classrooms March: STEAM or STEM? April: The Power of Play May: Workforce Readiness: Whose Job Is It? P21 Blogazine

5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Catlin Tucker

At the end of each year, it’s fun to reflect on what I’ve written about and what other educators have gravitated to on my blog. This year the following 5 blog posts generated the most activity and conversation! #1 1 Thesis Statement Throwdown. This activity is a fan favorite and requires zero technology. It transforms thesis statement writing into a fun collaborative task complemented by dance beats and a healthy dose of competition. #2

Ditch That Textbook’s Best of 2015

Ditch That Textbook

2015 was a whirlwind year full of change. In education, Google Classroom was around for its first full year and became a mainstay in classes around the world. New tools like Periscope and Seesaw became more popular than ever. More and more educators became connected, joining Twitter, Voxer and other social media. For me and [.]. Ed Tech best of 2015 edtech educational technology gafe google apps for education

From track to field: how personalized learning changes more than the player

Education Elements

Personalized learning received some hot press in the last month. First, in an open letter to their newborn daughter, Max, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan shared their hopes for personalized learning. To make good on their intentions, they've announced that they will donate 99 percent of their Facebook stock, currently valued at $45 billion, of which a portion will support personalized learning efforts. Personalized Learning Leaders Personalized Classroom District LEaders EdTech

The Guide to Accessible Learning for Associations

Speaker: Dan Streeter, Vice President of Learning Strategy & Development at Blue Sky eLearn

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share real-world accessibility solutions and hidden tools in the applications you use every day such as Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Articulate Storyline 360, and Articulate Rise 360. This webinar will help you evaluate the accessibility of your current learning efforts and learn about the tools needed to ensure your eLearning is in alignment with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (proposed WCAG 2.2).

Education 2015: A Brilliant or Insane Review

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. Rather than listing our Top 10 posts, which you’ve likely already seen, I decided to share some of our biggest moments from 2015, related to education, blogging, writing, publishing and other areas. Please share your own insights and accomplishments from 2015, in our comment section below. From Brilliant or Insane You made us extremely popular this year. Nearly 540,000 people […].

21st Century Learning: Getting it Right

Battelle for Kids

Volume 2, Issue 14, Number 14. Driving Question: How can we get the concept of 21st Century Learning Right? I love the words of the New York Times/PBS News Hour's David Brooks. I try never to miss a column or his Friday night debate with Mark Shields. What's there to like? Mostly his stimulating point of view and razor sharp thinking. Sometimes I agree with him; more often, not. Whichever it is, his thought is always precise and clear and his facts mostly accurate.

What Is Genius Hour?

TeachThought - Learn better.

What Is Genius Hour? by TeachThought Staff Genius hour is an approach to learning where students are guided by their own interests, background knowledge, and curiosity to learn. From the. The post What Is Genius Hour? appeared first on TeachThought. Learning Definitions General genius hour New Teacher

All the Vocabulary Help You’re Likely to Need


Under the canopy of the Common Core, student knowledge of academic vocabulary matters more than ever, across all the content areas. As assessment season approaches, MiddleWeb has gathered together our five most popular and helpful articles about word study. Articles Vocabulary academic language academic vocabulary Amber Chandler Brenda Overturf Janet Allen lee ann spillane Marilee Sprenger vocabulary word studies

Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

Start 2016 Right - Work Less, Do More. Here's How!


Get Your Life Back in 2016 Rock at Work by Working Less - Learn How. click here ! [ NEW Members can join NOW until January 3rd ] I'm a skeptic. I have to have things proven to me before I'll believe them, especially when they sound so amazing. I'm also nosy. When I see something I don't understand or want to know more about, a burning curiosity takes over as I seek answers or solutions.

eBook 120

Special Posts to Start 2016

Battelle for Kids

From 2015 to 2016. This week, I repeat two posts from our outstanding collection of 2015 posts.just in case you missed them. These captured the transition to our 2016 themes. In 2016, our themes will deal with more of the key words that connect 21st Century Learning. I hope will consider writing your story under a theme that reflects your thinking about what makes 21st Century Learning special. To seed your ideas, catch this week's posts. Jim Bellanca, Editor. P21 Blogazine

How Can I bring Robotics Into My Curriculum? Programming Robots with SPRK Lightning Lab #AskTheTechCoach


Download. Listen in a New Window. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Leave a Review. Clammr It. Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Follow @TeacherCast. Leave a VoiceMail. Sphero has just rolled out their new programming platform and community center, Lightning Lab. With this app Sphero positions SPRK programming alongside Scratch and other web-enabled platform.

A List of Things I’ve Learned in 2015

The Jose Vilson

For one, don’t make lists because it makes people reach for things that aren’t there. 2015 is the year people forgot some of my titles. I am a full-time teacher at a middle school with a predominantly Dominican-American student body. I am a father to a toddler, a partner to a wonderful woman, a writer for some prominent outlets, and the founder of an activist collective. I don’t get much sleep, and don’t eat as well as I should.

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

Classroom Technology Gets Everyone Out from Behind the Desk

EdTech Magazine

By Steve Zurier Innovative districts keep Teachers mobile. Mobility

How Better Grading Reshaped My Teaching


A struggling student's recent exclamation that she UNDERSTOOD a history lesson confirmed to Shara Peters that her new school's grading policy improves teaching and student achievement by shifting the emphasis from earning a higher grade to achieving mastery. Assessment Future of History assessment differentiated learning formative assessment growth mindset project based learning Rebecca Berger Shara Peters summative assessment

2016 and Beyond: The Future of Classroom Technology by @MelanieNathan


Widespread public interest surrounds new technologies in the classroom. The infusion of innovative learning systems and computerization into educational settings promises to create significant change in the near future. With many communities anxious to enhance local school systems and increase opportunities for students, teachers and pupils, 2016 appears poised to witness a lot of exciting new developments in the world of education technology.

LMS 69

The Top JLV Posts of 2015 (According To You And Me)

The Jose Vilson

According to thousands of you, here are the top ten posts 2015 with a few words from each post. This blog surpassed a million views since inception. Considering I’m doing this without any major sponsorship, publications, or well-regarded co-signs, I’m ecstatic about this and so much more. Without further adieu, here they are: Opting Out Of Everything. “I wanted to listen to the whole commercial, but, instead I hurried up, paid for my groceries, and got the hell out.

Unlock the Power of Formative Assessment

Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers understand where students are in their learning, inform instruction, and in turn, positively impact student learning outcomes. Get the guide today!

5 Tech Trends that Could Supercharge Education in 2016

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith The technologies of tomorrow are already making headway into education, and others are poised for mass distribution in 2016. Big Data Bring Your Own Device Business Intelligence Classroom Data Center Digital Content Internet Management Mobility Network Monitoring STEM

Resolved: Amp Up the New Year!


An NCTE workshop convinced Cheryl Mizerny that if she's going to expect her students to set challenging goals, reflect, and try again, then she needs to practice what she preaches. Her resulting resolutions may ring true for many middle grades teachers. It's Not Easy Being Tween New Year's Resolutions Cheryl Mizerny classroom environment Joy Kirr middle school. Kid President New Year's resolutions Pernille Ripp precepts R.J. Palacio SEL

How @ChalkupEdu Makes Any Educator’s Day Better


Download. Listen in a New Window. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Leave a Review. Clammr It. Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Follow @TeacherCast. Leave a VoiceMail. Does your school technology actually make your day better? Does it push classrooms further or expedite tedious processes? Does it keep you in touch with your school community? Does it do for you what paper and pencil cannot? If technology is not making your day better, let’s take a step back. That’s a problem.

LMS 69

7 Hacks for Google Classroom

Teacher Tech

I love using Google Classroom. It solves the sharing permissions problem when using Google Docs and makes it so easy for me to find all student work in one convenient place in Google Drive. When I have a specific wish for Google Classroom I use Google Apps Script to create a custom solution. Keep a […]. Classroom Google Intermediate

The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

Most Popular of 2015, No. two: The advanced Google searches every student should know

eSchool News

Google has amazing tools for finding school-worthy sources. Too bad most kids don’t know they exist. note : We’re counting down the top stories of 2015 based on popularity (i.e. website traffic) to No. 1 on Dec. The second Alan November piece to crack the top ten (he had a third in the top fifteen) tackles a pervasive problem — students who graduate high school and enter college or their careers without adequate search skills. Did he seriously just ask that? How old is this guy?”

A Resource to Support RTI in Secondary Schools


William N. Bender explains how to effectively use RTI in conjunction with differentiated instruction and technology strategies in all subject areas. Reviewer Sarah Iriogbe-Efionayi joins him in anticipating RTI's move into secondary schools and its potential to significantly change instruction there. Book Reviews RTI high school middle school Sarah Iriogbe-Efionayi Solution Tree William N Bender

Jersey Educator Podcast Episode 1


Download. Listen in a New Window. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Leave a Review. Clammr It. Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Follow @TeacherCast. Leave a VoiceMail. Welcome to a new podcast series, the Jersey Educator Podcast, sponsored by the New Jersey Education Association. Whether you are a teacher, an education support professional, or a New Jersey Student Education Association member, this show will serve as a platform to help YOU bring out the best in your students.