January, 2012

Introducing Learning Resource's brand new Interactive White Board: now!Board


How would you like an Interactive White Board for $399? Most interactive white boards cost around $2000. There are more affordable IWB products such as the Mimio ; however, you''re still going to pay around $800. As a partner of Learning Resources , I was asked to introduce the launch of their newest product, the now!Board Board , an interactive white board.

It is Time For Schools to Seriously Consider BYOT

A Principal's Reflections

This piece is cross-posted at the Huffington Post. As we continue to move even further into the 21 st Century, technology becomes more embedded in all aspects of society. As a father, I see this firsthand with my son, who is in first grade. The gift he wanted the most this past Christmas was an iPod Touch, which Santa was kind enough to bring him. Then there is his younger sister who will regularly ask to use my iPad so she can either care for her virtual horse or dress Barbies in creative ways.

BYOD 196

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So.You Wanna Be A Blogger

The Web20Classroom

So this is a blog. It really is, or at least I want it to be. This is a space for me to reflect, share, learn and grow with anyone who stops by. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I really do enjoy working on this. Besides the professional growth, blogs can be a wonderful addition to any classroom too. So you are thinking? I wanna start blogging? But I don''t know anything about it? Fear not kind reader!

Lessons from Our One-Year Experiment with BYOT

The 21st Century Principal

Schools can successfully implement the practice of allowing students to use their own technological devices on school networks. Early next month, our school will mark the one-year anniversary of our implementation of a policy that allows our students to use their own laptops, tablets, iPods, and smartphones on our school WiFi. Last February, I posted " Lessons in Providing Students Wireless Access in Our School Building."

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Toolbox

The Mobile Native

BYOD Responsible Use Policy BYOD Frequently Asked Questions BYOD Links and Resources. BYOD BYOT


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Vocabulary Spelling City


I LOVE this website, Spelling City. however, I''ve just recently upgraded my account to gain access to some of their premium features (and I''m loving that, too!). I especially like being able to save my lists that I''ve created for my students to practice. This is s nice feature. this way, they practice with custom lists that I''ve placed into the site.

Creativity Fuels Innovation

A Principal's Reflections

I am a firm believer that creativity fuels innovation. The problem though is the the majority of schools all over the world work as hard as they can to get learners to conform to a curriculum and standards while preparing them to perform at a level on standardized tests. This is as uncreative as it gets.

Making The Right Digital Decisions

The Web20Classroom

Recently, my district began a huge initiative to combat bullying/cyberbullying and to help students become more aware of the choices they make both in their face-to-face lives and their digital decisions as well. There is no one right way or right answer that will stop the problems. However, I do believe that the classroom and our schools are the places where tough conversations need to be had. I have been collecting several resources and I want to share.

Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media for Administrators & Other Educators

The 21st Century Principal

According to Andy Beal and Judy Strauss, authors of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online , “Shifting from traditional to social media requires new skills, new tools, and an understanding of social media platforms.” Any school leader bringing an archaic understanding and knowledge of old media to social media is in danger of looking foolish and perhaps in danger of getting himself in major trouble with stakeholders.

The Guide to Accessible Learning for Associations

Speaker: Dan Streeter, Vice President of Learning Strategy & Development at Blue Sky eLearn

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share real-world accessibility solutions and hidden tools in the applications you use every day such as Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Articulate Storyline 360, and Articulate Rise 360. This webinar will help you evaluate the accessibility of your current learning efforts and learn about the tools needed to ensure your eLearning is in alignment with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (proposed WCAG 2.2).

BYOD "Food for Thought"

The Mobile Native

Here are some Pros and Cons for "Bring Your Own Device" in schools. Let the debate begin! 1) BYOD - Worst Idea of the 21st Century 2) BYOD: You Ain''t Seen Nothing Yet 3) BYOD will challenge your leadership - hopefully! 4) BYOD Wildly Successful at Sullivan South 5) Cybraryman''s BYOD Page 6) Pros and Cons of Bring Your Own Device to Work What are your thoughts? BYOD BYOT


Twitter Questions and Tips


I''m prepping for a workshop on Twitter for Professional Learning that I will be facilitating at the TCEA 2012 convention in a couple of weeks. Today, as I was discussing my agenda with a colleague, she offered up a suggestion for something I should include. It was an awesome suggestion, and it made me realize that there are probably a lot more suggestions out there in my PLN! So, here I am, asking you for input on what important info you think I should include.

Graphic Organizer Packet Give-Away


21 Cross Content and Cross Grade Level Graphic Organizers Give-Away I just finished creating my graphic organizer packet, filled with reading strategies that can be used with a variety of topics and ages. So to launch this packet, I''m offering a give - away to 2 lucky winners! To Enter this Give-Away. Simply click here to follow my TpT Store Just leave a comment stating that you either already follow or that you''re a new follower. *be

A Worthy Widget

A Principal's Reflections

Dell has been identifying new ways to support the education community on the web. One of their developments is a Wordpress plugin called Education Connect that will help connect education blogs to each other. With the help of some of the top education blogs in the industry they have come up with a great tool to link bloggers to each other. Let me first explain how it works. Education Connect is a widget/plugin that helps connect education blogs around the World.

Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

The Web20Classroom

For the past few years ( here and here ) I started a tradition (if we can call it that) where I look back at the year in #edtech and try to make predictions as to what''s going to take hold in the coming year. No science behind any of this. Just my feelings from what I have been reading and seeing and what I believe will take a great hold in educational technology. So, how did I do last year? QR Codes- I said QR would take more of a foot hold. That I believe to be true.

BYOD 164

Advice for the New Administrator & Educator Using Social Media

The 21st Century Principal

During a conversation today, I was asked, "What advice would you give to the new administrator just beginning to use social media in his or her new role?" Becoming an administrator is a challenge in itself, which means there are enough issues to deal with without making mistakes using social media.

Mobile Learning Blogroll

The Mobile Native

Here is a list of great Mobile Learning blogs to follow. Cell Phones in Learning The Mobile Learner Going Mobile Teach Paperless Mobile Learning mLearnopedia Mobile ESL Learning in Hand Ubiquitous Thoughts m-learning is good K-12 Mobile Learning @Ignatia Webs The Mobile Learning Edge Mobile Learning 21 Living in the 4th Screen mLearning Trends mLearning: Beyond the Digital Divide. Blogs Mobile Learning

Keeping in Touch and Touching Lives


Last Saturday, I received one of those phone calls no one ever wants to receive. On the other end of the connection was the husband of a dear friend of mine, calling to tell me that my friend''s parents had just died in a car accident. The accident happened four hours away from where I live, and due to other circumstances, my friend was already there when the accident took place.

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

What are your favorite Common Core resources?


Finding Resources, Assessing Progress, and Adjusting Instruction As a classroom teacher, I really enjoy finding resources that help me with my practice and that help me professionally. Mastery Connect does just this. I first started using the Common Core App by Mastery Connect. Later, I found out that there was so much more this company offered through their user-friendly website. Above, you can see a screenshot of the Common Core App. This way, you always have the standards at your fingertips.

The Real World, Not MTV Style

A Principal's Reflections

One of the main objectives of a sound lesson is for students to find meaning and relevancy in terms of what they are learning. Typical questions students ask include the following: Why do we need to know this? What am I going to do with this later in life? How is this going to help me get a job? This can sometimes prove to be a difficult task as real world contexts are either not established or properly articulated.

Watch, Know and Learn With @WatchKnowLearn

The Web20Classroom

A few weeks ago You Tube announced their commitment to education by moving a lot of their educational content to a separate domain, [link]. This allows schools and districts to, depending on their filtering, unblock the videos found there for use in the classroom. It''s been open for a while now and reaction has been positive. New content gets added daily and the site continues to grow. However, one of the complaints is the variety of the content found there.

6 Tips for Engaging Readers of Your Educational Blog

The 21st Century Principal

Let''s face it. One of the reasons we blog is because we want people to read what we have to say. In order to do that, we have to provide readers with engaging content. In my years as a blogger, I have stopped puzzling over why some blog posts get over 5,000 page views and why some are ignored.

Unlock the Power of Formative Assessment

Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers understand where students are in their learning, inform instruction, and in turn, positively impact student learning outcomes. Get the guide today!

Developing 21st Century Learning through Coaching Conversations


My passion and goal is to see 21st century learning (innovating, creating, collaborating, communicating, and critical thinking) in our classrooms. How can I spread that passion so the goal of 21st century learner-centered classrooms becomes a reality? As the Technology Integration Specialist, part of my job is coaching teachers, administrators and students in technology integration for 21st century learning.



There have been a number of "Facebook emulators" that allowed you to create profile pages and posts for a fictional or historical person, but ClassTools.net''s Fakebook, seems to be the easiest to use, and I am also glad to see that it has stuck around (some of these have been a bit ethereal). Kids are obviously "into" Facebook, and even elementary students would be excited to create a fake profile, having seen siblings and parents use the site.

Enhance Writing by Building Vocabulary


Words We Love In our room, we do a lot of reading. I do a lot of reading aloud. The students love to notice rich vocabulary other authors have used. We began jotting down these interesting words onto anchor charts; however, we weren''t always able to reference each word, and our paper became crowded. Thus, we began writing "words we love" down on index cards so that I could hang them for us to see, learn, and incorporate into our own writing as young authors.

Getting Started With Web 2.0

A Principal's Reflections

The following is a guest post by Wendy Mackey, one of my Special Education (English) teachers at New Milford High School. The problem with Web 2.0 is that it takes time to understand! There are so many great technology programs out there to choose from, that it can be very overwhelming for us teachers to narrow down exactly what to use. I, however, feel like I hit the nail on the head with Glogster. My students just finished reading an alternative novel by MT Anderson called FEED.

How To 153

The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

Guest Post-1:1 Technology in the Math Classroom

The Web20Classroom

To start the year I have a guest post all about 1:1 in the Math Classroom. Enjoy! Perhaps the single subject area that stands to gain the most from the introduction of a 1:1 technology program is math. Math classrooms with 1:1 technology can greatly expand the differentiation of content provided to students, can prevent student misconceptions from developing, and can free the teacher to focus on teaching and planning rather than grading. Let’s look at each of these benefits in further detail.

Case Studies, Videos & AUPs

The Mobile Native

Case Studies St. Marys City Schools (Verizon) St. Marys City Schools (GoKnow) Inkster Public Schools (Michigan) Videos GoKnow Mobile Learning Videos AUPs MLD Acceptable Use Policy BYOT Acceptable Use Policy AUP and Fair Use Policy Resources. AUPs Case Studies Videos

Quality Blogging and Commenting Audit Meme


Silvia Tolisano (@langwitches) challenges us in a meme to audit blogs and comments to raise awareness of quality blogging. I''m honored that both Kathleen Morris and Sheri Edwards tagged me in this meme.