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Why We Need Elements of Leadership

Education Elements

This past September, Education Elements conducted a Leadership Pulse Check Survey of school leaders throughout the country.

Experience Can Be the Best Teacher

A Principal's Reflections

The earliest known version of the proverb that serves as the title for this post is attributed to Julius Caesar. You might have noticed that I tweaked it a little bit by replacing “is” with “can” to prove a point in a little bit.


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What Does the Future of Content Filtering Look Like for K–12 Education?

EdTech Magazine

All K–12 school districts have some variation of content filtering in place. They have to, to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

How to create media-rich, interactive maps for deeper learning

Ditch That Textbook

Google MyMaps lets students create maps with custom-pinned location. The magic, though, is in what you put in those pins. If we want to use technology in the classroom, we can’t just do the same kind of learning we did before it. Technology should improve the learning. Kick the lesson up a notch.

How To 262

6 Tips for EdTech Evaluation by Adult Learning Institutions

Many continuing adult education institutions have turned to technology used by higher ed with the following benefits: elevates teaching and learning, scales to address changes in staffing, enrollment and budget, and protects student and institutional data.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to All!

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’m taking next week off. I’ll be preparing for my daughter’s holiday visit from her home in DC and my son who’s visiting virtually from Okinawa Japan. I am so excited to see both of them! I’ll be back November 29th.

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The gains and pains of the think-pair-share strategy


As a collaborative teaching strategy, the think-pair-share approach has sparked controversy among teachers. Is it a valuable strategy you shouldn’t overlook or is it just not worth the time? Is it beneficial to the learning process or does it hinder progress?

New survey suggests teachers’ roles post-lockdown are unsustainable. Should expectations of schooling change?

The Christensen Institute

Schools are back in-person, but that doesn’t mean things are back to normal, according to our latest survey of 684 teachers.

Survey 225

Artificial Intelligence in Schools Demands Real-World Responsibility


In this day and age, almost every aspect of our lives is influenced in some way by artificial intelligence. AI powers everything from which video plays next when you’re watching YouTube to whether your job application is accepted or your insurance claim is approved.

System 151

Making Lemonade—Finding Edtech Best Practices From Pandemic Pivots

eSchool News

In this week’s Getting There: Innovations in Education, Editor at Large Kevin Hogan explores how education leaders are identifying the best practices that emerged from their COVID learning plans.

White Paper: Enabling digital creativity with Augmented Reality in K12 education

We have conducted 2 research projects on teaching with AR. This research has been conducted with the UiO and the UiS. The resulting white paper is an in-depth look at the state of creative learning through the use of 3D modeling and exploration in AR.

Why building school-community partnerships is the way forward


Collaboration in schools is essential and a big component of learning. At the same time, when we think about collaboration, we mainly refer to student-student collaboration, teachers collaborating among themselves, or even whole school collaboration for different projects.

STEM 246

What IT Leaders Need to Know About SaaS Security Posture Management

EdTech Magazine

As K–12 districts use more cloud computing and Software as a Service applications, district leaders need to be sure the apps that students and teachers use are properly configured and appropriately secured.

PROOF POINTS: The number of college graduates in the humanities drops for the eighth consecutive year

The Hechinger Report

The drop in college graduates who majored in humanities ranges between 16 percent and 29 percent since 2012. The last time colleges produced this few humanities graduates was in 2002. Credit: Meenakshi Van Zee for The Hechinger Report.

Why unstructured free play is a key remedy to bullying

eSchool News

October was National Bullying Prevention Month , and in my decade of teaching in high-poverty public elementary schools, I’ve seen strategy after strategy and initiative after initiative implemented to decrease bullying.

2021 Trends in Online Student Demographics’s second annual report on online student demographics explores the characteristics of today’s online students and their insights on college decision-making and the online learning experience amid the challenges of COVID-19.

How This Tool Ended Teachers’ Tech Fears and Addressed Students’ Social-Emotional Needs


Josh Davis spent 14 years teaching high school special education and middle school history, so he’s well aware of a few classroom constants.

Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in Digital Life


Social-emotional learning continues to be a key aspect of digital citizenship

Why Tech in Education Must Become More Accessible


Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels Many view technology as the great equalizer for those who are differently abled. It allows those with disabilities and other cognitive and perceptive limitations. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

3 approaches to help students become responsible cyber citizens

eSchool News

Children are getting more screen time than ever—a side effect of the pandemic’s impact on our usual routines. It’s not just the pandemic, however. Kids’ media preferences are changing as new apps and sleeker technology make it easier to stay connected (and be entertained) wherever they go.

Why Genentech Is Transforming the Employee Experience for Mental Health Leave

Speaker: Deborah Olson, Lead Strategist, Genentech, a member of the Roche Group & Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Lyra Health

Employees with the greatest mental health needs often find themselves navigating a complex disability system. Streamlining their mental health leave and recovery time leads to an overall more productive workforce. In this Lyra webinar, hear how Genentech is changing the employee experience to provide fast access to care for members who are suffering from severe mental health needs.

A Librarian's Death Left Her Life's Work in Limbo. Here's How It Found a New Home


How do you put a price on a free resource that serves low-income students? And how do you create a business model to keep that database going while protecting the privacy of the students who rely on it?

Free OTIS Webinar: Better Progress Reports

Teacher Tech

Join Alice Keeler December 9th, or watch the recording afterwards, for a FREE OTIS webinar on better progress reports in Google Classroom. The post Free OTIS Webinar: Better Progress Reports appeared first on Teacher Tech. Google

Chronic Absenteeism: Why It’s On The Rise and How to Overcome It


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to increase rates of chronic absenteeism, but there are proven strategies for improving attendance

What will it take to protect schools’ digital landscape?

eSchool News

Malicious actors have been turning their attention to the nation’s schools in a significant and unwelcome way.

3 Templates for Uncomplicating Your Product Management Process

In this workbook, you’ll find a comprehensive set of templates product development and cross-functional teams can adopt to better leverage your existing skills and your data.

The Microlearning Moment in Workplace Learning


Just as formal education systems made a dramatic shift to digital since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, on-the-job training is changing as well.

New Zenler Pricing 2021 – Is It Really That Affordable?

Sell Courses Online

… New Zenler Pricing 2021 – Is It Really That Affordable? Read the Post. Online Course Software New Zenler Pricing Guide

How to Create a Robot Library


Gilbert Public Schools district has created a robot library that features kits that can be borrowed by schools and come complete with lessons tied to standards

Building the ‘why’ into a districtwide literacy implementation

eSchool News

At Rockford Public Schools , we have a strong commitment to literacy growth. We take a comprehensive approach beginning with our foundational curriculum.

2021 Trends in College Career and Employment Planning

In this second annual report, part of the research series, 624 business leaders shared how their companies and organizations currently recruit and hire college students from both online and campus-based programs.