Sat.Jun 19, 2021

3 Things to Check Out in EdTech!

Teacher Tech

Melody McAllister loves scrolling through socials and finding great things, ideas, and people to share. The post 3 Things to Check Out in EdTech! appeared first on Teacher Tech. Blog Entries

Google Introduced An Important Update to Google Meet

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

For those of you using Google Meet in their instruction, Google has recently released a slew of importance updates that will help enhance your video conferencing experience. These features more. Google Meet


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How to Generate a List of Random Names

Nick's Picks for Educational Technology

Perfect for Demonstrations and Examples Anyone can conjure up a random name to use in an example, but things get a little time-consuming if you need a whole list of random names (like a class roster) for a demonstration or example.

New- Google Workspace Is Now Available to Everyone

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Workspace is now open to everyone including those with a Google free account, according to an announcement made by Google and covered by Tech Crunch. The strength of Workspace is that it provides more. Google Workspace

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