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With Students Lagging Globally in Science, the U.S. Looks to Inspire an Untapped Resource

A Principal's Reflections

The following is a guest post by Westfield Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Paul Pineiro. Underlying the lagging performance of U.S.

Finally, Something Good On The Radio

The Web20Classroom

It was said long ago that video killed the radio star. I dunno anything about that. But, radio (ok, podcasts) are alive and well. And lucky for you there are several good ones out there to listen to online or download on the go. I want to highlight 2 new ones.

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Five Ways to Build Lifelong Readers

The Innovative Educator

Guest post by Maddie Witter The new Common Core State Standards list skills to prepare American young people on the path toward the college and careers of their choice.

Standardized Tests & Comparing Student Scores: Relics of 20th Century Ed Systems

The 21st Century Principal

“Developing better tests of student learning in the 21st century is as futile as attempting to find a faster horse and buggy would have been in the 20th century.”

System 109

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Students Discover Tackk For Creating Online Reports

A Principal's Reflections

It''s no secret that educators are always on the lookout for cool new methods to help engage their students and save time.

Report 274

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Finally! Research-based proof that students use cell phones for LEARNING

The Innovative Educator

A new study conducted by TRU provides a body of research which supports the idea that students use cell phones to learn, and also that schools are not acknowledging or supporting them fully, yet.

Next Webinar: Improve Writing Skills with Google Docs

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Webinar on Tuesday Please join me and Simple K12 for a webinar to explore the integrated writing and research tools available in Google Docs to help students improve writing skills. Register. CCSS elearning google docs writing

7 Steps to Optimize Your Social Media Presence as an Educator

The 21st Century Principal

In his book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR , David Meerman Scott perhaps captures why a number of us so heavily engage in using social media: “ It’s fun to blog and tweet, and it makes you feel good to get your ideas out into the world.” It is fun to blog and tweet, and there is satisfaction that comes from “getting your ideas out there.” But for me real satisfaction comes from making “connections” with other educators and growing my personal learning network.

Learning is changing

Learning with 'e's

Learning is changing. In some ways learning has no need to change. In other ways, it is vital. The human race still has an innate desire to discover, to survive, to innovate, to explore.

Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.

Think twice before limiting screentime

The Innovative Educator

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends limiting a child's screentime to no more than one or two hours a day because, they say too much screen time has been linked to the following issues: Obesity. Irregular sleep (see #7 ). Behavioral problems. Impaired academic performance.

Study 113

Design Your Digital Classroom

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

On today. common core elearning multimedia web 2.0

4 Immediate Steps Teachers Can Take to Re-engage the Dis-engaged Student

The 21st Century Principal

“If tomorrow, every teacher in America spent 20 minutes of class time asking each student what her or his passion was, and then later used that information to understand each student more deeply and differentiate their instruction accordingly, education would take giant positive steps forward overnight.”

Creativity Is a River. Don't be a Dam

The Playground Advocate

Creativity and Innovation are two words that have been all over my Twitter feed lately. In fact, today''s #edchat was focused on these topics. Similarly, the last #DThink chat explored this topic.

Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

Five ways to connect with parents using Poll Everywhere

The Innovative Educator

Poll Everywhere provides a terrific way to capture the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of parents. Simply set up a multiple choice or free response poll, text parents the code, and have them text in their answers like they do on shows like American Idol.

Collaborate About iPad Apps on Wallwisher

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Mark Anderson @ ICTEvangelist has created an interactive Wallwisher board of sticky notes today on a hot topic, iPad apps for Edu. This is a great chance for educators to collaborate and quickly collect valuable resources. Please join in and create a note on the embedded wall below or for a better experience please visit the wall itself. It appears as though Wallwisher is trying to change it''s name to Padlet. Good luck! What''s your favourite iPad app 4 Edu & why? Created with Padlet

iPad 60

5 Tablet Apps and Browser Extensions That Make Evernote More Powerful

The 21st Century Principal

Today, I had the pleasure of conducting a training session with education professionals regarding Evernote, the note-taking software. Evernote is a “must-have” app for any educator these days.

Is all learning social?

Learning with 'e's

Just about every day I find myself embroiled in a discussions about fundamentals of learning, the nature of knowledge and the processes of education. It comes with the territory of working as an academic in a university, and I expect to do it much of the time.

Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

Today - Alan November on "Who Owns the Learning?"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me tonight, Monday, February 18th, for a live and interactive conversation with Alan November on his new book Who Owns the Learning? Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age.

Vsauce- Another Cool Place to Play

The Playground Advocate

I ran across Vsauce recently thanks to an email from Powerful Learning Practice. I love places where I can learn things I didn''t expect to be curious about prior to my visit. These videos are both informational and entertaining.

5 Baby-Steps for Using Twitter to Begin a Personal Learning Network

The 21st Century Principal

“Social media has offered us a platform where we can learn from and with the smartest people we ‘meet’ from around the world, whenever we need to or are ready to go.” Scott McLeod & Chris Lehman The School Leader’s Guide to Social Media Personal Learning Networks existed long before there was an Internet. I am perhaps showing my age, but my first “Personal Learning Network” used very little of the technologies we use now.

7 Things I Learned in Google's Advanced Power Searching Class

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Yes, this class was definitely more challenging than the first ! Full disclosure: I didn''t do all of the challenges. They were recommended, but not required. I did, however, watch all of the video tutorials. These are some of the cool things I learned: 1.

Leveraging Learner Variability to Elevate Equity in EdTech

Speaker: Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Director, Learner Variability Project

In this webinar, Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer of Digital Promise, will share his insights into the modern boom in neuroscience and learning sciences research. You'll discover how much more we know now about how students learn - and how we can use that knowledge to create EdTech-enabled classrooms that can meet the diverse needs of all students.

Today - Maurice Gibbons on Self-Directed Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me tonight, Thursday, February 21st, for a live and interactive conversation with Maurice Gibbons on self-directed learning.

The hottest posts everyone's reading

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Here’s the roundup of what''s been popular on The Innovative Educator blog this week. Below you’ll see the top weekly posts along with the number of pageviews. I hope there''s something that looks of interest to you. If it does, check it out. If you’re inspired, share it with others and/or leave a comment. 5 ideas to make the most of teacher evaluation Feb 10, 2013, 3 comments 2014 8 ways to use social media to connect w/parents.

Let’s End the Administrator War on Mobile Devices

The 21st Century Principal

“Mobile phones enable anytime, anyplace, anywhere engagement.” Scott McLeod & Chris Lehmann, What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies We’ve all worked with them, educators who have made it their mission to rid the classrooms and schools of this world of those infernal, disruptive devices called “cell phones.” Those on the front lines in this battle collect cell phones from students as badges of honor.

Travels, Design and Gestures


February has been busy. I traveled to the Illinois Speech-Language Hearing Association convention in Chicago last week, which was a great experience (nice meeting Jenna Rayburn !), except for the fact that I got stuck there because of the blizzard in Boston.

EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.