Sun.Jun 20, 2021

Outlier Practices Make or Break the Learning Experience

A Principal's Reflections

We learn, and remember for that matter, from experience. Thus, it is critical that the culture in your classroom and school positively impacts learners while adequately preparing them for their future, not our past.

Remote learning a bust? Some families consider having their child repeat kindergarten

The Hechinger Report

On April 20, Kentwood Elementary in Los Angeles opened its doors to students. It was news Lauren Phillips, 37, had been waiting for. After months of schooling on a screen, her daughter Lola, 6, would get the real kindergarten experience.


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Adobe Spark: Using Posts, Video, and Websites for Summertime Activities!


Adobe Spark is a free application that allows teachers and students to create graphics, videos, websites, and so much more. In this episode of Tech Coach Weekly, we take a look at 4 things that you can do with your students using Adobe Spark. ?. About Tech Coach Weekly.

Adobe 88

In Massachusetts, public colleges send debt collectors after nearly 12,000 students

The Hechinger Report

Back when he was a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, James Smith fell behind on his final housing payment after his family in Minnesota ran into financial problems. Smith said he promised to repay the university, but the registrar withheld his transcript anyway.

The Digital Experience Insights Report

You don’t need to feel your way around in the dark anymore. Download this groundbreaking report to shine a light on the invisible opportunities your team is missing — and discover what they’re ultimately costing your business.

25 Resources And Ideas To Help Students Read More During The Summer

TeachThought - Learn better.

If your child doesn’t read over the summer, they are missing out on the significant role reading can play in personal growth. The post 25 Resources And Ideas To Help Students Read More During The Summer appeared first on TeachThought. Literacy Whole Child

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Grab These 5 Educational Apps They Are Free Today

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

We are back to you with another Apps Gone Free series. The collection below features 5 educational apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. Some of the things you can do more. Apps gone free

Countdown to eSN Hero Awards nominations!

eSchool News

To acknowledge educators’ efforts, and to tell their stories, you can submit nominations for the eSchool News Hero Awards –but don’t wait, because the deadline is June 30!

Teaching Kids When to Let Go of a Writing Idea


Writers often put unsatisfying drafts on the back burner, but our students seldom have the luxury of time, says literacy expert Lynne Dorfman. They need to take a piece through the complete writing process. Knowing when to let go and choose a new topic becomes a valuable skill.