August, 2008

Make Your EFL ESL Yearbook

Nik Peachey

As ever I'm a fool for technology which can make images entertaining and personalise them, so when I saw this I couldn't resist it. Nik Peachey or Austin Powers?

Blogging and Writing: is there a difference?

Connecting 2 the World

Image via Wikipedia. The social networking merry-go-round continues turning. It’s not all fun and games and party and let’s all wear hats on Seesmic today type stuff … though that’s fun too.

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Heroes and idiots

Learning with 'e's

It's been a traumatic week. But strangely interesting too. An enforced stay in hospital for 6 nights has made me sit back and observe instead of participating for a while. The nurses and doctors were absolute heroes of course. Nothing was too much trouble and I was well cared for.

Manga images for EFL ESL

Nik Peachey

Many of our younger and even older students are exposed to and enjoy 'Manga' type cartoon art work. Face Your Manga' is a site which enables you and your students to easily create manga type image avatars, so I'd like to explore a few ways we could use this site for EFL ESL development.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

12 Second Video Clips for EFL ESL

Nik Peachey

What can you do with a web cam, 12 seconds of live video and some EFL ESL students? Well quite a lot when you start to think about it. 12 Seconds TV is a new website for microbloggers! Unlike it's text based equivalents, Twitter and Plurk , 12Seconds TV enables users to post 12 second video clips. Apart from that it is very like any other microblogging site. You can sign up to follow the feeds of other users and comment on other users' video clips.

Video 40

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Interaction, Conversation, and Reflection

Connecting 2 the World

Image via Wikipedia. Yes it’s been ages; my regular posting pattern has disappeared, and visits have dropped away. Those readers loyal enough to stay with me would have read between the lines of my last post some 3 weeks ago.

Back to Base

Connecting 2 the World

I wrote this in my last blogpost a month ago: I’ve been using Friend Feed for a week now and find it immensely useful to track my own friends’ postings from diverse services. Once travel proper commences this weekend, posts via any of my services wll find their way here. Kind of cheating I know … but it’s the (so-far) easiest way I’ve found to keep faith with entries here whilst away. Spinning a Learning Web , Jul 2008.