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How to Unleash Student Motivation to Succeed

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Chris Holmes on episode 361 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. As many educators know who have studied the growth mindset, teaching motivation and metacognitive principles is challenging.

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Guest Post: The Best Tech for Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Educational Technology Guy

The Best Tech for Your Back-to-School Shopping List It’s back-to-school time, and for many of you that means it’s time to refresh your gear. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your children, there are plenty of deals on tech out there for students.

Mixtape your curriculum: Using Open Educational Resources to customize your teaching and their learning

Ditch That Textbook

I’m a proud, completely unapologetic, mullet-sporting, shoulder-pad wearing, Flashdance sweatshirt-owning, card-carrying member of the 1980s–and I have the mixtapes to prove it. Although I no longer have my yellow Walkman…sigh.) I have continued to create and curate my mixtapes well into college and beyond. While the method of musical delivery evolved, my enthusiasm for mixtapes […]. Guest Blog creative teaching edtech educational technology teaching

Early evidence of a ‘Trump effect’ on bullying in schools

The Hechinger Report

. During and following the 2016 presidential election, there were many media reports describing bullying in schools. But it was hard to know if bullying had actually increased or if parents and teachers and journalists were simply noticing it more.

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

25 Of The Most Misunderstood Ideas In Education

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Ten jobs that are safe from robots

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Yes, the robots are definitely coming for the jobs of America’s 3.5 million cashiers. Just ask the retail workers who’ve already been displaced by automated checkout machines.

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The voucher program we really need is not for school — it’s for after

The Hechinger Report

Elementary school students clap and spell words after school. Photo: Imani Khayyam. At 3 p.m.

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5 Ways to Organize Assignments in Google Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post 5 Ways to Organize Assignments in Google Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Wondering how to organize Google Classroom? This post will give you the five most common organizational strategies for the Classwork page and topics.

As students return to college, a basic question persists: What are they learning?

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Students in a class at Frederick Community College in Maryland. Photo: Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images. Students are hitting the books again on college campuses this fall, with fresh possibilities ahead of them. But will they actually learn anything?

4 Steps to Create a Strong 3D Printing Program

EdTech Magazine

4 Steps to Create a Strong 3D Printing Program. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 09/17/2018 - 12:19. In educational technology, it can be difficult to discern a fad from a future classroom staple. When I first learned of 3D printing in the classroom, I wondered if it held merit.

Today’s Curriculum for the Higher Ed HR Leader

Speaker: Joseph Clay, Business Transformation Strategist at Oracle, and Jeffrey Haynes, Director with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Today’s universities and colleges face many challenges ranging from reconciling financial pressures, to ensuring student success, to managing complicated workforce dynamics. One thing they all have in common: Their head of HR must align the HR function to best support the institution as it navigates this current landscape.

Blockchain arrives on college campuses

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Academia is beginning to offer courses in blockchain technology. Po Chi Wu, a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley, teaches a course about blockchain entrepreneurship. Photo: Sarah Gonser for The Hechinger Report. BERKELEY, Calif. —

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Cool New Interactives From The National Constitution Center

Larry Ferlazzo

Today is Constitution Day in the United States, and I revisited The National Constitution Center. Over the years, they’ve been a bit irregular in the resources they’ve posted – kept them online off-and-on – but now that appear to have some nice new ones.

OPINION: Making campus diversity real — starting in kindergarten

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. Among the most important issues in U.S. higher education right now is the lack of diversity in student and faculty populations.

Google Slides Essay

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Google Slides Essay Template A little tongue in cheek I like to say “Don’t use Google Docs.” ” When we go digital we want to take advantage of what digital offers that paper did not. Oftentimes what we might use a Google Doc for we would really want a Google Form or to use something like […]. The post Google Slides Essay appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Apps Script Google Slides templates google slides template

7 Free Edtech Things. Cause Free Edtech Things are Always a Good Thing


A couple of days ago, I shared the great news that Flipgrid is now completely free for educators and it got me thinking: “What other tech stuff can I get for free?” I started poking around, asked some questions, did a little reading, reviewed some old History Tech posts, and came up with a list.

Shameful Statistic Of The Day: Trump Administration Again Reduces Refugee Admissions

Larry Ferlazzo

Terrible news today – when the number of refugees in the world is at its highest level ever, the Trump Administration is reducing the number accepted by the United States to its lowest level in decades. Learn more about this shameful decision at: Another Blow Against Refugees at the Atlantic.

Makerspaces A to Z: Boring


I recently launched a new blog series, Makerspaces A to Z. You can read all about the letter A here. Thank you to all those who shared their thoughts about this post to the #MakerspacesAtoZ hashtag. Thank you also to those who shared their thoughts about letter B words there, as well.


Lead Like a Coach

Reading By Example

Photo by Kevin Maillefer on Unsplash. I am part of a family of coaches. My earliest memories in athletics include going to summer basketball camps during my elementary school years.

Freebie & Ideas For Parent-Teacher Conference Success


Parent-teacher conferences provide a way for staff and families to better to connect to support students. They can also be stressful for all parties involved. Parents and teachers may be nervous about what the other will say to them about the child.

Spotlighting Innovation Celebration


In this week’s episode, TOSAs Talking Tech highlight some great sessions at the upcoming SGVCUE Innovation Celebration. First is @judyblakeney and @drtriciahyun presenting “Leaps of Strengths” a focus on a Strengths-Based learning approach.

Matching the Right Design (CAD) Software to Your 3D Printing Classroom


The new school season has started and, along with it, more growth in 3D modeling classes in schools nationwide. Young students are being taught how to get good orientation in 3D space, they learn. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Quote Of The Day: DeVos Says Her Focus Is Going To Be On Challenging Schools To Do Better

Larry Ferlazzo

I’m all for our schools doing better.

Childhood Trauma And Its Lifelong Health Effects More Prevalent Among Minorities


When researchers first discovered a link in the late 1990s between childhood adversity and chronic health problems later in life, the real revelation was how common those experiences were across all socioeconomic groups.

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Video: “History Brief: The Salem Witch Trials”

Larry Ferlazzo

qimono / Pixabay. Reading Through History has just published this video on the Salem Witch Trials. I was particularly pleased because I’m not that happy with the other videos I have on the topic at our U.S. History class blog. So this will be a nice addition. social studies video

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How to Help Students Land the STEM Jobs of the Future


For nearly 30 years, the global non-profit FIRST has been getting kids hooked on science and technology through hands-on robotics competitions featuring come-from-behind victories and breathless spectators clamoring for TV coverage. It all happens thanks to a network of corporate partnerships that let students peer into the real world of STEM careers while giving companies a chance to engage with ambitious and energetic students.


App Offers Flexible Ways to Explore the Solar System


Interactive 3D tool lets kids discover and explore the solar system Title :Arloon Solar System Summary : Interactive 3D tool lets kids discover and explore the solar system Pros: Kids can zoom, rotate, read, and explore, making meaning on their own from what they find.

Makerspace Begins: Themes and Options

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Our makerspace has once again cranked up for the 2018-19 school year. Once again, I’m collaborating with Gretchen Thomas and her class of over 30 undergraduates from the University of Georgia.

The Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation Partners with Girls Who Code


The Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation (ISCEF) is partnering with Girls Who Code , a national nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

Design Wizard

Technology Tidbits

Design Wizard is an excellent site for making beautiful looking presentations. Design Wizard has a very user-friendly interface where all a user has to do is select a template where they can customize anything such as: images, videos, audio, and more.

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No Extra Room on the Mayflower


Celebrate Mayflower Day on the 16th of September with this interactive in which students are given a limit and must decide what to bring on the Mayflower. Courtesy of Knovation [ Amelia Earhart Day ]. History Site of the Week Resources Economics Critical Thinking News

Vocab Victor

Technology Tidbits

Vocab Victor is an innovative mobile (iOS/Android) app for building vocabulary words/skills that I just found out about from the wonderful blog, Class Tech Tips. Vocab Victor uses "game based learning" to help students develop their vocabulary.

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 133 How To Build An Authentic And Entrepreneurial High School Experience

TeachThought - Learn better.

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 133 How To Build An Authentic And Entrepreneurial High School Experience Drew Perkins talks with Trace Pickering, Executive Director/Co-Founder of Iowa BIG, about how their program develops and delivers a more authentic and entrepreneurial high school experience.

Video: “Violent winds, raging water, mudslides: Typhoon Mangkhut’s path of chaos”

Larry Ferlazzo

WikiImages / Pixabay. I’m adding this Guardian video to The Best Sites For Learning About Hurricanes. Thanks to Michelle Henry for the tip. And thoughts and prayers to the victims… video

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How Do You Factor Social-emotional Wellbeing Into Your Personalized Learning Plans?


As we’ve already mentioned , personalized learning should not and cannot be purely centered on technology. At Fusion 2018 , we want to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This means not simply examining technology’s role in education, but exploring what learning sciences, community development and social-emotional research can teach us about the holistic picture of personalized learning.

Don Kidd Joins Achieve3000 as Vice President of Strategic Sales


Lakewood, NJ, (September 17, 2018) – Achieve3000 , the leader in differentiated literacy instruction, today announced that Don Kidd has joined the organization as vice president of strategic sales.