August, 2013

My First Post as a @Scholastic Top Teacher is Live ~ Check it Out (so Excited)! #ClassDesign


Joining the Scholastic Top Teaching Team! click here to see the post - Before this summer, I had never been to New York. It had always been on my list, and this summer I was fortunate enough to visit The Big Apple twice (once for Teachers College with Lucy Calkins and the other for orientation and a photo shoot with Scholastic). Pinch me, please! I was ecstatic when Nancy from Scholastic contacted me about the possibility of joining the team.

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5 Questions For Every Leader-#LeadershipDay13

The Web20Classroom

Watch this video. Did you really watch the video or are you just keeping reading? Come on, watch it. I promise you will like it. This is my favorite You Tube video by the way.) Now ask yourself some questions. 1) Do you have guts? This guy is my hero. He felt something inside his soul. The music made him want to move. He didn''t care what others would think. He got up and started moving. Kinda like in schools sometimes.

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Testing For What?

A Principal's Reflections

Cross-posted at the Huffington Post. NJ Spotlight is a fantastic resource for me. They are unbiased in their approach to educate citizens on numerous topics, with education being one of them. I recently came across an opinion piece titled Putting New Jersey''s High School Diplomas to the Test. The article focused on NJ''s relentless push to increase standardized testing and institute end of course exams that students would have to pass in order to graduate.

Class Dojo real-time behavior feedback platform Apps get updates

Educational Technology Guy

ClassDojo is a free online system that helps teachers promote positive behavior in their classroom by letting them track and share student progress and positive behaviors and areas of concern. It''s easy to use and many teachers who use it have seen positive outcomes from using it with their students.

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

The Pitfalls of Data Used for High Stakes

Mobile Musings

I’m very wary of Obama’s recent suggestion to tie federal student aid to a rating system for universities. I think we’ve seen what unintended bad results can result from this kind of thing in K-12. Read more of my thoughts here at Information Week. Chime in with your thoughts. EdTech Update Uncategorized accountability analytics data

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Digital Learning Program From @snaplearning Can Boost Your Class Library!


Print PDFs, Read Digital Books, and Graph Progress Snap! has over 133 engaging books and lesson plans offering instruction and practice in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension covering K-6 content in history, science, and language arts. As the last few days of the summer fade away, many of us are in our classrooms preparing the last few touches for the upcoming school year.

Summer Learning Series-Giving Evernote A Try

The Web20Classroom

This is the eighth post in my Summer Learning Series. These are short posts with tools, tips and resources for you to try something new this summer or something you can take to the classroom in the Fall. First was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo and then we followed up with Learning With Hashtags. Then we looked at TED Talks. We moved on to Twitter chats. Then our last post looked at some pretty neat things you can do with YouTube.

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Mobile Schools: The Next Generation in Communication and Engagement

A Principal's Reflections

As an early adopter of transformative technologies, I have been watching the mobile app space carefully to see how it can benefit all facets of education. By being a thought leader in the use of digital technology in schools, I was approached by a bold start-up in Boston called Beeonics , which wanted to talk to me about their breakthrough technology.

TechForum Edtech Conferences coming up soon!

Educational Technology Guy

California: January 17 Atlanta: March 28 Boston: May 2 Chicago: May 9 Save the Date for Tech Forum 2014 Mark your calendars! Tech & Learning is bringing its groundbreaking Tech Forum event back to Atlanta, Boston and Chicago for the winter/spring 2014 tour -- and we''re kicking it all off in January with the newly added Tech Forum California, our return to the west coast due to popular demand!

The Guide to Accessible Learning for Associations

Speaker: Dan Streeter, Vice President of Learning Strategy & Development at Blue Sky eLearn

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share real-world accessibility solutions and hidden tools in the applications you use every day such as Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Articulate Storyline 360, and Articulate Rise 360. This webinar will help you evaluate the accessibility of your current learning efforts and learn about the tools needed to ensure your eLearning is in alignment with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (proposed WCAG 2.2).

Will Philadelphia Education Survive?

Philly Teacher

Overflow crowd from the August 15, 2013 SRC meeting. As I reflected on the events of today, I began to think of my journey as a teacher here in Philadelphia. I began to think of all of the red flags that have gone up over the last ten years before getting to this point. Here is a run-down: 2001.

COMING ATTRACTIONS! Edmodocon Recaps! Guest Posts!

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I am so awed, overwhelmed, and overjoyed with presenting at Edmodocon 2013 and meeting phenomenal, inspiring educators. Let me just say, I am BEAMING and get GOOSEBUMPS every time I talk about it with my home PLN. It was just. No words, just beaming smiles and goosebumps. Mind has been blown and Baker can''t talk--as Liz and anyone else who has worked with me can attest, this is a miracle ! Screenshot of Liz & I at EdmodoCon. Photo Credit: N.

Designing your Classroom Space!


Brain-Friendly, Aesthetically Pleasing Learning Environments Bring in non-traditional seating to create cozy, collaborative spaces! I was recently contacted by MindShift for an interview after they noticed my article on SmartBlogs ( click here to read that piece). Here is the piece they composed about my classroom space: To Foster Productivity and Creativity in Class, Ditch the Desks!

Summer Learning Series-Putting The Internet To Work For You With IFTTT

The Web20Classroom

This is the ninth post in my Summer Learning Series. These are short posts with tools, tips and resources for you to try something new this summer or something you can take to the classroom in the Fall. First was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo and then we followed up with Learning With Hashtags. Then we looked at TED Talks. We moved on to Twitter chats. Then our last post looked at some pretty neat things you can do with YouTube.

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Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

Edscape is Coming. Join Us and Innovate Now

A Principal's Reflections

The annual Edscape Conference will once again be held at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ on Saturday October 19, 2013. Hundreds of educators from over ten different states and Canada descended upon my school last year to learn together and network in an effort to move their respective school cultures down an innovative path.

Your Tech-Savvy Kid, Tips For Parents Keeping Up With The Digital Generation


Do you ever wonder how a toddler can pick up a cell phone, or another mobile device, and easily navigate the device without ever having to be instructed on how to use it? Or how students can multi-task with technology by texting, social media surfing, and watching television all at the same time? Our children are digital natives , and we are digital immigrants. They are being raised in a technology driven society that provides them with quick and easy access to just about anything at anytime.

The "New and Improved" Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Comfortably 2.0

I have been thinking about some "new" items I could add to my original Digital Citizenship Kit that I created last year. Like I said in that blog post, I love using props when teaching. After some great conversations with the good wife @jenbadura on what I should include, I have come up with some new items to include in the survival kit. Yes, you can use this with your students! After I

EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #7: L. Neumann from SWEDEN!

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Guest post #7 is from Lotta Neumann, a teacher of Swedish and English language and language arts at Falkenbergs gymnasieskola in Falkenberg, Sweden , instructing 16-19 year old students. The school has been 1:1 since 2010, and Lotta is fortunate enough to be able to work with the finding and implementation of digital resources and best practices. Lotta has been using Edmodo since May 2012, and really appreciates "the global teachers'' lounge" that Edmodo creates.


Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

Win $1500 For Your School From @VolunteerSpot. Doing Good Just Got Easier!


Promotion Runs Through August from VolunteerSpot! Just in time for the new school year, VolunteerSpot is offering a great opportunities to help your school. Simply use VolunteerSpot during the month of August to enter, and you can win one of THREE grants of $1500 each (to 3 schools) for your PTA/PTO/PTSA parent-teacher group. Anyone can enter on behalf of their school by using VolunteerSpot in August.

Summer Learning Series-A Recap

The Web20Classroom

Over the past 6 weeks I''ve highlighted a few of my favorite tools, tips, tricks and resources. We covered a lot. Here is a recap of all 10 posts: 1) Collaborative Learning With Edmodo - Here we took a look at what Edmodo is and how you can use it to create a collaborative online space in your classroom. There are some resources there to get you started. Oh and just last week was Edmodocon , a one-day conference where teachers from all over shared how they are using Edmodo. So bonus!

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Android Apps Anyone?

A Principal's Reflections

Ever since becoming connected in March 2009 I have relied on two primary mobile devices. The first was a trio of Blackberry smart phones, which many of my connected friends have busted my chops about even up to recently. I relied on this type of smart phone for years as it was provided to me at work. Even though the number of apps was, and still is, very limited, the ability to connect to the Internet was good enough for me.

10 Powerful Media Tools EVERY Educator should have started using yesterday! Part I


Social Media is not just a buzz phrase! You must stay connected in this GLOBAL society! Here are some Powerful TECH TOOLS EVERY educator should be using! Google Apps For Education A new way of learning and collaboration. Connect through email, calendar, and documents. All your work is saved in the cloud, so there is no need to worry about losing work. This means that emails, documents, calendar and sites can be accessed - and edited - on almost any mobile device or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

Unlock the Power of Formative Assessment

Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers understand where students are in their learning, inform instruction, and in turn, positively impact student learning outcomes. Get the guide today!

iPad Basic Training for Teachers


The Background Photo Used Under a Creative Commons License In the Spring of 2013, my school district committed to issuing an iPad to every classroom teacher. The purposes for this initiative were to give teachers an additional tool for teaching and learning and to familiarize teachers with mobile devices in anticipation of more iPads being purchased for classroom use and a grades 6-12 BYOD program coming in the next school year.

6 Practices for Creating a 21st Century Engaging Classroom

The 21st Century Principal

“Teachers who are willing to experiment and take risks on behalf of kids are in a much better position, regardless of their age, to meet their students where they are, and my experience is that students appreciate the effort.” Ron Nash, From Seatwork to Feetwork: Engaging Students in Their Own Learning A new school year is upon us, and the decisions we are making now as educational leaders and classroom teachers will determine whether our students are engaged learners, or are passive learners.

Star Planning: Engage the Senses, Make Memories, and Inspire Creativity!


The Inspired Apple: a Fun Teacher''s Blog - click here to connect to her fabulous site - I recently had the pleasure of meeting Abby, author of The Inspired Apple , in person this summer in Chicago. She and I were featured presenters at SDE''s Extraordinary Educators National Conference. I''ve been a follower of her blog for years, so I knew attending her session was a must! As a former classroom teacher, Abby knows just what it takes to develop a successful classroom.

Summer Learning Series-Keeping In Touch With @Remind101

The Web20Classroom

This is the tenth and final post in my Summer Learning Series. These are short posts with tools, tips and resources for you to try something new this summer or something you can take to the classroom in the Fall. First was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo and then we followed up with Learning With Hashtags. Then we looked at TED Talks. We moved on to Twitter chats. Then we looked at some pretty neat things you can do with YouTube.

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The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

Core Leadership Summit 2013 on Blended and Personalized Learning: EdTech Reaches Out to EduLeaders


The 2013 Core Leadership Summit, titled “Blended and Personalized Learning: Conversations for 21st Century Learners,” offered almost 200 leaders and administrators three featured speakers Barbara Nemko, Alan November, Catlin Tucker; one panel on Smarter Balanced Assessment led by Beverly Young; and a charismatic keynote speaker- Harvard University’s Eric Mazur. As administrators at every level are bracing for […].

EdmodoCon Guest Post #1: L. Monge

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Our first EdmodoCon Guest Post is brought to us by Laura Monge from Rancho Palos Verde, California. Laura is starting her 27th year of teaching and is obviously excited by all this crazy tech stuff. Looking forward to going paperless, Laura will be piloting a BYOD 1:1 iPad 4/5 combo classroom this year. Like what you see? Laura will be presenting at CUE in Napa in October! Way to go, Laura Monge!


Behavior Management Made Easy with ClassDOJO


Happy Saturday! I know we all have ways to manage behavior in our classrooms, ex: compliments, clips, debits, credits, hits, strikes. I would like to share a new technology resource that is being used in classrooms for behavior management via the website, or an APP that you can download on your smartphone or iPad, and still use your current behavior management strategy.