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How Do We Learn? How Should We Learn?

User Generated Education

If I ask you or your students, “How do you learn,” how many of you could clearly articulate this process? If you can, are the strategies you’re using the best ones for learning?

Ideas for Promoting Digital Diversity

Teacher Reboot Camp

For the next week, I will be participating in many events to support gender and cultural diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. Below find a list of these events and ideas for promoting digital diversity.

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Engagement Does Not Always Equate to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

No matter where I am, whether it is a physical location or virtual, I am always hearing conversations about how technology can be used to effectively engage students.

6 new free Google tools to upgrade your classroom

Ditch That Textbook

When my students and I work with Google Apps, there are two common struggles that we face: 1. Options for slide templates are scarce (and the ones in Google’s directory aren’t very good). When we add Creative Commons images to our work, adding accurate attribution can be tricky.

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Rejection Therapy for Ed-Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Entrepreneurs face a lot of rejection. But if you learn to embrace it, success can be on the other side. Click the headline to read the full post. Questions? Email Lessons Learned ProfessorWord Startup Life aboutus lessonslearned professorword

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As Teachers Fear PARCC Assessment, Principal Says, Let It Go

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. Like many administrators, I’m concerned with the stress that comes with the PARCC Assessment. Because of this anxiety, I crafted this letter to my staff, so they’d know I that I understand how they feel and how we need to face the PARCC Assessment.

A Helpful Resource to Support Close Reading in the Classroom via Snap!Learning


Taking a Closer Look at Close Reading - click here to take a look - I''ve had the pleasure of speaking across the country on a variety of literacy topics, mostly focused on reading and writing workshop.

Tips to Using Google Keep in Education

Educational Technology Guy

Google Keep , Google''s easy to use note taking app, is a great resource for students and teachers.

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K-12 Educators and Administrators: Share Your Ed-tech Pilot Approach

Digital Promise

Are you a K-12 educator or administrator? Do you think others could learn from the way you conduct ed-tech pilots to inform product decisions? Digital Promise is crowdsourcing best practices for piloting learning technology tools, and we want to hear from you!

Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.

Hands Down: Fifteen Techniques that Ignite Total Participation

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. You know the drill all too well, I’m sure: you pose a question, and the same hands always rocket up into the air. The same learners are ready to respond, prompt after prompt, while others remain reticent.

Four Ways to Support Your School’s Digital Transformation #FutureReady #DLDay


Four Ways to Support Your School’s Digital Transformation Digital learning is an instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.

Building Reading Comprehension with iPads

iTeach with iPads

To me one of the most important skills learned in elementary school is reading comprehension –Erik Mickelson. Are you feeling it? You know…the drag of a winter gone on a little too long and spring just slightly out of reach? Are you feeling pulled in a million different directions?

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Developers: Share the Science Behind Your Product

Digital Promise

At universities across the country, researchers are designing and running experiments to better understand learning.

Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

Disrupting Education: Capturing the Essence

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane.

Cometdocs - free file conversion - online and Chrome Extension

Educational Technology Guy

Cometdocs is a free online file converter. It converts PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, and other formats. You can also create PDF files from almost any file format, including XPS, Publisher and more. You can also store your documents online and share them.

6 Stand-alone Lesson Plans for Subs

Ask a Tech Teacher

As a tech educator, it’s difficult to find a substitute teacher who is comfortable delivering my tech-infused lesson plans to students.

Is it wrong for me to wish the ISTE keynotes focused more on ed tech?

Dangerously Irrelevant

ISTE announced its 2015 conference keynote speakers yesterday : Soledad O’Brien, journalist and news anchor. Jack Gallagher, comedian and parent of a child with autism. Josh Stumpenhorst, Illinois teacher of the year and ISTE Emerging Leader. I love ISTE and the ISTE conference.

Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

Being Digital Isn't Just About Technology-#DLD15

The Web20Classroom

Digital has truly made our world smaller. From the desk in my classroom I can travel to far off places and talk to friends via Skype or share my thoughts through my blog or experience historic sites like never before.

Engaging Students - some thoughts, tips and ideas

Educational Technology Guy

image from: [link] Engaging Students - probably the most important, and sometimes most difficult, thing teachers need to do. If the student isn''t engaged, they will have a hard time learning in that class.

Awakening Your Inner Bruce Lee: Homework without Homework

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. In Enter the Dragon, a classic martial arts movie, the legendary Bruce Lee is asked about his self-defense style. “I I call it fighting without fighting,” Lee’s character answers, and moments later he defeats his would-be opponent without throwing a punch or breaking a sweat.


Get Common Core Ready: Achieve Dynamic Student-led Discussions

Catlin Tucker

Discussion can be a powerful tool for learning yet engaging all students in equitable discussions can be challenging. When I began teaching, I was frustrated because in-class discussions were dominated by a small group of vocal students while the rest of the class sat quietly avoiding eye contact.

EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.

Digital Leadership Daily: 1-month update

Dangerously Irrelevant

A month ago I blogged about a new initiative, Digital Leadership Daily. So far over 550 people have signed up. Woo hoo! Want to get one (and only one!) awesome digital school leadership reading or resource each day? Just text @dldaily to 81010. Also available on Twitter and Facebook. Related Posts.

Permission Click - making permission slips online and easier to handle

Educational Technology Guy

Permission Click is a new, free, online resource that allows teachers to create and send digital permission slips directly to a parent''s email instead of using paper permission slips for trips and events. Parents give approval through the cloud-based app, and can even send payment if needed.

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4 Amazingly Easy Steps to Engage Learners: Infographic

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. You want to engage learners, and it should be easy, right? Of course, inspiring every student to interact with assignments and lessons is a teacher’s most imposing challenge. This infographic, from teacher Jeni Day, outlines four amazingly easy ways to engage learners. Day adds practical tips for evaluating learning, which we find brilliant because they are [.]. The post 4 Amazingly Easy Steps to Engage Learners: Infographic appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.

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Celebrate Pi Day

Ask a Tech Teacher

Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant ? (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of ? in the decimal form.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.

Four Ways to Support Your School's Digital Transformation

Tom Murray

Digital learning is an instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.

The new Chromebook Pixel - a "super" Chromebook that I really want, and you should too

Educational Technology Guy

Google recently announced the new version of it''s flagship chromebook , the Chromebook Pixel. The Pixel has the best hardware, software and design and is a showpiece and test device to see what works and what can be done with Chrome OS. It has a great design, construction and specs.

The 3 Educational Benefits for Students Collaborating Synchronously

The Journal

In this post we first describe, based on research, what a productive (synchronous) collaborative interaction is, and then we identify the three benefits to the students from engaging in a productive collaborative interaction