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Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey

The CoolCatTeacher

Episode 127 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Donnie Piercey @mrpiercey , co-author of the Google Cardboard Book , shows how we can add simple augmented reality to our classrooms. Sponsor: Owl Eyes.

Critical Knowledge: 4 Domains More Important Than Academics

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The post Critical Knowledge: 4 Domains More Important Than Academics appeared first on TeachThought. Learning Models Terry Heick The Future Of Learning General Veteran Teacher

On toilets: Why the Indian government should listen to Bill Gates

The Christensen Institute

On August 2nd, the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, tweeted that, “Many toilets don’t get used because they smell bad. I believe this is a problem we can solve through innovation.” He couldn’t be more correct. About a year ago, I wrote a blogpost titled, “ Stop building schools; stop building water wells; and stop building toilets ,” to illustrate the point that most of these resource-intensive development projects are rarely successful. They are expensive, unsustainable, and unscalable.

6 Education Leadership Challenges and How to Address Them

Education Elements

When our team partners with a school district to tackle its toughest education leadership challenges, relationships are built at all levels of the organization. We may encounter superintendents and cabinet staff first, but we tend to find ourselves learning in many nooks and crannies of an organization over time, listening to content area specialists, IT staff, teachers and school leaders, and even attending parent nights or school board meetings. Personalized Learning Leaders School Districts

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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How Libraries Can Turn Stories Into Maker Projects


In recent years, libraries have broadened their scope of offerings to the local community to involve more making activities like 3-D printing and sewing. Some libraries even have a facilitator for maker projects.

4 Ways Interactive Displays Boost Classroom Collaboration

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez From SMARTBoards to innovative projectors, schools make use of new displays to engage students. Classroom Collaboration Displays Hardware Projectors

Why Stubborn Myths Like ‘Learning Styles’ Persist


“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”. We should learn from experiences, particularly if those experiences show our previous beliefs to be untrue. So why are people so easy to fool when it comes to beliefs about learning? For years, a stream of articles have tried to dispel pervasive but wrong ideas about how people learn, but those ideas still linger.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district. With 95 schools, over 10,000 employees and almost 90,000 students, it is the second largest school district in Virginia and the 36th largest in the nation.

Why Students and Researchers Say Conversations on Race Should Begin with Humility


Back-to-school is an exciting time for many students and educators, but given the political and racial discord this past weekend in Charlottesville, Va.—which which left three people dead and at least 19 others wounded—teachers are taking it upon themselves to prepare for a tough dialogue on race, violence and equity this school year. If you walk into a classroom with a lot of ideological baggage, you are not going to serve all those students in front of you. Maureen Costello.

Five Years In, What's Next For DACA?

NPR Learning and Tech

Immigrant rights groups and students gathered at the White House to protest the possible repeal of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR

WGU President Scott Pulsipher on Bringing Customer-Centric Culture to Universities


Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan once said he wanted competency-based college programs like Western Governors University “ to be the norm ” rather than the exception. So what’s in store for WGU today? That’s among the questions we posed to Scott Pulsipher, who took the helm as the university’s president in March 2016. Also: What is a former consultant-turned-technology executive doing running one of the most-cited experiments in higher education?).

Happy Pythagorean Theorem Day!

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Pythagorean Theorem Day only occurs every 3-5 years, sot it's a great excuse to bring some real-life math into your home or classroom. The post Happy Pythagorean Theorem Day! appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. Outside the Classroom pythagorean theorem Teacher Resources

Cramming for Kindergarten

The Hechinger Report

Soon-to-be-kindergarteners Makilah Traylor (l.) and Kimber Runkle color in zebra worksheets highlighting the letter Z. Photo: Patrick Wall for The Hechinger Report. LAFAYETTE, Ind.

How students at Macromedia University use design thinking processes to solve real problems


Design professor Oliver Szasz and his colleagues at Macromedia University face a daunting task: to prepare students for a digital world that seems to be changing every day. “We’re We’re in the middle of a technology wave that is unprecedented,” says Oliver, who is head of the design thinking master’s program at the university’s Munich campus, one of five locations throughout Germany. Macromedia University is one of the country’s leading private universities for media, communications and design.

How Much Data Does a Student Need?

Kajeet Extracurricular

To close the Homework Gap , just how much data does a student need? This is not a simple question, but it is an important one that is addressed in the CoSN Digital Equity Toolkit. Mobile Broadband Digital Divide SmartSpot 1 to 1 WiFi for Students

Data 15

Edison Robotics from Microbric

My Paperless Classroom

On todays episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Kat Kennewell and Phil Grigonis on the program to showcase the amazing Edison Robot from Microbric.

Should Children Play Football? Is It Safe? No, It Is Not

The 21st Century Principal

"Wherever I go," writes Dr. Bennet Olmalu in his new book, Truth Doesn't Have a Side , "people ask me one question more than any other: 'Dr. Omalu, is it safe for my child to play football?' The answer is simple. 'No No it is not."

Kiddom Planner: A Highly-effective Tool for your Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

As a teacher, I spend a lot of time preparing lesson plans. Most don’t survive the first five minutes in front of my students but still I go through this preparatory exercise.

4 modern literacies students need to learn in school


The educational system needs to change and adapt to new challenges faster than it does. This urgent need for change has been recognized by simple people and professional experts both inside and outside our schools for decades.

Google Launches Classroom and Forms Updates Just in Time for School

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Go back to school with more efficiency, organization and personalization. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps

Participating in the Digital Polarization Initiative is now ‘Ridiculously Easy’


When I was at the Domains 2017 conference earlier this summer, Jon Udell issued a challenge – what are you doing to help the fight again digital polarization, “fake news,” and general media illiteracy?

OER 18

Children Learn Best From Storybooks When Characters Are Realistic


A few years ago, my daughter requested that her nightly lullaby be replaced with a bedtime story. I was happy to comply, and promptly invented stories full of imaginary creatures in elaborate plots intended to convey some important lesson about patience or hard work or being kind to others.

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Rebecca Solnit and How Pockets of Hope Have Saved America

The Jose Vilson

‘Sadly, This Is Not New’: UVA Professor Reflects on History of Racism in America


University of Virginia history professor Brian Balogh arrived at the university grounds on Saturday, ready to give a talk as part of a planned “reflective conversation” about race in America. It was part of a university event intended as counterprogramming against a rally by white nationalists, neo-Confederates, and alt-right groups happening a short distance away. But the reflection never happened.


Technology Tidbits

Vidhub is a cool site that I just found out about for reviewing and collaborating on digital videos. Vidhub allows users to upload any kind of digit video and then collaborate on it in real-time. This is done through easy-to-use tools that lets users add time-stamps, collaborate, edit revisions, send reminders, and more. I highly recommend checking out Vidhub by clicking here !!! collaboration Digital video

15 Good YouTube Channels for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

August , 2017 Here is an infographic we created for the post we published earlier today titled ' 15 Great YouTube Channels for Social Studies Teachers'. The visual features what we think are.read more. Repost


Technology Tidbits

Calcugators is the new iOS app for Grades K on up working on addition. This is a fun game that has students working w/ different problems and focusing on skills such as: subtraction, regrouping, counting, etc, to solve basic addition problems.

Orientation Inspiration 2017


In years past, I’ve written about orientation and strategies for opening the school year. Check out Orientation Inspiration (2013) and Orientation Attitude (2016). This year, I asked folks in my network about their plans on this Padlet and I scanned the blogs I regularly follow.


Technology Tidbits

Answerables the innovative educational tool that combines the best features of game based learning w/ a learning management system has just released their free iPad app.

You Can Now License TeachThought Content

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The post You Can Now License TeachThought Content appeared first on TeachThought. TeachThought Updates & Events



Technology Tidbits

DimensionU is one of my favorite companies for Game Based Learning. These games take place in an interactive 3D virtual world where students strengthen their Math/Literacy skills. The games are designed for kids grades 3rd-9th and are aligned to Common Core Standards. Here are a list of DimensionU games.

16 Excellent Apps to Use on with Google Classroom

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

August 14, 2017 We have already published a wide variety of materials, tips and guides on how to make the best of Google Classroom in teaching and learning, check out our archive to learn.read more. Repost

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