Sun.Apr 16, 2017

How Empathy Is Important For Parents And Teens When Things Get Stressful


It’s difficult to have a teenager’s mind. The brain develops rapidly during the adolescent years, which partially explains why teens experience anger, sadness and frustration so intensely.

6 Tips to Move Large Change Efforts Forward

A Principal's Reflections

Change is a process, not an event. Saying this and fully understanding the intricacies involved with the process of change are two totally different things. Change isn’t something that can just be willed on a person, people, or organization.

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Digital accessibility should be a K12 goal from the start

District Administration

Schools can face serious consequences by failing to make learning materials accessible to every student Leila Meyer Districts must provide learning materials that are accessible to all students. The consequences of failing to do so can be significant

Let’s Prepare Students for the World—Not Tests


Spring means one thing to many elementary and middle schools across the country: test prep. Students across the country are gearing up to take federally mandated, state-administered exams, and teachers, administrators and parents all feel the heat. The stakes will rise if the Trump administration is successful in shifting funding to vouchers. Schools will be in competition to attract students and the publicly funded voucher dollars that come along with them.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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5 Formative Assessment Tools to Invigorate Your Classroom via @Sunsetparktech

The Innovative Educator

Inspired to turn useful tips, tricks, and ideas into infographics, #NYCSchoolsTech specialist, Joe Santiago created his first infographic. The focus is on how teachers who want to update their practice can use technology when doing formative assessments.

Why Are You Looking For The Living Among The Dead?

The Jose Vilson

“While they were puzzling over this, suddenly two men in radiant apparel stood beside them. As the women bowed their faces to the ground in terror, the two men asked them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!”

Apple Store Field Trip: Exciting Learning Experiences for Students

Class Tech Tips

As a former one-to-one classroom teacher, I know how powerful an iPad can be in the hands of students and I loved taking students on lots of field trips. There is now the opportunity to combine two of my favorite learning experiences for students… with an Apple Store field trip.

The role of technology in the PYP


This post will outline the aims of the PYP (the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate) and the role that technology plays in helping teachers and students to achieve those goals.

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

7 Good iPad Games Free Today

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April 16, 2017 We hope you are enjoying your weekend with your loved ones. This is a quick post to share with you this collection of iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited more. Apps gone free

Hacking project-based learning: tips for management, assessment, & more from Ross Cooper & Erin Murphy

The Cornerstone Blog

I have two guests on the show today–they are the co-authors of the new book Hacking Project Based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom.

Book Creator as an Image or Page Creator


One of my favorite iPad apps for use in the classroom is Book Creator. I love the way it allows teachers and students to easily pull from the camera roll and incorporate a wide variety of file types, including images, video, and audio.

Tech and Teaching Tweet Wrap w/e 04-15-17


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers. This week in the wrap … 10 good tips for spotting. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Avoiding the Reefs as We Navigate Testing Season


Without turning his classroom into “test prep central,” teacher Kevin Hodgson is working to anticipate what his state's evolving standardized tests will contain and how best to help his sixth graders prepare themselves with plenty of reading and writing strategies.

4 Tips for Teaching Students SEL Skills


Integrating performance-boosting Social Emotional Learning requires educators to broaden school goals beyond pure academics. Debbie Silver shares four tips for teaching "Thrive" skills that lay the foundation for healthy, centered, and successful young adults.