Sat.Jan 19, 2019

The Hidden Stories of Those Around Us

Tom Murray

Each one of us has a story. How much of your story do those around you know? Earlier this week, I boarded the 7:15a train to Washington, D.C. from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. As I do regularly, I found a seat, opened my laptop, turned up the volume in my headphones, and got connected so that I could do some work. Like I do many times each day, I took a moment and scanned my Twitter feed. While scrolling through, I came across The Hidden Story, a video shared by FranklinCovey Company.

What is the Role and Scope of AI in Online Assessments?

Think Exam

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does sound like a new term that has recently started to take control over various aspects of assessments, but the very first time AI made its initial move in this sector was in the era of 1990s.

Some Great Resources for Free Online Courses

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Today we are sharing with you three excellent websites that will help you find the best free online classes or MOOCs from top trending universities. You can lay back in your coach, search for more