December, 2011

Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard


Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching. Using this app will turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, and allow you to plan, create, and share lessons in far less time than before.

The Technology Integration Answer (Well Almost.)

The Web20Classroom

Earlier this year our group adopted the TPACK model of technology integration. What is TPACK you ask? Basically, it takes the approach that planning for technology integration shouldn''t be an event. It should be something that adds to what we are already doing.

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Here's a Thought: Reform Driven by Passionate Educators

A Principal's Reflections

Ask yourself why you or someone you know chose a profession in education for a living. Is it because of the paycheck? Do you like the hours? Do the working conditions suit you?

Build Vocabulary Cards with Google Presentation

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

There is a wealth of research to suggest that vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of student academic achievement across all curriculum areas. Experts agree that vocabulary development is an attainable goal.

Google Good to Know - online safety and data info

Educational Technology Guy

Google Good to Know is another great resource from Google. Good to Know has information and tips for internet safety, how your data is collected and used online, how Google uses data, and how to manage your data and what you share with web sites and Google.

QR What?

The Mobile Native

QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes, are starting to pop up everywhere, and now they are finding their way into classrooms. Here are some QR code resources and links.

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The Top Posts Of Web20Classroom For 2011

The Web20Classroom

Is it 2012 already? Another year has come and gone and like several of my good blogging friends have done I wanted to recap the Top 5 Posts from this year. I am sorta surprised at the mix but there are some, if I do say so myself, good posts.

Social Media is Not Just For Students

A Principal's Reflections

Cross-posted at the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association. When principals hear the words Twitter and Facebook they cringe. Immediately, visions of excessive socialization, time wasted, and meaningless conversations in the form of updates come to mind.

Administrators Can Be Paperless Too: 7 Tools to Make It Happen

The 21st Century Principal

I have read a great deal on the web about teachers making their classrooms paperless, which brings the following question to mind: "Why can’t school administration become paperless too?" How many times in the course of my job do I use paper in the line of duty?

Tools 98

A head teacher writes.

Learning with 'e's

We have had pencils in our school now for some time, and we were one of the first to adopt them, but it has been an uphill struggle. There aren't enough to go around, and often several of the children have to crowd around to use the pencils at the same time. But we are better off than many schools.

The Gift of Kind Words


Used With Permission from A Lesson from my Classroom Years When I was a newish 6th Grade language arts teacher, I learned about a Christmas time activity from a veteran teacher down the hall, and I incorporated it into my classroom every December after that.

3 Stylus Pens for 85 cents! OMG!


3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen (Red + Black + Silver) So, yes, I am an affiliate of Amazon. and I don''t make it a habit of promoting products through my blog; however, today I am making an exception. It would be wrong not to.

Quick List Of Mobile Apps For Administrators

The Web20Classroom

When it comes to mobile learning there are loads of great sites for apps for kids and teachers. Everything from apps organized by Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy to apps organized by grade level and subject area. But what you might not know, especially if you are an administrator is that there are some great apps out there for you. What are they?

Use of Case Studies as a Student-Centered Approach to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

The use of case studies is a powerful pedagogical approach to incorporate student-centered learning activities into lessons. As a science teacher I routinely utilized case studies as they provided a relevant context to what I was teaching.

5 Indications Your Leadership Is Obsolete for 21st Century Schools

The 21st Century Principal

In October, I posted “Top 10 Signs Your School Is Caught in a Time Warp: List for School Leaders.” Of course the whole idea behind that post was to call attention to those leadership proclivities that are actually hindering movement toward a 21st century learning environment. Now, let me be just a bit more direct in this post. Here’s the list of indications that your school leadership is obsolete and in need of a big upgrade.

Content as curriculum?

Learning with 'e's

I think it's about time we reconsidered the way curricula in schools are presented. The tired, just in case model of curriculum just doesn't make sense anymore.

10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom: 8. Educational Resources

The Playground Advocate

This post is part eight in a series in which I offer some ways that we can work together to re-imagine our classrooms so that students are more engaged, our work is more relevant, and student learning is more enriching.

Printable New Year's Hat Craft for Kids


Create a New Year''s Eve Hat for your Kids? I knew when I wanted a cute craft idea for New Year''s that I should go straight to DLTK. Of course, I found a few cute ideas for tonight.

Course 180

Finally.You Tube Education

The Web20Classroom

If you haven''t heard You Tube Education officially launched today. It''s actually been around for a few weeks but today was the unavailing of the site and the announcement of major content partners.

Appreciation for Change

A Principal's Reflections

I often talk about change whether it be through this blog or during presentations to various education groups. It is hard work to change cultures, systems, and perceptions that have been firmly entrenched for a long time.

System 195

My 11 Favorite Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions

The 21st Century Principal

I have not hid the fact that Chrome is my browser of choice, and from the looks of articles like this one, “Google’s Chrome Browser Surging Past Firefox”, it looks many more are beginning to choose the browser as their favorite.

Math in One-to-One


Ever wonder what math looks like in an one-to-one environment? Is it just worksheets and math problems online, or is there an advantage to learning math in one-to-one classrooms?

Back Up Your Google Docs!

The Electric Educator

I know that cloud-based applications were supposed to eliminate the need to back up your files. Call me paranoid, but I have begun to back up my Google Docs account.

SMART Table Interactive Games


SMART Technologies has great activities using the SMART Table Many of us use some sort of IWB, interactive white board, in our classroom. I''ve been fascinated with what the SMART Table can do for younger children.

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A New Address and A Big #Eddies11 Thanks

The Web20Classroom

So if you haven''t noticed, this blog has a new address on the web. link] I have had the domain for a while now and am beginning to develop my complete digital portfolio in a few spaces. Adding my blog was a first step.

10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom: 7. The Nature of Classroom Content

The Playground Advocate

Image: Master isolated images / This post is part seven in a series in which I offer some ways that we can work together to re-imagine our classrooms so that students are more engaged, our work is more relevant, and student learning is more enriching.

What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media

The 21st Century Principal

For the administrator who would like a general, not-too-technical overview of digital technology and social media, the book What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media , edited by Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann is the answer.

21st Century Learning & Writing


The #elemchat on Dec. 17th, focusing on strategies and approaches for helping students become better writers , got me thinking about what writing looks like in 21st century learning. What does 21st century learning look like?

Technology without the Tech

The Electric Educator

Image: Flicker via Worcester Academy It''s very easy for a school to argue that its technology implementation/integration is one of its strengths. The typical campaign goes something like this: [School Name] is a leader in educational technology.

Give-Away: Educational Insights Gift


Educational Insights Puppet Give-Away I was so excited to receive this awesome holiday gift in the mail from Educational Insights. Watch the short video below to see how you can use the Puppet on a Stick. If you''re interested in this Give-Away, fill out the short form below.