October, 2008

Animated EFL ESL Writing Prompts

Nik Peachey

Here's something that's fun for the weekend and beyond. A site with a collection of image and gif generators that you can customise with your EFL ESL students and add their texts to. This is an example one I created with talking flowers giving a warning about the environment.

To whom much is given …. imagination and poverty

Connecting 2 the World

It’s BAD day (blog action day) around the world and this year’s action revolves around poverty. BAD is a day when privileged people like me, who have access to a computer and the internet, can add fuel to the (sadly only lukewarm it seems) debate on the haves and have nots, on privilege, social justice and responsibility. We sit down, we tap out our opinions, not without some guilt I suspect, as we sip a fresh-brewed coffee made from clean water. But of course BAD is good.

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Filming in Second Life 1

Nik Peachey

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to make my debut as an educational chat show host on The Consultants-E' s Edunation Island where I interviewed Gavin Dudeney.

Text to Speech Movies for EFL ESL

Nik Peachey

Yesterday on my Quick Shout blog, I wrote about a new tool called Xtranormal for creating text to speech animated movies. Since then I've had a little time to put together a tutorial video and think about how to use it in the classroom. First I thought I'd show you what extra normal produces.

Video 52

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Exploiting Image Sequences

Nik Peachey

I have to admit that when I first saw Bubblr , I thought it was just a simple tool for adding speech and thought bubbles to images, but when I started to try it out I discovered that it can do far more than that.

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Twitter Guilt (sort of)

Connecting 2 the World

Image via CrunchBase. Feeling slightly guilty … but only slightly. One of my Twitter followers is a schoolboy; we’re an eclectic lot here! His latest tweet, a minute or so after inquiring about the Genius function in iTunes, told us all that he was thanking the deity for headphones. They block out his ’stupid teacher.’ ’ Yikes! In class, listening to iTunes and tweeting. Gen-Y, you heartbreak old multitaskers, you! And hey … out there in front of the class.

People rule … so says Cleese

Connecting 2 the World

Image via Wikipedia. I started the morning, as always, with a cup of coffee and a walk round the garden. Helps to get the head and heart going. Logged in then to check on the overnight emails, and remembered that this morning, John Cleese (yes he of Python fame) was to be a guest on Seesmic. It was 12noon PDT and 5am AEST here, so I jumped on line and caught a bit of the tallest Python being genial about life in America, what’s ‘wrong’ with it all (the legal system), and people.