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Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME!

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For the last few years I''ve used a website and blog to communicate with students, hold online discussions, offer help and post resources. Maintaining the two different systems wasn''t always easy, there were features I wanted, and it was all public.

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Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by @mariadismondy Becomes a Musical!


Big News: Maria Dismondy''s first book is becoming a musical!!! That''s right, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are is going to become a real life musical in the very near future.

Great Reads for School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

Well the summer is unofficially over and all I can say is that it was one of the most productive breaks I have had in recent memory from a reading standpoint. I made a commitment to set aside time to read, something that I have failed miserably at in the past.

50 Shades of Mobile

The Mobile Native

Smart phones (MLDs) 1. SMCS Mobile Learning Technology 2. The Mobile Learning Portal 3. Learning in Hand 4. Cybrary Man''s Mobile Learning Page 5. 100 Mobile Tools for Teachers 6. Breaking the Cell Phone Ban 7. Go Mobile 4 Learning 8. Tool for Learning or Distraction? 50+ Tips and Resources 10.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Anatomy of a Teacher - infographic with interesting data on teachers and schools

Educational Technology Guy

Anatomy of a Teacher is an interesting infographic with data on teachers - percentage female vs. male, public vs. private schools, student/teacher ratios, salary, working hours and more. Take a look and see if the data matches your situation and share it with others. Source: [link].

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Common Core Connections: Unpacking Academic Vocabulary

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Are you wondering where to begin to adopt the Common Core Vocabulary Standards? While there are many specific vocabulary standards clearly listed in the K-12 Language strand, it''s helpful and important to look at Academic Vocabulary from the big picture view known as Shift 6. Let''s unpack it.

10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology

The 21st Century Principal

Here''s a list of ten things a school leader does to kill any teacher’s enthusiasm for using technology in their classrooms. An alternative title for this list might be, “10 Things a 21st Century School Leader Will Not Do to Discourage Teachers from Engaging in the Use of Technology.” Mandate the use of technologies or specific programs. One of the fastest ways to kill an educator''s enthusiasm for infusing technology is mandate a specific technology or specific program.

11 Awesome Infographics about Space

Educational Technology Guy

Space.the Final Frontier.ok, it''s a little corny, but space has always captured the imagination of people. It''s unknown, it''s cool, it''s in all the great science fiction movies. But, how much do people really know about space and the space program?

Turn your child's drawing into a real toy!


Draw your Toy I''ve seen many pins fly around on Pinterest about submitting your child''s drawing in to a company in order to have the company mail you the stuffed toy based on the child''s picture.

Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.

Online Teacher Development Works Best - 15 Reasons Why

Nik Peachey

I've started this article with quite a bold statement, but it's a conclusion that I have been coming to over the course of quite a few years now.

9 Principles of Courageous Leadership for 21st Century School Leaders

The 21st Century Principal

“A common requirement of leaders at all levels is having the courage to make tough decisions and take difficult actions,” write authors David Cottrell and Eric Harvey in their book Leadership Courage: Leadership Strategies for Individual and Organizational Success. A big part of courage in 21st century leadership is standing up for what is right.

Google Spreadsheets adds Discussions for easier collaboration

Educational Technology Guy

Google Spreadsheets, Google''s online, collaborative spreadsheet system in Google Drive has just added an awesome feature - discussions. This feature is already in Documents and Presentations.

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Web 2.0 Research Tools: A Quick Guide


Web 2.0 Tools in Education Series Research Tools: A Quick Guide Wouldn''t it be nice if there was a resource that explained, in detail, everything you needed to know about using online researching tools: what tools were available, how to sign up, getting started, etc.?

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Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

Learner analytics

Learning with 'e's

As was identified in the 2011 NMC Horizon Report ( I served on the advisory board of the UK JISC version), it seems that learner analytics is going to be a big thing for education over the next four to five years.

The "Hack Your Education" City-by-City Tour

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

THE INFORMATION IN THIS BLOG POST IS NOT CURRENT - PLEASE GO TO HTTP://WWW.HACKYOUREDUCATION.COM Next week I''m going on the road to try out an idea. I want to see if I can make a difference by cultivating local conversations on education, and to learn some things in the process.

Free Online Science Journal from US Forest Service

Educational Technology Guy

The US Forest Service has a very cool site called the Investi-gator , that is an upper elementary school science education journal.

Help Prepare Children for Success in Life with free e-book Timmy Tuna


I am thrilled to introduce HumanBean as our newest Kleinspiration sponsor and partner. HumanBean has taken on a very significant purpose in the education of our children.

Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

Taking the risk

Learning with 'e's

I spent a very enjoyable day in North Yorkshire this week working with the teachers and students of Skipton Girls High School.

The Students are Coming!

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Tomorrow starts the first day with students, and as a way to ease them (all of us) back into the schedule, we have 1/2 days with 20 minute periods. The next few days will be hectic as well with class meetings and the inevitable shaking out the kinks of student schedules.

More Great Tips and Resources for Using Evernote

Educational Technology Guy

Evernote is one of my favorite resources and tools that I use daily as a teacher, student, writer, presenter, and person. Evernote is a way to get organized. It is a great, free resource that allows you to easily capture information using whatever device or operating system you use. It then makes this information accessible and searchable from anywhere. Their tagline: “Remember Everything.”

Free and Simple Sharing of Common Assessments with @MasteryConnect


Back-to-school, what an exciting part of the year! As we put the finishing touches on the organization of our space, we are also beginning to design our curriculum. Much of this process involves getting acclimated to new tech tools we may have inherited or found over the summer.

EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.

Promoting change in schools

Learning with 'e's

In yesterday's blogpost I discussed the problems of change management in schools and suggested that the biggest barrier to the successful adoption of new technologies lies in the minds of teachers.

Submit Your Proposals for the Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Proposals for the free Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference are due at the end of next week (September 15th), and we really hope you will consider submitting to present if you live in the library world or your work is related! Last year''s conference had just under 10,000 attendee log-ins from all over the world! Because the conference dates are earlier this year, we know that the submission process for many of you is smack dab at the start of the school year, and you may be (are likely!)

Attachment Viewer for Gmail - view & edit docs and more in Gmail

Educational Technology Guy

I use InstallFree Nexus and Rndr on my Chromebook and in Chrome to LibreOffice and Java on any device, including my Chromebook. They have another great extension for Chrome, Attachment Viewer for Gmail , which lets you view, edit, save and share attachments in Gmail.

This post sponsored by Starbucks


During the school year, my body is about 10% Starbucks or Dunkin''s iced coffee, so I am an authority on these places. Did you know that Starbucks offers a "Pick of the Week" app, book, or song? You can find the cards up on the counter or near the chaotic milk bar where I spill things.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.

Tech Tailgates

Comfortably 2.0

Labor gives birth to ideas. Jim Rohn I am nearing the first month anniversary of my new position with Aurora Public Schools as their PK-12 Tech Integration Specialist. What an amazing opportunity it has been for me professionally! I get to work with some of the most passionate, driven, creative educators I know. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking to myself that we do a great job of

Tuesday - Ron Wolk on "Wasting Minds"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me Tuesday, September 4th, for a live and interactive webinar with Ron Wolk, to discuss his book Wasting Minds : Why Our Education System Is Failing and What We Can Do About It. Currently Chairman at Big Picture Learning , and the founder and former editor of Education Week , Teacher Magazine , and Quality Counts , "Wolk draws on three decades spent in the school reform trenches to question the common assumptions about the U.S. education system.

Evernote - My Adventure Using it With My Students Continues

Educational Technology Guy

Evernote is one of my favorite tools and resources. I use it for lesson plans, research, collecting resources, clipping things from the web, organizing materials and much more. Evernote and Google Apps get 90% of what I need to do done. I just won a very cool contest Evernote hosted for educators. Along with 9 other teachers, I won a year of Evernote premium for me and all of my students, along with training and support to implement it with my class.