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Stimulating Learning during National Game and Puzzle Week

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Thanksgiving week is National Game and Puzzle Week, and the perfect time to stimulate learning (and share quality time) with fun games and puzzles. The post Stimulating Learning during National Game and Puzzle Week appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

5 Reasons Why Your Edtech Product Is Sitting On A Classroom Shelf

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A few months ago, I attended a digital learning conference among other education colleagues here in Chicago.

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4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


Inclusion is an important topic of discussion within special education. Within inclusion settings, all students are placed in the same room to learn alongside each other, as opposed to removing students with disabilities to a separate space. Read more: How AI is changing special education.

The Stages of Innovative Change

A Principal's Reflections

Change isn't coming as it is already on our doorstep. Granted, this has been the case for thousands of years thanks to either discoveries such as fire and cultivated crops or inventions that led to the creation of electricity, manufacturing, and expeditious travel.

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

How to Leverage Your Classroom Tech for Project-Based Learning

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How to Leverage Your Classroom Tech for Project-Based Learning. shailaja.neela…. Wed, 11/27/2019 - 11:27. Project-based learning isn’t a new concept for K–12 education.

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New Teacher Research Reveals AI Ethics Worries


“The ethics around the use of AI in the classroom is challenging for schools," said Eve Harper, Bett Show Director for the UK

How to Create a Classroom That’s a Safe Space for Failure


Bycraft, our robot goes backward!” my students informed me, running over after their latest test. “Is Is it supposed to go that way?” I asked, smiling. “No!” they said in unison, smiling back. Well, I guess you’d better go fix it then.”

The Power of Listening: Remake Learning Days Across America

Digital Promise

There is true power in listening—listening not just to hear, but to understand. This kind of listening has been a pivotal part of how Digital Promise, our partners, and educators across the country have been working to accelerate innovation in education, working with and not just for communities.

10 Unusual Projects for Hour of Code

Ask a Tech Teacher

Coding–that geeky subject that confounds students and frightens teachers. Yet, kids who can code are better at logical thinking and problem solving, more independent and self-assured, and more likely to find a job when they graduate.

Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.

micro:bits for good

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At the beginning of November, 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore to attend and present at Edutech Asia 2019. During that time, I had the opportunity to hear about their initiative to use micro:bits to help students learn technology in authentic ways.

Giving Thanks To Teams

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As Thanksgiving approaches and 2019 nears an end, I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’m grateful for this year. When I zoom out and think about the past 11 months, I realize that I am especially grateful for all the ways that teams have shown up in my life this year. Team Habits


Learning Comes to Life in Verizon Innovative Learning Labs

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It’s not every day that a top executive from a Fortune 500 company visits a middle school located more than 600 miles from the company’s headquarters.

3 ways to support your students with Immersive Reader

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Immersive Reader supports students who struggle to read in a non-stigmatizing way. Students can use it for free in several ways.Picture your classroom full of students. Now, realize that, on average, one out of every five of them has some form of reading disorder. Now, imagine being one of those students. You need help, but you […]. The post 3 ways to support your students with Immersive Reader appeared first on Ditch That Textbook.

Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 23 – Darnisa Amante – A Commitment to Equity


If Equity work is going to be meaningful, it requires more than just a passing commitment of time and energy, more than just inviting a speaker or distributing materials. It means that community as a whole is going to take a good hard look in the mirror.

‘Academic Capitalism’ Is Reshaping Faculty Life. What Does That Mean?


Professors have long savored their position outside of commercial systems.

25 Simple Google Search Tips For Teachers

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Before getting too specific or complex, start with a simple search like "What is transfer?" or "Define project-based learning.". The post 25 Simple Google Search Tips For Teachers appeared first on TeachThought. Technology Google Education Tools For The Classroom

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10 ideas for an unforgettable classroom transformation

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Transforming your classroom into an experience might be a lot of work but the end results are worth it. Here are 10 ideas to consider when planning your classroom transformation. This post is written by Kathrina Mendez a 4/5th grade teacher from San Diego, California. You can connect with her on Twitter @kathrina_mendez. Was it […]. The post 10 ideas for an unforgettable classroom transformation appeared first on Ditch That Textbook.

Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

Up to 3.6 million students should be labeled gifted, but aren’t

The Hechinger Report

A poster from the recent annual convention of the National Association for Gifted Children promotes finding more gifted children of color. Photo: Danielle Dreilinger for The Hechinger Report. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As many as 3.6 million gifted children are being overlooked in school — more than the 3.3

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LinkedIn Pauses Changes to After Libraries Raise Privacy Concerns


LinkedIn has temporarily delayed planned changes to, a popular education-video library the company bought in 2015 for $1.5 billion, after libraries around the country raised privacy concerns.

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 24 – Lauren Bercuson – Making Storytime Meaningful


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is currently a popular focus for schools because evidence suggests that effective SEL improves academic learning. How can we best teach students skills like self-awareness, self- management, empathy, perspective taking and cooperation?

MAD-learn Guides Kids in App Design and Creation


MAD-learn is a mobile application development website where teachers guide students through the design process from start to finish

The Ultimate 12 Step Guide For Choosing The Perfect Learning Management System

Picking the wrong LMS can cost you. Don’t settle for a disconnected, hard-to-use, expensive system that doesn’t meet your needs. Follow these 12 steps crafted by Lambda Solutions' LMS experts, and find your perfect eLearning solution!

As diagnoses rise, more colleges add services for students with autism

The Hechinger Report

Jared Jellicorse with his mother, Marla. The Jellicorses chose the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga because of Mosaic, a comprehensive support program for students with autism. He’s now a third-year student there. Photo: Eric England for The Hechinger Report. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.

PowerSchool Completes Schoology Purchase in March Toward ‘Unified’ K-12 Data Ecosystem


Four years ago, when Hardeep Gulati took over as CEO of PowerSchool, the company numbered around 400 employees. Today, the headcount has ballooned six-fold, thanks to a steady stream of acquisitions.

3 Ways To Support Teachers Through Unexpected Challenges in Technology Integration


Welcome to the TeacherCast Educational Network. Is Your Tech Coach Doing These Three Simple Things To Help Improve Tech Integration Skills In Your Teachers?

Critical Thinking: Facilitating and Assessing the 21st Century Skills in Education


So many times we hear our students say, “Why am I learning this

Leveraging Learner Variability to Elevate Equity in EdTech

Speaker: Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Director, Learner Variability Project

In this webinar, Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer of Digital Promise, will share his insights into the modern boom in neuroscience and learning sciences research. You'll discover how much more we know now about how students learn - and how we can use that knowledge to create EdTech-enabled classrooms that can meet the diverse needs of all students.