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40 innovative ideas for using Google Forms in your classroom

Ditch That Textbook

We know that Google Forms give us the ability to easily create quizzes or surveys. We can even create self-grading exams or include video or image in our forms. But that is just scratching the surface. Google Forms can do SO much more! How can we use this G Suite app in different and creative ways? […]. DitchBook Twitter chat edtech g suite Google Apps google forms ideas for using google forms in the classroom using google forms in the classroom

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Esports Programs Start to Pop Up in K–12 Schools

EdTech Magazine

Esports Programs Start to Pop Up in K–12 Schools. eli.zimmerman_9856. Fri, 01/11/2019 - 11:44. Athletes at Mission Viejo High School in California huddle after their matches, pushing each other to improve.

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Revised 5E-Hero's Journey Lesson Planning Template!

Cycles of Learning

I have written to annoying lengths about my love for the connection between the 5E Inquiry Learning Cycle and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.

University Data Science Programs Turn to Ethics and the Humanities


Data scientist Mark Madsen has been programming and crunching data long before buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning were common. So when the field really started expanding around 2010, Madsen, who works near Portland, Ore., began receiving requests from local colleges and universities asking for tips about crafting their data-science curriculum. Madsen and the institutions that reached out agreed that courses in mathematics, statistics and computing were crucial.

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On Creativity and The Stories Our Schools Tell Themselves

The Jose Vilson

Around each March, a few students say they can do my job better than me. At the end of the year, I let them mock the adults in the building for a bit before they graduate to high school. A few years ago, however, I decided to flip that challenge and gave them a lesson plan template to work from.

EdSurge’s First International Education Technology Events Calendar


Twice per year, EdSurge creates a calendar of K-12 and higher education technology events in the U.S. and beyond. Each year, as the list grows, the font gets smaller and smaller—while there are still plenty of events to include. That’s why in 2019, we’re offering something new: an additional events calendar dedicated to edtech events happening outside the U.S.

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Etch A Sketch Goes Online!

Teacher Tech

Web A Skeb Online Drawing App Posted by Erin Whalen Etch A Sketch was a favorite toy beginning in the 1960s. Now there is an online version of the famous toy. link] Three Modes The Web a Skeb has horizontal and vertical “knobs” similar to a traditional Etch a Sketch and has a shake button […]. The post Etch A Sketch Goes Online! appeared first on Teacher Tech. Activity Chrome Apps EdTech Tool Web A Skeb

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Crossing the Boundaries: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Bridging STEM Learning Environments

Educator Innovator

To prepare for a 21st-century workforce, students across the country are developing skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But STEM learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom; it also happens at home, at the library, in museums, and in afterschool and summer programs.


Google Announces New Updates to Classroom


Google announces new updates to Google Classroom. Updated features include

4 Great Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below are some useful Chrome apps we have curated from Chrome web store for social studies teachers. The post comes as response to the multiple requests we have been receiving over the last couple more

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Class Tech Tips: Read Aloud Videos and Teacher Guides from Storyline Online


Each book is brought to life through the narration of a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and illustrations from the book

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Geschäftsfunktionen. Business – was ist das? | Datenraum Erstellen


Falls Sie Ihre Organisation gründen möchten, glauben Sie an sich.

Help Wanted: Ark Builders Needed


Since 2001, the Ford Motor Company’s Next Generation Learning initiative has prepared nearly 20,000 young people for college, careers, lifelong learning and leadership by honing their STEAM skills

Buncee is headed to FETC19


The Buncee Bus is on the way to the 39th Annual Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida. We’re psyched to be attending FETC, getting to see all our old friends and make new ones as well who all share the same passion for student success.

BETT19 Preview: How to Teach Kids Robotics, 3D Design, and Programming All at Once


Skriware educational startup will be showcasing its learn-through-play ecosystem for students at Bett Show 2019, booth no.

To Get To College, It Helps Black Students To Have A Black Teacher Early On


Public education has a persistent and well-documented issue: the achievement gap between white students and students of color. Researchers have studied disparities in areas such as test scores and discipline rates to identify ways to close the gap.

Effective Practice Tool For Sixth Grade Math Topics


Comprehensive practice tool covers a wide range of skills

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A Story of Shapes


Last year, I started using the new Navigating the Zones kit with some of my groups, an extension of the Zones of Regulation curriculum.

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